A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Living with thankfulness and with gusto!

Welcome to Energy Guidance Complete
and to a purposeful way of living

This website opens the teachings and wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete to you.  Take a look and learn about living a well-lived life!

Energy Guidance Complete is a method of bringing balance to one’s life through work with me, Renee Rothberg. I am able to show people their healing path, their lifestyle corrections, and their larger purpose through my connection to Energy/Presence/God. I receive guidance, which I in turn, give to those who request it. The healing does not come from me; the healing comes through me. A person does not need to believe in a Higher Power for healing to take place. By being open-minded to the possibility of… is enough.

The wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete is delivered through books, the blog, and private sessions. The path to balance and healing is available to all who are ready to receive!

Post 92-spiritual connection

Hear Renee talk about her path to Energy Guidance Complete:

Click to hear the interview

Book a trial private session through the CommonGenius platform.
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