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Excavating my soul color

parachute From Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul, I learned that the soul has color which is bestowed at birth. The soul color has four attributes that determine our interests, our affinity for certain times of the day, seasons and temperatures, our emotional reactions, and our family connections, among others.

I’m currently writing a wisdom poem about faith, and in it the importance of knowing soul color is raised. By knowing one’s own soul color, a person can ascend towards spiritual connection through the power of the soul. Without knowing one’s soul color, the connection is difficult to create.

(A reminder about wisdom poetry: “A wisdom poem is a poem that is dictated directly from Spiritual Presence.” …from Unfolding.)

Today I excavated my soul color. I reviewed the explanations about soul color attributes in Awaiting Light, and then I dug deep to understand who I am, what are my real interests, what is my natural pace, and so on. I had to think back to my childhood and remember the things that drew my interest. I had to consider my true self and not the self that was molded by my parents and my society.

I considered the colors that appeal to me, shapes and metals too. I thought about activities that draw me, movements that energize me, and sounds that soothe or inspire me. I focused on scents that make me smile and on animals that make me feel friendly. I considered taste preferences and textures. I remembered moments that seemed soul-filled and people exchanges that felt fulfilling. I breathed deeply and felt the sense sensations that bring satisfaction and grounding.

After I made my long list of items that correspond to soul color attributes, I consulted with Spiritual Presence. A few things that felt natural were actually coping mechanisms from childhood so I took them off the list. Coping mechanisms can be deeply rooted, but they are not part of the soul.

Knowing my soul color can help me make choices and decisions that suit who I am—deep down in my soul.

To understand more about soul color, read this blog post: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/08/04/the-color-of-your-soul/

To learn more about soul color and the soul, buy Awaiting Light: http://amzn.com/1500504084

Life from within spiritual connection

Post 107-entertainment

My life is lived with constant awareness of spiritual connection. Sensing all the time that my actions have consequence and pull on myself and others. When I participate in building activities—activities that build my character, body, or thoughts, or that build my community—I am living my spiritually designed life. When I participate in non-sustaining activities—activities that waste my precious time or cause hurt to myself or others—I live emptily. Full or empty, I get to choose and my choice demonstrates my connection to spiritual living.

Before I was as connected as I am to Spiritual Presence, I had a sense of the importance of my daily life choices. Now I am constantly aware of the importance. I choose more building activities than I used to, but nonetheless, the call of mindless pursuits continues to sidetrack me.

When I work with people in individual Energy Guidance Complete sessions, I soar in the spiritual connection, although it appears to the person sitting across from me that I am focused elsewhere but am Renee grounded. As I converse with Spiritual Presence, I am elsewhere—neither grounded nor flying, rather in a state of transposed being. I look like I’m here, but I’m actually mentally moving beyond.

This place of conversation with Spiritual Presence feels natural to me so I present it in a low-key, natural way to the people receiving the spiritual messages through me. The messages are truth revealed, and yet the receivers often don’t grasp the largeness of the words that come through me. I offer each person’s truth that can bring balance and well-being, and yet, some cannot take the words and apply the truth. As Renee, I feel saddened and frustrated when people don’t realize the amazingness of the messages. As the voice for Spiritual Presence, I feel waiting. Waiting to be heard and waiting to be connected. And so I continue to soar and bring the messages to each person who is ready to hear.

The conversations with Spiritual Presence can be moving and wise. The conversations can also be casual and minor. I myself don’t comprehend the largeness of the connection, because it now feels so natural. In my poetry book Unfolding, I delve into my connection with Spiritual Presence. Here is an excerpt from the poem:

Poem-Connection with Spiritual Presence

Life from within spiritual connection is amazing! enlightening!
clarifying! a responsibility! sometimes lonely!
filled with wisdom!
filled with connection!!

Connections, Your choice


The previous post contained two words after the Connections graphic: “Your choice”. Not a lot of words, but a lot of meaning.

We get to choose how connected we want to be–to others, to our community, to our friends, to nature, to animals, to spiritual existence, even to ourselves and our own needs.

Over and over, we are told how important these connections are for our health and well-being, yet we can choose to build the connections or live disconnectedly. We get to choose.

 The choice to connect is yours.



Your choice

Connections = living that is correct


By design, people are meant to connect. They are meant to connect with other people and with their own needs, with the seasons and with the environment, with the animals who roam the earth, and with spiritual energy. Yes, that means each of us. Each of us, you and I, are designed and programmed to connect. Connection is built-in. Part of the people blueprint.

Although the connections are very different, they intertwine and inform one another. People are meant to depend on one another. They are designed to work in groups: to build together, to create communities, to help one another in times of difficulty, to find common purpose, and to help those entering and exiting life. People are meant to learn from the world around and to contribute to its betterment.

The natural world has its rhythms and cycles, cycles of seasons and cycles of beginnings and endings. People are meant to fit into these rhythms and cycles, and to gain self-awareness through their observations. Observation of the animals adds to self-awareness and to appreciation of ourselves and of the amazement of life. Amazing too are the heights people can ascend when they allow their own self-abilities and personality to lead their lives. Opening to sharing in the wonder of the world with spiritual energy is opening to more vital and glorious living.

Each of us, you and I, are designed and programmed to connect and care and feel. Connecting to and feeling part of, caring for and feeling empathy, and feeling intertwined. The design is the design.

Two-ness, a different look


There is an accepted idea that a man and a woman become “one” when they marry. This “oneness” occurs through the sexual union and through the societal belief that oneness is the product of marriage. In reality, oneness never occurs. Moving in parallel can occur. Clinging to one another can occur. Adapting to one another can occur.

People cannot become one. Each person is a distinct entity with a body designed to prevent intrusion. The partner can come close, but can never enter. The idea of oneness sells fantasy, not reality. The idea of oneness fuels failure, disappointment, and impossible-to-reach expectations. The reality of oneness is “2-ness”. Each person is whole; each person is part of the equation.

Rather than expect to conjoin, people must learn to merge. Merge can mean to combine but that meaning leads back to oneness. Merge also means to meet and join. Like merging traffic. Like sea and sand. They come together but stay in their own form. Merging means finding a way to be together without creating chaos. Merging means giving way or staying firm as needed. Merging means keeping intact while accepting differentness. 2-ness, two-ness, too-ness.

from Pond a Connected Existence:

Thank you to Karen Kozek for photo and arrangement.

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