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Self-doubt, the internal killer


Self-doubt: a lack of confidence in one’s abilities, actions, decisions, motives, and character; a feeling of uncertainty about one’s appearance, manner, and performance; a catalyst for internal malfunction.

Self-doubt is the cause of many failures and capitulation. It fuels insecurity and non-effort. Self-doubt leads to inability to try new things or to improve skills. It has rings of effects, as a self-doubt about one thing leads to another as they circle larger and larger inside a person.

Self-doubt comes from early efforts that are mocked by others or from early efforts that cause injury or hurt feelings. It can spring from caregivers who discourage individual expression by a young child or who can’t understand a child who has a personality that doesn’t fit the family.

Internally, self-doubt meddles in the functioning of the body. It meddles with flows, secretions, and electrical impulses. It also slows or quickens processes that should be steady. Self-doubt creates stumbling blocks in life and in internal pathways. Self-doubt is a catalyst for slow erosion in the body.

To lessen the effects of self-doubt requires determination to overcome the stumbling blocks that were placed by others or by oneself. Recognizing one’s own contribution to self-sabotage is a first step, and then finding ways to overcome is next.

The effects of self-doubt can be reversed when the following things are done:

  1. Take the time to understand who you are. What are your likes and what are the things that draw you. Discover the types of views you like. Is it the beach or the hills, the desert or the flowers? Think about your senses. Do you learn visually, through trial and error, or from hearing the words? Think about your preferences in animals, colors, and sounds. In other words, learn who you really are!
  2. Consider goals you once had. Are they still relevant? Are they important to you now? If they are relevant and important, consider how to attain them and then consider actual steps. If you have completed step #1, you will be able to strive for these goals. If the goals are no longer relevant or important, take time to understand the goals that suit who you are now, and consider how to attain them.
  3. Spend time exploring your understanding of yourself, the understanding that has come from step #1. If you can build your life so that it includes your likes, the things that draw you, your sensory strengths, and your preferences, you will naturally move away from the self-doubt that was created when you were younger.

Self-doubt is a slow, steady, internal killer. It kills drive, feelings of attachment, and responsible actions. And it slowly, steadily kills the mechanisms that sustain health. Self-doubt is the killer that can be reformed, when the proper actions are taken.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

The wonderful affliction of drug-based treatments


There’s a pill for pretty much anything. Suffering from a headache? Lots of pills to choose from. How about a displaced vertebra? The choice is wide for that, too. Feeling shy? Yes, there are pills for shyness. Stomach upset? Take a pill. Constipated? Take a pill. And so it goes…

Drug-based treatments overcorrect AND undermine the body. They are too powerful to address the nuances in body dysfunction. They have value when overabundance of a disease occurs (like measles), but they are overly valued to cure and rectify.

A pill might “cure” one aspect of an illness, but its side effects can instigate dysfunction of the body that is harder to cure. Combinations of pills afflict in magnified ways, sometimes shutting down a body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

Dependence on pills leads to addiction and inability to understand communications from the body. The pills dictate choices and behavior. Addiction to pills is life lived dedicated to untruth–untruth about one’s body and one’s soul.

When the body is in need of support, the last resort should be a pill. The first response should be to understand the causes. Too little sleep? Too little movement? Too little of both sleep and movement? Missing hydration? Missing fiber? Missing physical touch? Undernourishment? Overstimulation? A pill will not fix these too-littles, missings, unders, and overs.

Yes, there are pills for pretty much anything. Their marketers want you to think the pills will help. The sales of pills bring them livelihood. The sales of pills bring livelihood to others as well. Yes, the sales of pills have whole industries revolving around them.

The world is afflicted with the consequences of drug-based treatments. Wonderful? Wonderful for the pill industries? Wonderful for the pill takers? Are the pills wonderful? They have a place, and that place is much smaller than the reality in the pill-popping, pill-addicted societies.

Note: This information has been spiritually received. Spirit want closeness to our souls, not closeness to soul-distancing pills.

The healing was natural

Renee by olive tree

A few months ago, I started waking each morning with my jaw stuck on one side. It would loosen with time, and I didn’t concern myself with it until the morning it stayed stuck and hurt. I didn’t worry until the next day when it was still stuck and I could barely open my mouth to eat.

I immediately asked Spirit if I should worry about this painful situation, and Spirit assured me that my body could naturally heal itself. I was instructed to stop sleeping on the side that hurt. That’s it! No other treatment—no vitamins to take, no creams to use, and no doctors or dentists to visit.

The healing took five weeks! The first two weeks, I had to eat food cut into tiny pieces and no sandwiches. The third week, my jaw loosened a bit, and by the fourth week, I could tell it was almost healed. Several times I worried and questioned whether to go to a dentist, but each time Spirit assured me that my body would do the healing work.

