A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Book Series

The wisdom presented in the Existence-Me Elevated Living book series shows love from Spirit in the information that is shared with us. Each word has been deciphered by me, but the words belong to Spirit. The sharing is help for us to create a contempt-free world.

The ascent to cooperation feels difficult, but it is the optimal goal. Partnering with Spirit to create wise living is available. Read the books and create soulful, balanced lives!

These books are available for purchase on amazon.com.  All have paperback editions and some are available as ebooks.

Book Seven: Descending into War, Descending into Contempt

Descending_into_War_Cover_for_Kindle (1)

“Descent into war is the visible manifestation of the struggles felt by men. Within a man are powerful forces of fearlessness and faithfulness. These forces push towards action when the family or loved society is threatened or harmed. Deep, devoted love can lead to horrific acts that are delivered in order to protect loved ones or revenge their harm.”

And so begins the most powerful book in the series. This book explains the main causes of conflict: the feelings of superiority, inequity, disappointment, and emasculation. The book explores the desire for power, preparations for fighting, and the moments before death. Although the topics of war and contempt are difficult and often disheartening, the book ends with wisdom and instructions that can lead to a more just society.

“The interactions of people—with animals, the land, natural events, and other people—satisfy the need for connections. The interactions join the underlying rhythm of life that pulsates with the flow of blood in each creature’s life. The more interactions, the more the rhythm strengthens.”

Book One: The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort


“Choosing one’s way in life is a requisite of a life well lived. Allowing life to lead the way is a life lived less well. Passivity in life is a choice or a forced path depending on one’s circumstances. To presume that every person has a choice is inaccurate; some people live in societies that even if they are “open” do not always enable its members to actually choose. Societal pressures and structure can close people in. Nonetheless, the ability to choose is still available, albeit in a narrower and tighter framework.”

Book Two: Pond a Connected Existence


“Spiritual presence is not a given for humans. It is bestowed and rescinded. It is allowed and refused. It is available to most who search for it in earnest; it is available to those who immerse themselves in sustaining activities. Being enveloped in spiritual presence does not make life easier, but it makes life easier to take. Being enveloped in spiritual presence is a process. Many people have some portion of spiritual presence: the amount is determined, the awareness is self-determined, the removal is determined in ways we can’t understand. The process of receiving more is accompanied by deservedness, focus, and dedication. But receiving more … “

Book 3: Oneself–Living


“Dependability is a necessary survival technique. Dependable people tend to follow through which assists in ability to thrive. In addition, dependable people tend to gather others around them. The natural relationship between people is to alternate dependence so that no one person bears too much burden. …Dependability is not always saying yes when the answer is really no or not now. ..Those who rely on dependable people generally feel peace of mind or a sense of security.  …”

“Negative remembrances require determination and desire to purge them. Negative remembrances that are traumatic are often too difficult to release without continuous and relegate-to-a-less-prominent-place focus. Although traumatic events damage the connection to self and the sense of security, a person can remove the vicious side of a trauma so that a normal life can be led. …Each person reacts to [an event that leaves a memory] in a specific-to-me manner, and this reaction is what causes the force of the remembered event to be an influence. …”

Book 4: Vitality! How to Create a Life That Is Healthy


” Look at your hands and really marvel at their engineering. Look at your elbows and marvel at their engineering. Look at your shoulders and do the same. Look at other parts of your body, marveling at their engineering until you start to feel exhilarated, overwhelmed, and honored.” – from the chapter “Vitality! Tapping Into Spiritual Support”

” If your work involves arguing with people, make sure to take regular breaks for deep breathing and physical movement of your body and eyes. Also, remember to deal with people compassionately. …

Remember that work is necessary for participating in society, community and family, and for emotional stability.” – from the chapter “Vitality! Working and Being Upbeat”

Book 5: Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul

“The color of the soul, with its influence and potential influence, creates the basis for each person and awaits further connection throughout the person’s life. People are their souls embodied in a physical container.

Awaiting Light

The soul is tattooed on the countenance of each person, and awareness of this soul display is needed in order to understand what we are seeing when we look into the face of another.”

“Do we have free will or are we manipulated, living a life that was planned for us? We want to believe that we choose our actions, but do we? Some say yes and some say no. The actual answer is Yes, No, and…”

Book 6: Signals that Inspire and Intertwine—The Fifth Component of Health

Cover-Signals that Inspire

Signals that Inspire and Intertwine is an introduction to the complex system that protects and heals our bodies. This complex system is a fifth component of health that works seamlessly with the other components of health—the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual components. Extra support is needed when our bodies are unable to heal through the basic healing processes.

“Awareness of signal existence can open the door to individual determination to strength-en the body’s healing processes. The awareness can influence care of infants and patients. The awareness can propel investigation of supportive bodily mechanisms that have remained elusive. The awareness can contribute to changes in lifestyle that overtax and over-activate signals and pulls.”

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