A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


June 2015--closeup 2

Renee Rothberg, who guides and teaches through Energy Guidance Complete, began this work through a circuitous route. She was born and raised in Galveston, Texas, received a BA in Political Science from the University of Texas at Austin,  received certification in paralegal studies, and worked as a legal assistant in Houston and Manhattan. She then moved to Israel, where she worked for many years in technical writing. During both of her previous careers, Renee was aware of her need to be working with people either through nutritional counseling or through some other work that she was unable to define.

Her interest in nutrition was sparked through interactions with European families living in the US who were eating whole foods at a time when convenience foods were being touted as good as whole foods. Her sense that she should be doing other work stayed vague, but accompanied her on her journey to learn healing techniques. After her three children were born, she began studying—kinesiology (Brain Gym(r), Applied Kinesiology, Vision Circles), Libra Method: holistic balance for spine and joints, aromatherapy, and nutrition. Renee is a certified Libra practitioner in Israel. She became aware of her connection to higher healing in the summer of 2012. Since then, she has written two guidebooks for healing, has developed Energy Guidance Complete, has written a play, several books of poetry, seven books in the Existence-Me Elevated Living series, and more. Renee assists people at her clinic in northern Israel and through Skype.

Renee lives in Israel with her husband and children. Her nutritious and delicious meals are enjoyed by many in her hilltop community. Her love of cooking has led to a new blog for yummy and nutritious recipes: http://yumtritiouseating.com/

If you would like to know how Renee’s spiritual connection began, read this blog post: “My path to Energy Guidance Complete starts”

How I get the information

One word at a time. I receive one word at a time. Spiritual Presence nudges me and I decipher information. One word at a time. I ask through kinesiology muscle testing and receive each word. Firm muscle for yes, weak muscle for no. I feel a direction—a thought pops into my head or I think about a specific person, place or situation or I sense an intention. The intention sensing is the active intervention from Spiritual Presence. I am a conduit for wisdom. It pours through my body to my fingers to the keyboard. Word after word, numbers, phrases, unknown words, unknown knowledge, knowledge known but discarded, information needing to be spread.

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