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[From Renee: Everything I post on this website is information I’ve received from Spirit. The information aligns with scientific knowledge sometimes, and sometimes not. Previously I have posted information that I didn’t understand, but because I receive it from Spirit, I believe it to be true. Yesterday, I asked Spirit how coronavirus started and I received an answer. Usually I post whatever I receive, but this time I decided to first ask a friend who is a scientist working on coronavirus, among other viruses. He said the information was interesting but that it doesn’t align with scientific knowledge about the different types of flu viruses, so he thinks it’s not plausible. The scientists he works with are exploring the bat connection and Spirit tells me the bat connection is wrong. After the conversation with my friend, I wasn’t going to post what I received, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m putting the information out because I’ve believed the information from Spirit since I started our connection, and I know that scientists make mistakes.]

Viruses change through three ways: 1. because of physical forces. 2. because of extreme emotional turmoil. 3. with contact human-animal.  1. Physical forces include actions a person does that create an internal environment of change while a virus is within the body. 2. Extreme emotional turmoil can trigger changes to the androstenedione hormone in men which can then trigger morphing of certain viruses. 3. Human-animal contact that is sexual in nature can create new viruses and other infectious pathogens.

In the case of coronavirus, physical forces caused its introduction. In Wuhan, China, a middle-aged man had the flu. He was feverish, but continued to work because of pressures at his job. He was on his way to work and he scratched inside his ear and got earwax inside the nails of two fingers. A couple minutes later, he scratched inside his nose and got dried mucus inside the two fingernails (the mucus was different from usual mucus because of the flu). He then scratched his scalp with those two fingers at a spot that was very dry. Because he was feverish, he was unaware how hard he scratched, and he made the dry spot open and bleed. Germs from the mucus and then the earwax entered the open wound and then entered the bloodstream. Within 48 hours his flu morphed into coronavirus. His symptoms changed to include a cough. Because of his work pressures, he continued to be in contact with people and his cough projected the virus to others.

Although the coronavirus started in this one specific person in Wuhan, China, it is global because of the man’s job. He worked at a company supplying parts to international companies. These international companies were putting pressure on the Chinese company and, in turn, the Chinese company put pressure on the man to work despite his illness. Had the man been able to stay home during his illness, the coronavirus would not have started. Had the Chinese company’s boss not felt pressure to meet unrealistic deadlines, he would not have pressured the man to work. Had the international companies been less aggressive in their marketing, they would not have been so aggressive towards the Chinese company. Had the atmosphere for immediate satisfaction of desires not been so pervasive, the international companies would not have felt so compelled to comply. And so it goes….The circle of destruction…

[From Renee: I’m sitting in quarantine for two weeks, having just returned from a trip abroad. Doing my best to not spread germs that might have joined me on my international journey. I’ve shared the explanation, which is my role. ]

Comments on: "Collaborative Coronavirus" (4)

  1. Very interesting! Thanks.
    But not sure how this is a circle. Seems very linear to me.

    • The path towards the new virus wounds around from the willingness of the man in Wuhan to work in below standard conditions to the pumped up desire of people in other countries for the products he helps produce. The desire for the goods is magnified through the efforts of the marketers and their bosses, and this magnification of desire creates a funnel of activity that reaches to the areas of the world that are willing to accomodate. The path is a multidimensional circle.

  2. I wasn’t aware that Spirit gave you that many specific details. Wow!
    Did Spirit offer any advice on a cure or better way to protect ourselves?

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