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spiritual illness

This past week, I suffered from a bout of spiritual illness. My body gave way, and I gave in. For days I rested and let my body restore itself to health. During that time I pondered the causes, the cures, and the symptoms. During that time, Spiritual Presence quieted, leaving me to wonder what the purpose was for my suffering.

I was ill, but not very ill. I had a fever, but no other symptoms. I lost my appetite, but gained enhanced senses of taste and smell. I asked Spiritual Presence questions throughout, slowly coming to an understanding as I experienced my body’s struggle.

Spiritual illness is illness that blows in when spiritual questioning causes imbalance that the body cannot fathom. Spiritual illness affects people who face questioning or attack at the spiritual level. The questioning can be internal or from other people. Even a person who is strong in his or her beliefs can suffer spiritual illness when outside influences overtax the framework of belief.

Recognizing spiritual illness is difficult because other symptoms can cloud its existence. Treating the body for non-spiritual causes will not balance the spiritual imbalance. The balancing work requires efforts that go beyond normal healing.

Having awareness of the cause is the first step. Subsequent steps could include ruling out—and treating—physical or emotional causes. Examining one’s spiritual beliefs can be another step.

Awareness of the importance of spiritual balance is needed for full body-soul balance.

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