A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Energy Guidance Complete books that are part of the Existence-Me Elevated Living book series are described under the button Book Series. Energy Guidance Complete poetry books are described under the button Poetry.

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Love Leads the Way


“There are countless songs, poems, and stories about love and the heart. Often they come from places of wishful thinking and buried reality. Love Leads the Way contains no wishful thinking, rather it provides information about love and the heart that is important to know so that we can build nourishing relationships that guide us.”

“…A broken heart is part of living. Our hearts break when loved ones die or when love is unrequited or when once-in-love is no more. Our bodies are designed to help us through the heartache, but the help comes by turning inwards and listening: listening to the feelings of pain and acknowledging them; …listening to the memories and cherishing or releasing them; listening to our inner voice and following its lead; … The more we listen, the better we heal.”

The Food 20/20 Plan

Cover_Food 2020

20/20 vision means vision that is clear and focused. Applying 20/20 vision to eating brings into focus the importance of eating nutritious food, appreciation for the food, the atmosphere in which food is eaten, and the need for moderation. Using 20/20 vision when choosing the foods to eat guarantees that the foods eaten will be nourishing, balancing, and supportive to the digestive system, immune system, and all other bodily systems that maintain well-being.The Food 20/20 plan presents guidelines for eating that is elevated and satisfying. Following these guidelines can open you to better health, increased energy, and fulfilling dining experiences!

Soul and Body Exercise: The EGC Daily Exercise Routine

Cover-Soul and Body exercise book

This special book provides a daily exercise routine that exercises the four components of health: physical health, emotional health, intellectual health, and spiritual health. The routine takes 20-45 minutes and it brings flexibility, muscle tone, aerobic exertion, emotional relaxation, improved mental clarity, spiritual awareness, and elevated self-perception. The exercises are designed to be adapted to each person’s energy level, flexibility, and breathing comfort. Each person does them to fit his or her needs. The EGC Daily Exercise Routine is a link to authentic living, because it provides an opening to emotional, intellectual, and spiritual balance while you body is moving and being exercised. E

Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey

cover for Exploring EGC

“Once I knew that I would be writing book after book, I understood that my purpose is to spread guidance and information. The healing sessions are important, but the main work is to reach many more people through the writing. I have access to Spiritual Presence and I am to enable people to have a glimpse into spiritual wisdom. The issues of health, care for the environment, care for animals, connection to nature, connection to community, self-love, self-care, obligations, and spiritual connection are some of the areas that I explain. ”

“I am pushed to bring Energy Guidance Complete to the awareness of people throughout the world.  Energy Guidance Complete is guidance for people living in open societies who have choices and who can bring change and make decisions that improve and don’t harm the world.”

Zoo Conversations—Giving Voices to the Animals, A Play

Cover-zoo conversations play

“This play is a peek into the feelings of animals who live in a zoo. Ten animals—each with his or her own instinctive needs, each with a unique-to-species outlook—present needs and desires so that we, the audience, can have an inkling about what it is for them to live their lives in captivity and on display.”

Here is an excerpt from the Shetland Pony’s tale:

“I like to do things at my speed, fast or slow depending on how I feel. I feel different speeds when I am tired or hungry or with others.

When I am with others like me, I am as I should be. I run and I jump and I do what the others like me do. I am sure when I am with others like me.

Many animals sit on me. Sometimes, the animals that sit on me give me food. I like when they give me food. Some of the animals that sit on me are quiet and touch me with softness. I like them.

Some of the animals that sit on me are loud and pulling. I move away from them when I can. The animals that pull are not wanted. I am slow with them because they have strength and ropes.”

Contracts for an Exemplary Life

Cover-Contracts for an exemplary life

“There are four main categories of contracts in this book: contracts between you and yourself, you and your family, you and your environment, and you and other people. Each category has three different types of contracts to suit the goal and sense of conviction.”

Exemplary Life contracts between you and yourself “are about self-needs and self-guidance. They are meant to guide you towards achieving personal goals and changing habits that negatively affect you.”  As a family member, the Exemplary Life contracts “are meant to guide you—and others—towards achieving goals related to family issues and family harmony.”  You with your environment contracts “are included to help you fulfill the obligation of caring for the environment. This category includes the area in which you live, nature, and weather. It also includes care of insects and animals.”  Exemplary Life contracts that you create to guide you towards goals about your community and societal relationships “relate to other people who are friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, or are unknown to you (people who you pass in the street, serve you in restaurants or other places, etc.).”

“Living an exemplary life is how all people were meant to live—living in harmony with their soulful definitions, with the rhythms of the world, and with the future generations. Living an exemplary life is not difficult when focus is placed on building connections and exploring possibilities.”

Samba ’til the End— Experiencing Well-Being in the Later Years

Samba til the end

“Yes, we can age well and we can possess a youthful outlook throughout our lives. The more we understand ourselves and the more we care for ourselves, the more possibility that we can age gracefully. Gracefully and satisfyingly.”

“Samba ’til the end means to arrive at old age with your zest for life intact and your focus on participating. Participating in the give and take of life and participating in creating a legacy.

This book is a guide to help you samba ’til the end. With the help of questionnaires and assessments, you will gain an understanding of your path towards smooth aging.”

Samba til the End brings spiritual wisdom into the anti-aging discussion. “

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