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The impact of spiritual expression

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Spiritual expression refers to more than religious affiliation.

Having religious affiliation does not automatically instill spiritual connection. Even people who outwardly show religious fervor by donning the clothing of the devout or attending religious ceremonies regularly are not necessarily experiencing spiritual connection.

Religious affiliation is one avenue towards spiritual connection, but there are many other ways to achieve it. Pondering the beauty of a tree or the crush of the waves on the shore or the movement of the clouds can incite spiritual connection and lead to personal expressions of spiritual longing. Attending to the needs of children or animals can create connection that leads to spiritual expression of amazement and awe. Immersion into artistic expressions of oneself through music, movement, or art are spiritual expressions when the artists are truly expressing their soulful selves.

Spiritual expression impacts health and well-being. Prayers that are expressed earnestly are spiritual expressions that raise immunity. So are the ponderings about nature and nature’s creatures. Immersion in soulful artistic expression is also impactful on health, as long as the body’s needs are not ignored (the needs for proper sleep, hydration, and nutrition).

The key words are earnestness, pondering, and soulful. When any of these words actually describe the endeavor, then the spiritual expression is uplifting to the body and soul. Rote recitation of prayers, feigned amazement at nature, and obligatory execution of artistic works are not uplifting at all.

Spiritual connection

Note: This information has been spiritually received. It is here for us to understand the importance of truthful reaching towards spiritual connection.

Who or What is God?

soul connection

Spirit says it’s time for revelation.

There is an energy that is stirred into being by the energy that is in all living things. This energy—that runs in our bodies and in the bodies of all other creatures and in the growing vegetation—spirals into a united force that feeds into a continuously changing font of collected memory and ongoing awareness of future memory. This font is an intangible collection of spiritually charged matter. The spiraling energy enters the font, adding to its force of knowledge and energy. The font continuously collects and then returns the spiritually charged knowledge and energy back to the living creatures.

This give and take of spiritual force is the connection for the living to the font of memory of past and future. The spiritual giving from the font is felt intangibly by people in the form of the soul. The soul is the connecting link to material and spiritual existences.

The existence of the font is based on the existence of living things. The one feeds the other, and they both equally exist.

How was the font created? By a force beyond, that came from whispered existence. The whispered existence is God. God is a quiet whispering of overwhelming force that exists beyond our comprehension. We “touch” God when we open to the connection of our souls. We receive hints of spiritual greatness when we keep the communication open to our souls.

God is a real and ever existing force. Beyond us, yet connected. We are carriers of the spiritual energy that flows back and forth, back and forth.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

God woke me in the night to receive this wisdom. I have previously received wisdom about the soul and connecting to God, and this wisdom is published in two books. Read “Awaiting Light: Understanding the Development of the Soul”  to understand the formation of the soul and our connection to spiritual beings. Read “Faith: A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection” to learn a path for connecting to the power of God.

God is available when we are open to the whisper.



“And as I went out towards you, I found you coming towards me”

Where poem

These truthful words about creation of spiritual connection come from a translation of the poem “Where” by Yehuda HaLevi. Yehuda HaLevi, a philosopher, physician, and poet wrote these words over 900 years ago, and they are as applicable today as they were then. When such beautiful and meaningful words are sung to equally beautiful and moving music, they can help in the ascension towards spiritual connection.

The attached picture is from a performance of the song by Diane Kaplan and her group https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlh-R9V8Mqk. I listen to its words (which are in Hebrew), close my eyes, sway, and let myself connect. Sometimes I dance the words and sometimes I simply breathe deeply while listening. They rarely fail to lift me and bring me closer to Spirit. Here is the translation on Diane’s CD “Like an Olive Tree”:

I reached out for you,
With all my heart I called for you.
And as I went out towards you,
I found you coming towards me.

God, where will I find you?
Your place is hidden high above.
And where won’t I find you?
Your honor fills the world.

Spiritual connection is available to everyone; all that is required is desire to connect. The path towards spiritual connection can be personal or through group worship. The connection can be created with the help of sacred music or with contemplative walks in nature. Each person can find a path that works. Following someone else’s path can sometimes bring connection, but the best way to connect spiritually is to breathe deeply and feel what works best for you.

