A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


My third book, Oneself-Living, is published on amazon.com! With its publication, the trilogy of wisdom essays is complete. In honor of wisdom presented in the book, here are a few quotes:

From the chapter “Journey Markings”:

“…Journey markings [events that occur in each person’s life that leave indelible and consequential memories], chance encounters, input that influences, selected employment, and choices contribute to individual development. Journey markings are not the most influential force, but they do veer direction. Each person reacts to a journey marking in a specific-to-me manner, and this reaction is what causes the force of the remembered event to be an influence.”

From the chapter “Concrete Living”:

“…Planning: making plans, long-term or not, short-term or not–>concrete living.

Spontaneous actions: last-minute get-togethers or get-goings–>concrete living.

Laughing, smiling, wide-eyed appreciation, willingness to err–>concrete living.

Concrete living: living with gusto and with verve, with awareness of an ending and with awareness of possibility, with thankfulness and with generosity.”

From the chapter  “Picture Crooked”:

“…Picture crookedness is life in reality. Crooked smiles, crooked teeth, crooked noses, on and on. No need for photoshopping. Real life—in its imperfection and individuality. Life lived in truth, not in denial. Life lived in gulps, not in narrow sips. Life experienced widely, largely, encompassingly!”

From the chapter “1LOVE2TRUE-LOVE6LOVE”:

“…People can create loving relationships when they are motivated. A relationship that is mutually fulfilling results in the possibility of love, mult-petaled love. A relationship that is mutually invested results in love, multi-petaled love. Fulfillment and investment are required in a loving relationship. Love is a wanted, nourishing feeling that builds when the relationship reflectors create a positive, sustaining connection. “in”, not observing from afar; “available”, not holding back; loving, loved,…”

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