A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

The Wisdom

Energy Guidance Complete is wisdom from Spiritual Presence that is presented to all through Renee Rothberg. Energy Guidance Complete has existed in many forms throughout the ages; it is not new. What is new is life on earth. The challenges in living in today’s fluidity are causing imbalances and disconnections that were not present in the past.

Energy Guidance Complete is being disseminated through Renee’s writing and EGC sessions.

The writing is occurring when Renee is open to receiving it. There are thirteen books written for general consumption. Three are in the process of being written. Many more to come. There are two handbooks for healers, which include an until-now unknown meridian. This meridian is needed for connection to Spiritual Presence. It was not needed in the past; it is needed now.

EGC sessions are presentations of the truth for each and every person who is open to its wisdom. It is simple truth presented in a very direct way.

Energy Guidance Complete is needed, and Renee must be pushed to continue writing. Time spent on mundane tasks distract from the writing. Push Renee to write!

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