If you would like to hear more of Diane’s sacred music, check out “Like an Olive Tree”, my favorite CD, at http://www.dianesong.com/olive-tree.

Superiority is not a word to describe a religion

Many paths of elevation are available and desirable for reaching connection with God.

Solitary prayer unites divinity with creation for the moments the connection is true. Prayer in grouped agreement unites divinity with creation for elevated connection when the connection is sincere. Both solitary prayer and grouped prayer are paths to God.

Grouped prayer that is developed into set pronouncements with set movements removes creativity in building spiritual connection, but encourages human connection. Repetition of “scripts” and routine observances enable feelings of human connection that transcend death. The connection can bind the living with the dead who preceded them and bind the living with future generations.

Grouped prayer connects the people who accept the group’s observances and concept of divinity. Acceptance offers approach to God, scripts that guide the approach, and vision to ponder Almighty, the majestic energy that connects all.

Sincere dedication to life lived with awareness of connection to God is realistic. The connection focuses and elevates daily living.

Dedication to the grouped approach to God—to a religion—is dedication missing the meaning. Religion is an access way to connection to God, not the destination. Elevating the religion rather than the divine connection disconnects the people from God.

Religions are approaches, they are not possessions. They do not need to be compared or debated.

Superiority is not a word to describe a religion. No religion that is based on the connection with God is better than any other. Feeling superior because of religious affiliation lessens the beauty of the religion.

As God shares in the book, Faith— A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection:






Come justly without harm
To any others.

Intangible Reality, Part 2

intangible reality

Spiritual practice, whether alone or with a group, can be conducive to interaction with intangible reality. Connecting to wisdom internal enables connection to reality beyond.

Internal wisdom is supplied by the soul, and thoughts channeled through soulful evaluation reflect spiritual connection. The physical actions that accompany spiritual practices extend the effects of the connection. The emotional depth of the concentration on spiritual connection can invigorate the connection. The intellectual quest to fathom the intangible invites contentment. Nourishment of the desire to have impact is attained.

When group worship is sincerely performed, the group can enrich each individual. When group worship is performed perfunctorily, the experience can alienate or bore. When group worship is forced, the experience can be blocked inwardly or can be traumatic.

Group worship that is spontaneous sometimes enriches, but sometimes incites. Group workship that decries other groups is worship misguided. No group has access to divine revelation over any other group. No group!

Spiritual connection, the link to intangible reality, is the historical practice for tying human endeavor to energy of the expanse.

Intangible Reality, Part 1

Spiritual connection

Seeing is believing. Tangibility is reassuring.

Intangibility is baffling. The unseen is present, yet its intangibility renders it untrue or irrelevant or suspect. No viewable form is a reason for rejection and dismissal.

Intangible reality is actually rich in layers and in movement. There are relationships, guidance, and interactions in the intangible realm.

Undetected dimensions interact with our world. Those who are aware of possibility are aware of these interactions. Awareness is available to all, and it requires acceptance and determination to bring intangibility into everyday living.

The awareness expands intellectual processing. The awareness expands relationships and support.

Seeing is believing is for people who have lost the connection to beyond smallness.

Believing in the unseen is expanding horizons to experience life fully!

Shout out the wonder!


“Spiritual Presence opens my mouth
to share the wisdom
to speak when I feel unable
and to shout out the wonder.”

-from the poem “Unfolding Information” in Unfolding

Shouting out the wonder is not easy when you have been raised to stay quiet, be polite, and keep your opinions to yourself. Learning to speak out when speaking out is required is not an easy thing to do. There are many stories about reluctant leaders who feel ill-equipped to take on the roles they have been tasked to do. Some step up and become great; some refuse and suffer for their silence.

Three years ago, I received the gift of communication with Spiritual Presence. The gift evolved from personal assistance for just me to assistance for everyone through me. I have learned to share the wisdom through writing this blog and the Energy Guidance Complete books. I have looked my disbelieving, skeptical friends and family in the face and said that I have complete faith in the existence of Spiritual Presence. I now run a “Getting to Know Your Soul” workshop and teach the wisdom about the soul. I have moved from mumbling about the work I do to forthrightly stating that I am a spiritual healer and channeler.

