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Essential tremor is progressively expansive. It spreads because of the contagious behavior of nerves. When some nerves curve and cause shaking, their behavior is communicated to nerve centers that then remember the new behavior. When conditions are conducive for expansion of the deviated nerve behavior, the body responds by allowing the remembered curving to appear elsewhere. The newly curved nerves add to the memory of the curved behavior, which then encourage more curving in other nerves in the body.

Essential tremor is spread when the conditions deteriorate so that the body doesn’t fight the slow, or quick, proliferation of shaking. To prevent deterioration, the body must protect itself. Here are general guidelines to prevent the spread of essential tremor shaking:

  • Stress can cause essential tremor to spread quickly. Each person has his or her stressors that can be handled. The best stress releases include physical movement, connection with nature, resolution of personal conflicts, and removal of stressing foods from the diet (sugar, sugar substitutes, certain preservatives, allergy foods, and caffeine).
  • Sleep can prevent the spread of essential tremor shaking when it is sufficient.
  • Massage that is directed to the legs, intestines and stomach, which is received while breathing deeply, can inhibit the curving of un-yet curved nerves throughout the body. Regular massage of the body is helpful for essential tremor (as well as for many other afflictions).
  • Other bodywork, such as shiatsu, thai massage, and massage for fatigue, are helpful for some spreading of essential tremor shaking. These types of bodywork do not help everyone with essential tremor.
  • Anger and sadness can intensify essential tremor shaking. Releasing anger can slow the spread. Sadness requires efforts towards understanding and less focus, so that the sadness doesn’t quicken the spread.

Essential tremor can lie dormant throughout a person’s life or quickly affect the nerves throughout the body. Some of its features are in our control.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.


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Essential tremor is disliked by those of us who experience its unexplained shakiness. It is disorienting, unbalancing, and embarrassing. It causes us to give up activities and it limits our control of our bodies. For us, essential tremor is a negative development.

This post that I’m writing now is being channeled from Spirit–as are all my Energy Guidance Complete blog posts. We’re going to learn about an unknown side of essential tremor, the side we are generally unable to see.

Essential tremor changes the experience of perception with each body part that shakes. When focus is not on shaking, perception is heightened for other senses. The dominant sense has heightened sensitivity and the other senses have opportunity for development. (Note that each person has one or two dominant senses: hearing, sight, taste, etc.).

When focus transcends the shaking, internal dialogue can be used for opening to self-acceptance (an ability that many who do not shake also do not have). The self-acceptance of a person with essential tremor is a heightened self-acceptance. It enables moving beyond the tremor onto exploration of other gifts and talents. No longer being able to do some things leads to ability to do other things. Abilities are fluid and accessible, and essential tremor is a conduit to newness, when the essential-tremored person is willing to look beyond.

This information comes from Spirit to help us see beyond our affliction. It is not meant to placate, but is meant to inform.

essential tremor

I’m receiving more information about essential tremor that I think will be of interest to people who feel its shaky ways.

Essential tremor, unlike diseases that are transmitted through outside organisms, is a completely internal rearrangement of nerve behavior. Its causes are internal–genetic or nutrition related (see “Essential tremor—Stop the shaking!”). Its appearance is based on physical changes that cause the nerves to curl (to be discussed in a later post).

Each person who is encumbered by shaking that is essential tremor related, has a personal path to this affliction, which then causes individual presentation of it. Each person shakes differently. There are similarities in the shaking, but individual nuances. The individuality of essential tremor requires individual assessment and coping. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for essential tremor.

The traits of essential tremor, in general, are shaking of the various body parts, and the shaking of each part differs in timing. Some parts shake quickly, some parts slowly and some erratically–but the timing differences differ from person to person.

To treat essential tremor requires openness to success and failure. What works for one will not work for someone else. Essential tremor-encumbered people are best served when they notice triggers and shaking characteristics. Avoiding the triggers is the preferred strategy.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

essential tremor

One way to lessen the effects of essential tremor is to breathe a specific way that relaxes the nerves. For people who have recently begun to feel the effects of essential tremor, this breathing technique can significantly lessen the tremors. For people who have been shaking for years, this technique takes time to lessen the tremors, especially if the tremors are felt in various parts of the body.

My tremor (of thirty years) is mainly in my left hand (my dominant hand), but occasionally appears in my right hand. The breathing technique lessens the tremor, depending on how I’m using my left hand. If I’m holding a glass of water, the tremor will subside significantly, but if I’m holding a book, the tremor is less affected.

This blog post is a continuation from the post “Essential tremor—Stop the shaking!”.  In that post, the causes of essential tremor were listed and three useful natural aides were presented. Today, the breathing aide called “Reset breath” will be described in more detail.

Reset breath procedure

  1. Inhale deeply to the abdomen.
  2. Exhale fully.
  3. Hold your breath for as long as is comfortable.

The relaxation of the nerves takes place when you’re holding your breath. The breathing should be rhythmic and comfortable, and you shouldn’t be gasping for air after holding your breath. If you’re gasping for air, you’ve held the breath for too long.

The Reset breath can be done throughout the day, as often as you want. Your position is less important than the state of your thoughts (see “Reset breath invalidation” below). You can do the Reset breath lying down, sitting on a chair, walking, or standing.

