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Holistic Caregivers: Choosing Your Team

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Holistic caregivers abound. So many to choose from, so how do you choose? There are homeopaths, reflexologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and art therapists. There is Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine and faith healing and energy healing. Music therapy can help as can aromatherapy. What about shiatsu and Energy Guidance and myofascial release? And so many more!

There is no single healing solution that works for everyone. Often a combination of healing methods works best. No matter the healing method(s) you choose, you want to find holistic caregivers that help you heal and be healthy.

Here are criteria for choosing your team of holistic caregivers:

  • The caregiver looks you in the eye.
    (A caregiver who cannot look directly at you is not sure.)
  • The healing method seems natural to the caregiver.
    (A caregiver who believes in the healing capacity of the chosen method will exude trust in the method. The caregiver is using the healing method because of a firm conviction in its healing possibilities.)
  • The caregiver has a firm grasp of the healing method.
    (Some holistic healing methods require years of study. Some require years of experience. Some require surety.)
  • The caregiver is adept at creating a healing experience.
  • The caregiver gets results.

Here are signs that the person calling himself or herself a holistic caregiver is not meant to be doing this work:

  • The person’s approach is negative.
    (It the person approaches your concerns in a negative way, that person might have too much negativity in his or her own life to be doing healing work at this time.)
  • The person tells you that you will not know the results of your treatment for a long period of time.
    (Holistic healing can take time to occur. The nature of holistic healing is steady and unrushed. However, if the person says you will not know whether the treatment succeeded for a year, find another caregiver.)
  • The person tells you that only he or she can heal you.
    (A caregiver wants healing to occur and knows there are many paths to healing. A caregiver who advises against going to other caregivers might be doing so for financial reasons.)

Here are signs that a holistic caregiver is not meant to be working with you (even though the caregiver might be helpful to others):

  • You feel a lack of confidence in the caregiver.
  • You feel that the caregiver is not listening to you.
  • You feel that the caregiver is not sincere.

I have worked with many people and know that my healing methods are not appropriate for everyone. If a person comes to me whom I can tell will not benefit from Energy Guidance Complete, I am honest and let him or her know. Sometimes it takes more than one session for me to know. I have referred people to other healing methods to do in conjunction with Energy Guidance Complete or in place of. Each person has different needs and can benefit from different approaches.

When you find a healing caregiver who helps you understand your body and yourself better, nurture this connection.
A healing caregiver is wonderful to have on your team!

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