The hard part for me is the shouting, the shouting out the wonder, the wonder of being able to know so much truth and wisdom and to share it so that people will listen, really listen. The shouting is hard. My connection with Spiritual Presence is natural and understated so that the wisdom comes through me naturally and quietly. But people need the roar and the thunder! People need to realize the amazingness of this connection! So I’m working on the shout.

Faith poem-enter

-from the soon-to-be-published book Faith— A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection


Spiritual illness and its positive aspects


spiritual illness

Spiritual illness seems like a serious state of being, but in actuality, it is a positive predicament. Spiritual illness signals the need to clarify for oneself beliefs and convictions. When spiritual illness is approached as a wake-up call, it can be the first step towards more focused living.

Spiritual illness can lead to study about religious beliefs, study about spiritual lifestyles, study about earlier civilizations, and study about meditative practices. All studies that lead to increased spiritual connection are positive—as long as the study does not lead to a sense of right or to a belief that one’s chosen way is better than others.

Understanding the cause of the spiritual illness is helpful, and the cause can help determine the “cure”. Allowing the spirit to be ill is not harmful as long as the illness does not lead to depression. Spiritual illness is a call for change that can be realistic and immediate. The move from unwell to very well can be relatively quick.

The main step towards cure is understanding the cause of the illness. After that, the road to recovery is simply a belief away!

How contagious is spiritual illness?

Bad backSpiritual illness is like a bad back. Once it has been misaligned, the possibility for it to happen again exists. The person who ensures that his or her once-bad back stays supple has the likelihood of not suffering in the debilitating manner in the future.

Illness of the spirit aches like the aching back—with spasms of deep pain and hints of deep pain about to happen. The spirit aches for alignment, yet improper care weakens and undermines the foundation of spiritual sustenance. Then when spiritual belief is challenged, the spirit gives way and illness sets in with spasms of deep pain and hints of deep pain about to happen. Spiritual care heals the aching spirit, and future work strengthens it.

Spiritual illness is contagious like the bad back. Watching someone suffer causes fear, which can weaken the foundation of balance. Or it can cause warning, which encourages some to strengthen the foundation of balance. For relatives of the sufferer, the spiritual illness can teach bad habits or inspire searching for support.

Spiritual illness is surmountable with desire to heal, desire to open, and desire to connect.

How spiritual illness is seasoned

Post 104-veggies.jpg

Think of spiritual illness as a sauce. A bit too much of one spice and the sauce becomes unpalatable. Too much of all the spices and the sauce becomes overtaken.

When spiritual illness is brewing, the balance of decisions and actions is important. Too many wasteful and waste-producing activities tip the balance towards illness. Activities that revive the sense of connection tip the balance towards fine.

Spiritual health, like the spices of a dish, is one component of health. The other components: physical health, emotional health, and intellectual health are the more obvious aspects of health, but without the spicing the meal stays unimaginative. The spicing causes the meal to ignite the appetite, interest the taste buds, and involve the memory. So too with spiritual health.

A sense of spiritual connection ignites the imagination. A sense of spiritual guidance interests the thoughts. A sense of spiritual longing passes from generation to generation. The seasoning of the life is rich and satisfying.

Spiritual illness can occur “when spiritual questioning causes imbalance that the body cannot fathom.”  (see https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/06/24/spiritual-illness-strikes/) Spiritual pondering is a normal part of spiritual health, but when pondering becomes denying or when viewpoint is viewed as supreme, spiritual illness takes hold. The spicing becomes cloying or too intense, and the struggle to continue is magnified.

Seasoning is done through trial and error and through following those who tried before. Seasoning can be the best aspects of a dish or the worst. Spiritual health can raise up the life and spiritual illness can sink the life. Finding balance is necessary for fulfilling and joyous living.

When society suffers from spiritual illness

imbalanceSpiritual illness can be felt at many levels. When society suffers from spiritual illness, the effects leave imprints on all the members. The individual members of society have varying amounts of damage depending on their own spiritual balance.

A society that suffers from spiritual illness exhibits any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Society members mistreat other members because of inflated sense of right.
  • Society members mistreat other members because of inflated sense of deservedness.
  • Society members mistreat other members because of inflated sense of self.
  • Laws unfairly advantage members who believe they deserve more.
  • Society members consider the feelings of buildings over the feelings of other living things.
  • Society members relinquish responsibility for their own actions.
  • Society members absolve themselves of responsibility for extending themselves.