Here’s what I learned:

  • The body is truly a marvelous creation, caring for and healing itself.
  • My upbringing to seek outside help at the moment pain is felt has its power over me to doubt my body’s own power to heal.
  • People don’t pay much attention to others. That whole time my jaw was stuck, I didn’t mention it to anyone and no one noticed that I was eating differently and using my mouth differently. We worry what people think of us way too much!
  • Patience is the key to natural healing.

I am fortunate to have this direct connection with Spirit to guide me (my sister calls it cheating 🙂 ) and I know that others feel less confident to rely on natural healing.

My previous post “Standing up for the body” reminds us of the importance of caring for our bodies so that we can hear the messages and know what to do. Had I been paying attention that my jaw hurt on that one side each morning, I could have worked out that my sleeping position was causing the problem.

I can write more about natural healing if my readers let me know they are interested.

Note: My connection is to Spirit who guides me to help myself and others.

Dreaming Explored


Dream print by Ava Carmel

Dreams enchant or frighten. They can bring answers to problems or worry to troubles. Dreams perplex us in their depth and in their fancifulness. Dreams connect seemingly unconnected aspects of our lives and deconstruct current events and concerns. Dreams enrich and they inspire.

Each sleep experience is an opportunity for enjoyment of dreams or disturbance by them.

Here are interesting dream facts that Spiritual Presence is sharing:

  • Dreams that are complex and multi-chaptered (that is, dreams that have a similar theme and characters which have various escapades and secondary characters, creating incongruous happenings) are dreams that reoccur throughout the sleep period. Each dream is a view of an event or thought from a different mind position. With sameness in the content, the mind releases varying thought currents that move the content, but don’t completely change it. This current movement enables a main dream theme to remain as the current carries it in different ways each time the dream theme reoccurs. A complex and multi-chaptered dream will seem to be a long continuous dream, when in actuality, it is a dream that repeats with changes each time it occurs. The remembered dream will feel like one dream.
  • Things that affect dreams are: sweet foods eaten within half an hour of sleep, emotions that cause fear, and creative thinking done within an hour of sleep. A person who has frightening dreams should examine nighttime rituals that cause fearful thoughts and emotions.
  • Universal dreams are dreams that are not individual specific; they are dreams that are meant for others to hear. Most people dream dreams that have messages or input just for themselves. Certain individuals have the gift of universal dreams. Here is a blog post about universal dreams: What a dream can tell.
  • Movement during sleep can signify dreams that impact emotions. Gentle movements often accompany dreams that affect disappointments or fond memories. Energetic movements often accompany dreams that release exuberant feelings of joy, creativity, or longing.
  • Age affects dreaming. Younger people dream more when they are thirsty. Older people dream more when they are hungry.
  • Emotional state at the start of the day can influence dreams that night.
  • Rhythmic breathing before sleep can upgrade dreams. Fearsome dreams will be less fearsome. The dreaming cycles will last increasing longer through the night. The rhythmic breathing can lessen the effects of sweet foods on dreams. It can also decrease the intensity of upsetting dreams.

Dreams are release centers for our minds. They systematically process and review our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Their impact on our minds is more significant than realized.

Dreams have guided operations that are controlled by the brain. Their structure is logical and their outcome is not. Dreams may seem illogical or mysterious, when in actuality, they are patterned and sensible.

Dreams connect us to inner aspects of our brain that are intangible and awesome. Dreams steady our thinking and our interpretations. They secrete ideas, hidden feelings, forgotten memories, and connections. Dreams maintain balance and humility.

Letting the Body Heal


In “Samba ’til the End— Experiencing Well-Being in the Later Years”, one of the maintenance tips for aging well is to listen to your body and find healing through natural means.

Our bodies are designed to monitor and fix themselves, but the monitoring and fixing take time. When we choose activities, foods, or lifestyles that overwhelm natural healing, the monitoring and fixing slow or stop. Listening to our bodies when they are overwhelmed is crucial to healing. Without the natural monitoring and fixing, diseases and illnesses can overtake and overwhelm our bodies.

Negative Influences

Here are activities, foods, and lifestyles that slow or stop the body’s ability to monitor and fix itself.

Undereating; a sedentary lifestyle; overusing medications, alcohol, or tobacco; worrying; accepting other people’s evaluations of your health when you feel they are incorrect; hydrogenated-manipulated food stuff; eating and drinking artificially sweetened or sugared drinks and food; disdain and contempt for others; toxic and addictive substances; constricting posture; inactivation or removal of organs and other body parts; stress; exposure to toxic substances; and rejection of bodily signals to sleep, eliminate, extend (the muscles), or eat.

Positive Influences

Here are activities, foods, and lifestyles that enhance the body’s ability to monitor and fix itself.

Deep breathing; a giving lifestyle; smiling; preventative health care; attention to posture; a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, and enjoyment (mealtimes that are pleasant and not rushed); spending time with nature:  in parks, at a beach, on a hike, and connecting with the seasons; active movement: walking, dancing, swimming, etc.; paying attention to the body’s signals of unwellness and helping it heal through rest and protection; eating and drinking in moderation; love; and acknowledgement of bodily signals to sleep, eliminate, extend (the muscles), or eat.