Reset breath invalidation

Your state of mind can affect the intensity of the tremor and the effectiveness of the Reset breath. Feelings of anger or aggression can invalidate the lessening of tremors. (I find that if I’m starting to feel annoyed [aggression] or provoked [anger], I can do the Reset breath and the feelings subside and my tremor doesn’t intensify.)

The state of your tremor is affected by sugar consumption. When there is too much sugar coursing through your body, the Reset breath cannot overcome the work being done to dampen the effects of the sugar on your body. This situation also applies to over-consumption of sugar substitutes (like saccharin and aspartame), even though the work to dampen their effects on the body is different.

The use of anti-depressants to combat essential tremor invalidates the helpfulness of the Reset breath.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.


No one wants to lose their capacity to remember and to process information, but Alzheimer’s disease is prevailing in its grasp of people’s abilities to think.

There are many signs of Alzheimer’s disease’s invasion, and once it invades, it has opportunities to expand its reach. Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed, but it cannot be stopped.

If you think you’re heading towards Alzheimer’s disease, here are things to do:

  1. Exercise more. Exercise creates movement in the body that blocks the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Avoid, as much as possible, stomach and ear medications. Some of them strengthen Alzheimer’s disease’s power.
  3. Partake in musical and artistic endeavors. They increase the body’s ability to pause the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. Eat foods that are unfamiliar. Your activated taste buds can wake up extra defenses.
  5. Create memories by engaging in interesting activities. By using your memory’s network for storing new and interesting thoughts, the Alzheimer’s disease is divided.

You can prevent Alzheimer’s disease before it develops by following the guidelines in this blog post:  “Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease”.

Note: This vital information has been bestowed upon us by Spirit. Thanks Spirit for sharing it through me!

essential tremor

I have been “suffering” with essential tremor for almost thirty years. I put the word “suffering” in quotes, because I mostly ignore it (except when I’m eating soup and the soup sloshes off the spoon—doesn’t happen every time). Essential tremor has been annoying, but has not inhibited my life like it does for people who rely on a steady hand for their work.

I’ve finally thought to ask Spirit about essential tremor. Here’s the interesting and helpful information I’ve received.

Causes of essential tremor

Essential tremor is caused by twisted nerves (not getting more technical than that).

  • It can be hereditary, which is the cause for me. My paternal grandmother had essential tremor and two of my siblings and several cousins have it.
  • It can be caused by aging that includes lack of nutrition to the nerves.
  • It can be caused by an overabundance of phosphorus in the diet for an extended period of time (the time period differs depending on people’s magnesium-potassium balance and hydration levels).

How to lessen the effects of essential tremor

Reset breath
  • Inhale deeply to the abdomen, exhale fully, and then hold your breath.

The breathing should be rhythmic and comfortable. The Reset breath can be done throughout the day.

Things that invalidate Reset breath’s influence on the nerves are feelings of anger or aggression, over-consumption of sugar or sugar-substitutes (like saccharin and aspartame), and antidepressants.

Avoid caffeinated beverages and foods

I LOVE coffee, but coffee doesn’t love me. My tremor is much worse when I drink coffee. For years I ignored the effects of coffee, because I like drinking it so much. I don’t want the tremor to move into my other hand or into my vocal cords, so I have finally given up coffee. I miss it, but I don’t miss the exaggerated tremor. I still eat chocolate, but much less than I used to.

Good posture

Maintaining good posture allows the nerves to relay information properly. To lessen the effects of essential tremor, good posture when sitting is especially important. Read the blog post “Posture–so much more important that people think!” for information about the importance of good posture.

Note: This information has been bestowed upon us by Spirit. Thanks, Spirit!

Brain power


The brain is a powerhouse of actualization. Actualization is the tangible expression of living. Each movement we make–deliberate or not, each flow that carries nutrition or response, each sensation of pain or stimulation, and each moment of repair or action, is the actualization of brain-triggered living.

The brain holds sway over the majority of tangible functioning in the body. (Intangible functioning is handed throughout the body. For example, see the blog post “Where do thoughts come from”.) The brain handles sense functioning (vision, touch, and partially hearing and smell), thought retrieval and construction, movement coordination, transport of some substances, restorative actions, and catalysts for triggering actions.

The brain has division of functions based on its composition and development order. The functions include processing of thought components, coordination of physical and residual movements, regulation of organ functions, and breath consistency.

The brain, in its capacity to handle multi-augmented functionality, is continuously fed through nutritional pathways and creative connection (the creative connection is the distinguishing feature of the human brain as compared to the brains of other mammals). The feeding of the brain requires unimpaired pathways of nutrient transfer and openness to stimuli and questioning.

Nutrient transfer misfires when allergic reactions inhibit the transfer, when ingested substances cause strain on physiological digestive processes, and when water intake is insufficient to power nutrient movement. Openness to stimuli and questioning–the nutriments to creative connection–stagnate when societal restraints overtake personal expressions of joy and when internal restraints cancel the internal drive to create. Nutritional pathways and creative connection are damaged when hallucinogenic substances or morphine-like sedatives are overused.

Creative connection requires a childhood that is filled with moments of wonder and time to explore. The thoughts created in childlike wonder are the ones that lead to the most amazing expressions of creativity and awareness.

The brain provides our bodies with never-ending support, although it capabilities are affected by aging and environmental pollutants.

Each brain is different in physicality and creative connection. Like a fingerprint, the brain’s intangible uniqueness is real. The brain and its power are incredible!

Note: This information is spiritually derived.

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