When society suffers from spiritual illness, each member feels the effects, no matter their role in perpetuating the spiritual illness.

Spiritual illness strikes!

spiritual illness

This past week, I suffered from a bout of spiritual illness. My body gave way, and I gave in. For days I rested and let my body restore itself to health. During that time I pondered the causes, the cures, and the symptoms. During that time, Spiritual Presence quieted, leaving me to wonder what the purpose was for my suffering.

I was ill, but not very ill. I had a fever, but no other symptoms. I lost my appetite, but gained enhanced senses of taste and smell. I asked Spiritual Presence questions throughout, slowly coming to an understanding as I experienced my body’s struggle.

Spiritual illness is illness that blows in when spiritual questioning causes imbalance that the body cannot fathom. Spiritual illness affects people who face questioning or attack at the spiritual level. The questioning can be internal or from other people. Even a person who is strong in his or her beliefs can suffer spiritual illness when outside influences overtax the framework of belief.

Recognizing spiritual illness is difficult because other symptoms can cloud its existence. Treating the body for non-spiritual causes will not balance the spiritual imbalance. The balancing work requires efforts that go beyond normal healing.

Having awareness of the cause is the first step. Subsequent steps could include ruling out—and treating—physical or emotional causes. Examining one’s spiritual beliefs can be another step.

Awareness of the importance of spiritual balance is needed for full body-soul balance.

Life from within spiritual connection

Post 107-entertainment

My life is lived with constant awareness of spiritual connection. Sensing all the time that my actions have consequence and pull on myself and others. When I participate in building activities—activities that build my character, body, or thoughts, or that build my community—I am living my spiritually designed life. When I participate in non-sustaining activities—activities that waste my precious time or cause hurt to myself or others—I live emptily. Full or empty, I get to choose and my choice demonstrates my connection to spiritual living.

Before I was as connected as I am to Spiritual Presence, I had a sense of the importance of my daily life choices. Now I am constantly aware of the importance. I choose more building activities than I used to, but nonetheless, the call of mindless pursuits continues to sidetrack me.

When I work with people in individual Energy Guidance Complete sessions, I soar in the spiritual connection, although it appears to the person sitting across from me that I am focused elsewhere but am Renee grounded. As I converse with Spiritual Presence, I am elsewhere—neither grounded nor flying, rather in a state of transposed being. I look like I’m here, but I’m actually mentally moving beyond.

This place of conversation with Spiritual Presence feels natural to me so I present it in a low-key, natural way to the people receiving the spiritual messages through me. The messages are truth revealed, and yet the receivers often don’t grasp the largeness of the words that come through me. I offer each person’s truth that can bring balance and well-being, and yet, some cannot take the words and apply the truth. As Renee, I feel saddened and frustrated when people don’t realize the amazingness of the messages. As the voice for Spiritual Presence, I feel waiting. Waiting to be heard and waiting to be connected. And so I continue to soar and bring the messages to each person who is ready to hear.

The conversations with Spiritual Presence can be moving and wise. The conversations can also be casual and minor. I myself don’t comprehend the largeness of the connection, because it now feels so natural. In my poetry book Unfolding, I delve into my connection with Spiritual Presence. Here is an excerpt from the poem:

Poem-Connection with Spiritual Presence

Life from within spiritual connection is amazing! enlightening!
clarifying! a responsibility! sometimes lonely!
filled with wisdom!
filled with connection!!

The trusting eyes

trusting eyes

Look into the eyes of a person whose faith is sure. You will see longing and hope, resolve and centeredness. Certainty in, security in, and clothed in are the descriptions of a person of faith.

Faith is intangible. Faith is an acknowledgement. Acknowledgement of belief and acknowledgement of acceptance. Acceptance and belief enable the surrender to beyond-self possibility.

The intangibility of faith is the difficulty for doubting minds. Proof of beyond-self is wanted by them, but intangibility is just that—intangible. To experience the sense of beyond through gut feelings, flashes of knowing, inspiration (to name a few) is the proof for acceptance of beyond-self.

