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Flu Season Do’s and Don’ts


Flu can strike at any time, but the winter is especially rife with flu viruses. The viruses hitchhike from carrier to carrier, surprising the body’s defenses with distinct vitality.

In order to combat flu vitality, here are do’s and don’ts that can protect you from contracting the flu.


  • Stay away from people carrying a flu virus. The easiest way to spot a carrier is to notice their vitality. People carrying a flu virus that is transferable have given their vitality to the virus. (By the time carriers have the flu symptoms, they may have already passed the virus on to others, so looking for lack of vitality is an early clue to virus protection.)
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day. The body can flush out flu viruses when fluids are flowing optimally. Water is the best hydrator, followed by barley tea and parsley juice/tea.
  • Breathe protectively Shallow breathing cannot supply oxygen like deep breathing. The more rhythmic and deep the breathing throughout the day, the more the body can withstand flu vitality.
  • Wear clothing that protects. Don’t wear clothes for warm weather in the winter. Don’t overdress in overheated spaces. Don’t over-shiver (shivering is a normal reaction to cold, but over-shivering means the shivering has gone on for too long or the intensity of the cold is too much for your body).
  • Stay active. Keep exercising and moving throughout the winter months.
  • Sleep the proper amount for your body. The body requires enough sleep to fortify against invading germs. A weary body struggles against powerful flu viruses.


  • Don’t skip any of the tips in the Do’s list!

Extra Tips

  • Nutritious foods offer extra protection. Consume foods that build your resistance to germs. (See “Flu Protection: What to Eat”.)
  • An optimistic attitude offers extra protection.
  • The emotion, contentment, offers extra protection.

Note: These wise words are provided by Spiritual Presence.

Eating to be Fine


Food is SO confusing. We want it to taste good. We want it to be appealing. And, oh yea, we want it to nourish us.

Actually, many of us forget about the nourishing part of food and focus on the tastiness. Delicious is the main word, not nutritious.

Tasty satisfies for the moments the food is in the mouth, but once it has been swallowed, tasty becomes irrelevant. Nutritional value becomes key.

If the food was tasty and nutritious, the taste buds, digestive system, and body are satisfied. If the food was tasty but devoid of nutritional value, the taste buds were satisfied, but the body feels betrayed.

Our bodies can’t understand why we would insert food that harms us. The body then has to process the harmful foods as best it can. Continuous consumption of harmful foods leads to mutiny by the body—diabetes, diverticulitis, stomachaches, constipation, inflammation, and blockages, among other ailments.

Eating to be fine means putting the body’s health first: eating an apple rather than an apple fritter; saying no to cola with the meal; ordering whole grain items from the menu to encourage restaurants to provide whole grain options; sharing dessert rather than consuming the whole thing; ignoring marketing attempts to get you to buy highly processed foods.

Eating to be fine adds years to life and wellness to years. Feeling good beats a momentary taste pleasure hands down!

Fruit and veggies

The ingredients of tasty and nutritious meals!

The Healing Attitude


Healing is tricky. It is not available to those who use illness to attain a goal. Many use illness to keep from participating in life. Look at the people you know who are ill and consider the last sentence. It does not apply to all, but to many.

When we are ill, we should take the necessary precautions and mending steps. Mending steps include sleep, hydration, nutrient intake, and positive focus. Staying away from others when contagious. Staying away from temptations. Staying away from activity. Staying away from over-excitement, over-exertion and over-indulgence (not meaning overindulgence of food, rather overindulgence of self-pity or self-over-focus [I’m-too-unwell-to-deal-with-life-and-think-of-others]).

Healing can be quick or languishing depending on our age, attitude, previous physical condition, and determination, and of course, on the healing issue. Feeling determined to be well is very important. Any trace of benefit from the illness or condition can slow the healing process. Even a well meant show of sympathy can slow the healing. Best to heal with as little sympathy as possible. Attitude influences on all levels-physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. A happy attitude greatly enhances healing.

Healing and wellness are possible when we truly want them!


The magic pill

Post 106 personal resistance

I have been guiding people towards balance through Energy Guidance Complete. This work involves people making changes in their habits and in their choices. This approach requires a positive spirit and willingness to change.

When people apply the wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete, their symptoms abate and their goals become reachable.

Here’s the amazing aspect of my work–and by amazing I mean that I am shaking my head with disbelief–when presented with healing that requires a willing spirit and desire for health, too many choose to remain afflicted and floundering. Too many want me to say a magic sentence and all will be right for them. Too many want me to tell them a secret cure to fix all ails. Too many want to be well without changing a thing. Too many want to be svelte without putting down the fork and stuffing their mouths with worthless and damaging edible things that masquerade as food. Too many prefer to give their kids a pill rather than make them eat breakfast every morning. Too many want ease.

Promises of an easy life come from marketing blurbs and diet supplements. Real life requires investment in proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and daily exercise. And community service and time for friends.

The magic pill is loving oneself and living a life that exudes this love. This magic pill comes with the following instructions:

  1. Keep a positive attitude and complain less.
  2. Breathe more deeply and stand straighter.
  3. Acknowledge ability to be well and pursue wellness.

Energy Guidance Complete is spiritually guided healing that requires each person to invest in themselves. With spiritual guidance amazing changes can happen, but taking part by the individual causes the amazing changes to become reality.

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