Healing and Disease

Healing won’t take place when attitude and disease overtake the healing mechanisms. A positive attitude can counter disease, but the positive attitude must be sincere to have impact.

Healing and Aging

Aging affects the body’s speed of healing. In general, healing slows. When healing has slowed, the impact of positive and negative influences is more pronounced. Negative influences can speed death and render the aging unbearable. Positive influences can increase life expectancy and render the aging enjoyable. Healing remains active when the body is treated well.

Samba til the end

For guidance with aging and healing read “Samba ’til the End”. It is available at amazon.com: https://amzn.com/1537449907

Holistic Caregivers: Choosing Your Team

Post 13-screen beans supporting

Holistic caregivers abound. So many to choose from, so how do you choose? There are homeopaths, reflexologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and art therapists. There is Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine and faith healing and energy healing. Music therapy can help as can aromatherapy. What about shiatsu and Energy Guidance and myofascial release? And so many more!

There is no single healing solution that works for everyone. Often a combination of healing methods works best. No matter the healing method(s) you choose, you want to find holistic caregivers that help you heal and be healthy.

Here are criteria for choosing your team of holistic caregivers:

  • The caregiver looks you in the eye.
    (A caregiver who cannot look directly at you is not sure.)
  • The healing method seems natural to the caregiver.
    (A caregiver who believes in the healing capacity of the chosen method will exude trust in the method. The caregiver is using the healing method because of a firm conviction in its healing possibilities.)
  • The caregiver has a firm grasp of the healing method.
    (Some holistic healing methods require years of study. Some require years of experience. Some require surety.)
  • The caregiver is adept at creating a healing experience.
  • The caregiver gets results.

Here are signs that the person calling himself or herself a holistic caregiver is not meant to be doing this work:

  • The person’s approach is negative.
    (It the person approaches your concerns in a negative way, that person might have too much negativity in his or her own life to be doing healing work at this time.)
  • The person tells you that you will not know the results of your treatment for a long period of time.
    (Holistic healing can take time to occur. The nature of holistic healing is steady and unrushed. However, if the person says you will not know whether the treatment succeeded for a year, find another caregiver.)
  • The person tells you that only he or she can heal you.
    (A caregiver wants healing to occur and knows there are many paths to healing. A caregiver who advises against going to other caregivers might be doing so for financial reasons.)

Here are signs that a holistic caregiver is not meant to be working with you (even though the caregiver might be helpful to others):

  • You feel a lack of confidence in the caregiver.
  • You feel that the caregiver is not listening to you.
  • You feel that the caregiver is not sincere.

I have worked with many people and know that my healing methods are not appropriate for everyone. If a person comes to me whom I can tell will not benefit from Energy Guidance Complete, I am honest and let him or her know. Sometimes it takes more than one session for me to know. I have referred people to other healing methods to do in conjunction with Energy Guidance Complete or in place of. Each person has different needs and can benefit from different approaches.

When you find a healing caregiver who helps you understand your body and yourself better, nurture this connection.
A healing caregiver is wonderful to have on your team!

Pain Emotional

Post 126-body massage

Knee pain. I’ve had knee pain off and on through the years. I ruled out physical causes several years ago when physical therapies didn’t relieve the pain. At one point, I examined a conflict with a loved one and when we worked it out, the pain went away.

Lately, the pain came back. Actually it comes and goes. Once again, physical therapies don’t relieve the pain.

I finally turned to Spirit to determine the cause. (Why did I wait so long?) And I learned that once again, emotional turmoil has come into play. The emotion–disappointment–has entangled itself around my kneecap. A person close to me disappointed me, and the disappointment hurts me physically and emotionally. Turns out that the pain in my knee reflects several disappointments from my adult life.

To relieve the pain, I must care for the disappointment with kindness. To do that, I will not try to relive the disappointments that happened; rather, I will create a way for the disappointments to dissolve. (I’m not explaining the Energy Guidance Complete way this will happen, because it differs from person to person.) When the disappointment has dissolved, the pain will end.

My experience reflects the experiences of many people. Emotional turmoil sometimes lodges in the body and manifests as physical pain. This type of pain is hard to treat, because emotional wounds defy physical treatments.

Back pain, knee pain, stomachaches, skin eruptions, and abdominal ailments are types of physical problems that often have emotional causes. When these problems occur, the best healing approaches are holistic therapies. When physical and emotional healing of physical problems occur, the healing is more often successful.

The body heals when causes are understood and acknowledged. As with me and my knee, emotions are responsible for the body’s responses. Pain and joy affect the way we feel, and the way we feel creates the pain or joy.

The more we focus on emotions that are positive, the better we feel. The more we allow negative emotions to fester, the more chance of physical pain. Even when difficult things happen in life, positive rather than negative helps prevent lasting harm.

The power of emotional healing is incredible. The first step is to understand its existence!

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