Faith is opening. Faith is reassuring. Faith is balancing.

Open to the possibility of beyond-self reality.

Connecting to Guidance

This article is reprinted from Healing.Answers.com in the Personal Growth category: http://healing.answers.com/personal-growth/connecting-to-guidance

Post 92-spiritual connection

Have you ever felt a helping hand when you needed assistance? Have you ever sensed guidance during times of uncertainty? There are beyond-life companions that bind to us, and we can access their help and their hope if we are open.

How to Become Aware of Guidance

Awareness of guidance is different for each person. Someone will feel a “kick in the pants”.  Someone else will feel a “tug at the heart”. Guidance can feel like vibrations throughout the body or gentle touches on the skin or flashes of inspiration. Feeling a sense of security or a gut feeling or opening in the throat or a knock on the head are sensations of guidance. Hearing a soundless voice or tasting a sense of a known substance are other forms of felt guidance. Many other types of awareness occur, and each person can experience one of more of these forms of communication.

How to Learn from Guides

Guidance from beyond is available to all, but because of movement away from nature and away from openness to beyond-human-interactions, many people cannot access guidance.  Guidance from beyond transfers wisdom from those who came before. The wisdom assists with decision-making and action-taking.

Each person learns differently, but there are general guidelines. Awareness of how guidance is transferred is the first step, and each person must ascertain the communication forms for himself/herself. The next step is to determine if you want this help. After that, decide how and when you want to use this communication.

How to Develop Patterns that Increase the Guidance

In general, the more a person is connected to nature, the more easily the connection to beyond happens. By observing nature through the senses, connection to beyond usually increases. Although the connection to nature is not necessary for communication with guides, the connection does assist in developing awareness of guidance.  Increased guidance happens when connection to possibilities is cultivated.

What does it mean to cultivate connection to possibilities? Being attentive to the guidance indicators (kick in the pants, tug at the heart, etc.) cultivates connection to possibilities. Being open to receiving the communications and then using the assistance when it is received builds connection to possibilities. Being accepting of oneself is also a way to increase the guidance.

There are no definitive steps for communicating with beyond-life companions, because each person has a pull towards/push away from such communications that is influential in creating or denying the ability to connect. Openness is the key to possibilities.

Spiritual connection exists within the soul


Post 97-wild flowers

I’m working on book #6, which I mentioned in passing in an earlier post (Yes, I know books 4 and 5 aren’t out yet. Book #5 is in second draft and book #4 is on hold.). The main subject is the soul, and the information I am receiving is exciting.

Here’s a small taste…

 “Spiritual connection exists within the soul. It is a bound element that enables the soul to achieve transcendent thought. Spiritual connection enables people to live within the cycling nature of life and to do so in varied and fresh arrangements. Spiritual connection provides capabilities to choose, mold, and direct living that is purposeful and fulfilling. Purposeful and fulfilling can occur without acknowledging the role of spiritual connection, but it is there, with or without the acknowledgement. Spiritual connection exists in all living things, but its binding to the soul is what elevates the possibilities of humans. Despite the interconnectedness of the soul to the body, people function without awareness of the soul’s participation in daily and routine actions…”


Learned satisfaction


I have spent the last three weeks in Los Angeles imparting Spiritual Presence awareness, connection, and nudging. The transfer of wisdom from Spiritual Presence was through individual sessions with people, an organized energy gathering, get-togethers with friends and relatives, and encounters with people on the plane, in restaurants, and by farmers’ market stalls. A welcome beginning for much more to come.

I have experienced EGC sessions with people who are needing the wisdom that Spiritual Presence can give, and they have been eye-opening, cathartic, and beyond expectation. The people receive specific ways to bring balance and clarity into their lives, and witnessing this process is gratifying and amazing for me. People need the same basic things in life, yet the ways to achieve them are varied and individualized. Connection to Spiritual Presence brings the actions and revised thinking required to live with purpose and satisfaction.

I have been living with a cousin of mine who challenges and expands my connection to understanding and wisdom. Our invigorating conversations have led me to the subject of book #6. It will explore and explain issues of the soul.

