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The poems in these books are wisdom poems from Spiritual Presence. A wisdom poem is a poem that is dictated directly from Spiritual Presence. Each poem shares/provides/shouts a message. Each message can lead to connection and balance.

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Unfolding—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry

Unfolding book cover

Our bodies communicate, when we listen. Through poetry we can hear the mind uncover universal truths and personal beliefs. Wisdom poetry—poetry that is dictated from Spiritual Presence—delivers universal truths that open to spiritual connection. Unfolding is the first volume of wisdom poetry.

Here is an excerpt from the poem “Heart-Felt Relationships”:

is the heart,
Aching of longing to
Aching with need to
Aching to be recognized.

When the heart
friendship blooms.

 When the heart
partnerships grow.

When the heart
feels acknowledgement,
balance ascends.

 Love is

Connection—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry

Cover-Connection Poetry

Connection is the second volume of wisdom poetry. The poetry sings our connections: our connections to other people, to animals, to nature, to spirituality, and to ourselves.

Here is the poem “A Visit to the Sea”:


The sea called to me one day,
so I went by.
The sea shimmered its magical view,
so I went in.
The sea rushed around me,
so I let it wash over.
The sea beckoned me to listen,
so I did.

I heard
the sound of the sea
and it said…

notice the music of everyday life
drown out the pull to feel entitled or hurt
fill up on memories and movement and connections
let the expectations move on
let the wonder come in.

The sea called to me one day,
so I went by
to hear its song.

Faith— A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection



Poetry can be used as a tool for connecting spiritually.  Faith is a journey towards spiritual connection. It provides insights and instructions for connecting, and when the connection occurs, it offers the spiritual wisdom. Faith is one long poem that is choreographed. As the book nears closeness to Spiritual Energy, there are marked steps to make the approach accessible.

Here is an excerpt from “Faith”:

The opening to
Oneself is the
Opening to Spirit. Within oneself
Is connection
Through the soul. For the soul
Yes the soul
Is Spirit derived. The soul
Carries energy that is
Spirit derived.

Growth—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry

This collection of wisdom poetry provides insights into growth that is physical, emotional, and spiritual.

“Growth is a continuous process, from beginning to end. The path is never direct, and there are always opportunities for distraction. The distractions can stunt or twist the growth, and these changes can be negative or positive. Actions taken after stunted or twisted growth determine the progress.”

Understanding growth helps with understanding the world in which we live.

Here is the poem “Idol Production”:

People awing people
Awing peers
Awing fans.

People creating fiction
Creating envy
Creating hype.

People living other
Other than natural
Other than others.

Idol production—
Creating people
Less than real.

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