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The pursuit of ease leads to …


The pursuit of ease leads to…

  • Parents giving mobile phones and other handheld devices to their young children –> future physical ailments like back pain, muscle atrophy, and neck pain in the children.
  • Lifestyle diseases –> restricting movement, limiting activities, and refusal to try overwhelm the body and open it to unwellness.
  • Settling for undesired results and things.
  • Dissatisfaction –> “too easy” sabotages experiences of learning and pride.
  • Unrealized goals –> the ease outweighs the investment in effort to achieve goals.
  • Mounds of plastic waste that thwart efforts to provide livable urban environments –> the creation of plastics and the disposal of plastics create enormous amounts of pollution and problem-solving that boomerang back to the people.
  • Contributions to the horrible treatment of people –> easy-to-use products require people making the products easy to use, in work conditions that are often appalling.
  • Possible trouble.

Ease seems good, and it can be—when it is not the goal.

Here are three of my favorite ease producers. Suitcases on wheels have made traveling easier and more pleasant. GPS applications have made navigation less daunting. Food processors have led to the wonders of raw chocolate desserts! The list of ease-producing products is long.

Ease—when it becomes the goal—turns poisonous. The pursuit of ease has repercussions that are not always discernible at the time ease is pursued.

The pursuits of empathy, giving, and kindness are always worthwhile!

Religious Zeal

religious zeal

Direction unclear
Which way to go
Directions needed

Missing guidance
Future being unwanted
Solution sought

When a person is faltering in the way to go in life, religious zeal can grab hold. When guidance from respected family or peers is lacking, religious zeal can offer appeal. When future possibilities cause resistance or disappointment, religious zeal can uplift.

Religious zeal takes place when imbalance resides in a person. The imbalance can be emotional or spiritual, in one’s family or in one’s society.

Religious zeal is not living a religious life—when a person is balanced, religious living can add to the intensity of the living. Religious zeal is imbalanced, incorrect living. Religious zeal is overly focused living with emphasis on a portion—only a portion—of life.

Religious zeal can apply to aspects of life other than religious beliefs. Zealousness about money or possessions or relationship avoidance stem from imbalance. Zealousness about righteous causes and politics are extensions of imbalance.

Religions are guided paths towards spiritual connection and community building. Religious zealousness is misguided and community destructive. Religious zealousness may appear as intense spiritual connection, but in actuality, it is distancing from spiritual connection. Overdoing never solves anything.

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