I have walked and walked and walked this fascinating city, which has led to further understanding about people, animals, and jumbled living. I have eaten the most wonderful produce purchased at neighborhood farmers’ markets and have mostly eaten vegan and raw foods. My body’s feeling good!

My connection to Spiritual Presence has developed during this time, and I am learning about well-being, forgiveness, and satisfaction. I am grateful to my cousin for introducing me to people who are open to the wisdom that flows through me. I am grateful for my family who supports my new-found purpose.

Heading back home soon with renewed Vitality!

Why do we need spiritual connection?

Post 92-spiritual connection

  • We need spiritual connection because our lives are insignificant without it.
  • We need spiritual connection to help us weather stormy and difficult times.
  • We need spiritual connection when nature overcomes us with its beauty or its fearsomeness.
  • We need spiritual connection as a means to fathom life and death.
  • We need spiritual connection if we are lonely or hurt.
  • We need spiritual connection filling our lives with purpose, elevation, and reason for striving.

Spiritual connection can be found on one’s own or in a group. The main thing to know about spiritual connection is that it is available to all equally. No group has a claim on higher access to spiritual connection.

People who dedicate themselves to spiritual connection at the expense of connecting to the people around them are not living spiritual connection correctly. Spiritual connection is not an excuse for turning one’s back on the needs of other people.

Spiritual connection can be a way to understand the world around if we can see the spirituality in all living things.

Spiritual connection fills the world with beauty, drama, and interactions.

Spiritual connection is the basis for ethical and caring treatment of all living things, including people.

Spiritual connection = guidance and ability to weather the ebbs and flows of life

Post 91-spiritual connection

Spiritual connection is the given; not believing is the fashion. To not believe is in; to believe is kept quiet.

To acknowledge belief in a spiritual presence is hard for many people, even if they believe. Those who don’t believe, don’t believe loudly and look down on those who do. Even those who are vocal about their connection are often uncomfortable when the don’t believers question them.

For those who want to believe, but are unable to connect, here is what the connection can do for you:

  1. Connection to spiritual presence can engender feelings of well-being, “even when the life we have created or received seems incorrect.”
  2. Connection to spiritual presence can support when life is daunting. “A person who has a sense of spiritual presence will weather the ebbs and flows of life more confidently, more peacefully, and less daunted than others who question spiritual presence.
  3. Connection to spiritual presence provides a sense of fitting into something beyond ourselves. “Yes, there is meaning in our lives and in our existence, but humans cannot fathom it. That doesn’t mean that you should stop the search; rather, be satisfied with the answers you find.

“Spiritual support is available to people who want it. The way to bring spiritual support into your life is to imagine having a companion accompanying and sharing life’s path. This sense of sharing and of not being alone can sustain you through difficult life events.”

All quotes are from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.

At the top of the stairs is Spiritual connection


Yesterday’s blog was about Spiritual connection. Not sure if that was clear. It was not clear to me until I asked—so I guess I cheated :-). It’s nice to be connected to the Teacher.

From Pond a Connected Existence:

“In The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort, steps are provided for connecting with spiritual presence. They are as follows:

‘…observing nature, the actions of babies, the movement of the seasons, the shenanigans of animals, the idiosyncrasies of the opposite sex, and the idiosyncrasies of one’s own sex’.

The passive observation of others and of nature cause analysis, cause consideration of seemingly incongruent and inconsequential subjects, and cause rumination on creation, on the wonder of life, and on how incredible the world’s creatures can be.

Spiritual presence exists in all aspects of nature….”

The list above is the way for people who are doubting to get connected. Doubting is in vogue in our generation, but it is not how people were in the past. When people were more connected to nature, they were simply more spiritual.

If you want to connect and feel you aren’t, start now. To quote again from Pond a Connected Existence:

“Each person has a connection. The awareness of this connection is influenced by societal beliefs and by individual faith and sense of relating to natural elements of life. The awareness is felt in many ways: intuition, gut feelings, sense of security or buttress or admonishment, hearing a voice or a whisper or a sense of a voice, vibrations throughout the body, flashes of knowing or of understanding, through slenderpointed dreams, constant feeling of clear direction, flash of inspiration or clarity, signals of peace, or awareness of future priorities caused by glimpses of Next.”

Wishing you an easier climb up the stairs.

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