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I’ve recently been working with a woman who has let herself lose her way. We are using Energy Guidance Complete to help her see her choices–choices that will bring her satisfaction and purpose.

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Her choices are her choices–she doesn’t absolve herself of making the choices. EGC helps her see the wisdom of each choice, but does not make the choices for her.

EGC is not like a psychotherapy session. It is a presentation of the truth for each and every person who is open to its wisdom. EGC is guidance that comes through me from Spiritual Presence. Might sound unbelievable,  but it is not. It is simple truth presented in a very direct way.

Each person’s journey is his or her own, and the journey can be illuminated through Energy Guidance Complete.

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I haven’t yet written about the Energy Guidance Complete sessions that I hold for people.  The work is fascinating! I receive the information that individual people need to overcome illness, make decisions, plan for the future (but I don’t predict things in the future), balance, and find their purpose(s) in life. Along the way people can lose weight, gain energy, and even connect to Spiritual Presence! Very cool! I feel honored to do this work. And I love what it has done for me.

One more thing, I really like my logo. (Thanks, Ava.) The “dance” in Guidance brings out the movement in the word.

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