A Balanced Approach to Wellness


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Connecting to Guidance


Have you ever felt a helping hand when you needed assistance? Have you ever sensed guidance during times of uncertainty? There are beyond-life companions that bind to us, and we can access their help and their hope if we are open.

What Color Is Your Soul?


Each person has individualized likes and dislikes, personality traits, reactions, and habits. These individualized self-definitions are influenced by genetics, family influence, societal influence, and the times in which the person lives. Beyond these influences is the influence of the soul.
When a person is born, he or she is the recipient of a soul and this soul brings color–soul-color. The color of the soul is the starting point for a person’s individual character and personality.

The Importance of Friendships


Investing in friendships and giving and taking from friends is nourishing. Investing in relationships is natural and is needed to live a balanced life. Investing in family–children, children’s children, siblings, cousins, and so on builds a network of support that is reliable.



Self-reflection means seeing an image of oneself in others. It means reflecting back to others their humanness. Reflecting back and forth actions, ideas, and emotions, sometimes with thoughtful reflection and sometimes just reflection. People are individuals, but group members too, and they evolve through self-reflection.

Balancing the Balancing—the Intertwined Design of Life


Living well means living with purpose and vitality, with awareness of the world’s rhythms, and with connections to other people, to the environment, to other creatures, to oneself, and to spiritual presence. Through balance, a person can create a meaningful and well-lived life.

Celebrating Achievements, Even When Seemingly Minor


People tend to celebrate big events. The smaller events are often overlooked, when in actuality, they are worthy of celebration and elevation in importance. (The word “celevation” (celebrate + elevation) is introduced in this article.)

The Importance of Delight


Finding delight in life leads to healthier and happier existence. The more a person can delight in simple pleasures, the more easily that person can weather life’s difficulties and challenges. Delight brings balance!

Living in Technicolor!


Life is a multi-colored, multi-dimensional experience. Each person’s life is a portrait that presents the richness and fullness of the life. The more a person experiences, the more colorful the portrait.

Sometimes the Least Boisterous Person is the True Star—The Dos & Dont’s of Notice


People receive notice in the spiritual realm for the things they do. Being noticed for positive actions is best. The more a person strives to bring balance to himself or herself and to the family, community, and neighboring environment, the more possibility of spiritual connection and guidance.

What is Wispy-Fluff?: Time Wasters in Life


When a person wastes time on irrelevant news, endless surfing of mindless scoop, and other such fluff, this wasted time is lost. Think of this wasted activity as wispy-fluff, which is unimportant and un-elevating activity.

Certainty is for Trees, not for People


People want certainty in their lives, but certainty is unattainable because life is too fluid. People also want perfection, but that too is unattainable because life is too elastic. Certainty and perfection are elements of the universe, and even so, certainty is not always certain.

The Pursuit of Beauty: Things to Beautify


The pursuit of beauty is a natural part of living. People are designed to appreciate beautiful objects and to aim for beautiful lives. This article lists the effort-worthy things that should occupy people’s drive for beauty. beautifying one’s home, garden, community, countenance, and interactions.

The Importance of Eating in Camaraderie


Eating is a day-to-day activity that can be balancing if done properly. The atmosphere in which we eat affects the body’s emotional and spiritual balance. When we eat with friends, family, or acquaintances and the atmosphere is uplifting, then the nourishment of the body and soul is balanced.

Nourishing the Eating Process, Not Too Much, Not Too Little


Obsessubstantiality, which is obsession about weight issues, wastes time, energy, resources, opportunities, relationships, and trust.  Eating too much or too little. Both are misguided.

Societal Encounters


Health care centers, public transportation, offices, stores, eateries, and sporting and arts events. Societal encounters with strangers occur at these places during our daily comings and goings…The interactions have repercussions.

Good News, Bad News: Investing for a Rainy Day


Investing for a rainy day means being prepared for whatever may come. Rain is not negative, but it can cause a change in plans. The same is true for changes in health, family structure, and societal balance. Being prepared means planning ahead, making sure to invest in connections that truly matter.

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