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Immunity from coronavirus?

I was asked to ask Spirit if it’s true that once people have coronavirus they are immune from contracting it again. I understand that I can answer this question and so I’m writing it now.

The answer is “The chance of contracting the specific virus again is 50%.” There are several versions of the coronavirus circulating, because it has altered on its journey around the world. In each country, there is more than one version, although they are similar in their structures. Some versions create more difficult symptoms.

A person who has the most potent version is not immune from the less potent versions. A couple of the less potent versions provide immunity from all the other versions.

Note: This information has been spiritually received. It is not scientific theory.


Collaborative Coronavirus

[From Renee: Everything I post on this website is information I’ve received from Spirit. The information aligns with scientific knowledge sometimes, and sometimes not. Previously I have posted information that I didn’t understand, but because I receive it from Spirit, I believe it to be true. Yesterday, I asked Spirit how coronavirus started and I received an answer. Usually I post whatever I receive, but this time I decided to first ask a friend who is a scientist working on coronavirus, among other viruses. He said the information was interesting but that it doesn’t align with scientific knowledge about the different types of flu viruses, so he thinks it’s not plausible. The scientists he works with are exploring the bat connection and Spirit tells me the bat connection is wrong. After the conversation with my friend, I wasn’t going to post what I received, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m putting the information out because I’ve believed the information from Spirit since I started our connection, and I know that scientists make mistakes.]

Viruses change through three ways: 1. because of physical forces. 2. because of extreme emotional turmoil. 3. with contact human-animal.  1. Physical forces include actions a person does that create an internal environment of change while a virus is within the body. 2. Extreme emotional turmoil can trigger changes to the androstenedione hormone in men which can then trigger morphing of certain viruses. 3. Human-animal contact that is sexual in nature can create new viruses and other infectious pathogens.

In the case of coronavirus, physical forces caused its introduction. In Wuhan, China, a middle-aged man had the flu. He was feverish, but continued to work because of pressures at his job. He was on his way to work and he scratched inside his ear and got earwax inside the nails of two fingers. A couple minutes later, he scratched inside his nose and got dried mucus inside the two fingernails (the mucus was different from usual mucus because of the flu). He then scratched his scalp with those two fingers at a spot that was very dry. Because he was feverish, he was unaware how hard he scratched, and he made the dry spot open and bleed. Germs from the mucus and then the earwax entered the open wound and then entered the bloodstream. Within 48 hours his flu morphed into coronavirus. His symptoms changed to include a cough. Because of his work pressures, he continued to be in contact with people and his cough projected the virus to others.

Although the coronavirus started in this one specific person in Wuhan, China, it is global because of the man’s job. He worked at a company supplying parts to international companies. These international companies were putting pressure on the Chinese company and, in turn, the Chinese company put pressure on the man to work despite his illness. Had the man been able to stay home during his illness, the coronavirus would not have started. Had the Chinese company’s boss not felt pressure to meet unrealistic deadlines, he would not have pressured the man to work. Had the international companies been less aggressive in their marketing, they would not have been so aggressive towards the Chinese company. Had the atmosphere for immediate satisfaction of desires not been so pervasive, the international companies would not have felt so compelled to comply. And so it goes….The circle of destruction…

[From Renee: I’m sitting in quarantine for two weeks, having just returned from a trip abroad. Doing my best to not spread germs that might have joined me on my international journey. I’ve shared the explanation, which is my role. ]

1 2 3 coronavirus


Here is spiritual advice for proofing yourself against coronavirus, and other viruses that are circulating now.

1. How to stay virus-proof

  • Avoid people who are ill (not just with coronavirus), people who are emotionally draining, and people who are unimportant to you.
  • Stay physically balanced: sleep the right amount for you, stay hydrated, eat nutritionally balanced foods, avoid sugar and sugar substitutes, and breathe deeply throughout the day.
  • If you have illnesses that require medical intervention, eat extra nutritionally rich foods and practice physical routines that include deep breathing and meditative states.

2. How to be carrier-proof

  • Viruses circulate constantly, and people who are well can carry the viruses and transmit them. Besides doing all the actions listed above, during the virus season, aim to feel rested.

3. How to protect and illness-proof susceptible people

  • Exposure to viruses can cause those who are susceptible to succumb to the viruses intensely. To lessen the effects of the viruses, intensive liquid intake, protein intake, and sleep can help.
  • Exposure to viruses can immediately weaken some who are susceptible. These people require care by virus experts.
  • Regular exercise that is not intensive and spiritual practices can lower the effects of viruses if nutrition, sleep, and emotional state are balanced.
  • Being in a susceptible group does not guarantee intense illness or death. Emotional state is extremely important to combat viruses. Fear intensifies the effects of viruses. Gratitude lessens the effects.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

Fight or Flight Anxiety

Post 114-aiplane window

Anxiety comes from one main source: emotional emptiness. Anxiety fills in the empty spaces when the emotions are out of balance because of uncertainty about the future or because of hormonal and sleep irregularities. One cause is physiological and one is not.

In general, when the cause of anxiety is physiological (hormonal or sleep related), a response will be “flight”: flight from the problem, flight from a relationship, denial of the anxiety, or denial of responsibilities. Flight can be actual leaving (a relationship, work, or community) or distancing emotionally.

The physiologically induced anxiety is relieved through focus on the causes: changing negative sleep patterns, curtailing unnecessary activities, reevaluating shift work situations, examining a lack of human contact, elevating the importance of sleep, reorganizing reality, and prioritizing nutritional deficiencies.

In general, when the cause of anxiety is uncertainty about the future, the response will be “fight”: resistance to offers of help, resistance to inner knowledge of solutions, fighting through instigation of arguments, fighting with oneself through self-harm, fighting with others through physical blows, struggling for dominance, quarrelsomeness, or protection of position. The “fight” response can be appropriate in cases in which aggression has been understood to be the only response, but not when aggression is chosen by default.

The anxiety from uncertainty about the future is relieved by awareness of uncertainty for everyone, by belief in the ability to function without knowing the future, by accepting the cycles of life, by prioritizing nutritional balance, and by focusing on supportive relationships.

Anxiety has fight or flight responses. Other negative states have different responses. See the blog post What’s up with “fight or flight”?.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.




Migraines have causes that are complex but worth understanding

Migraines are signs that bodily communications have been ignored, and the body is yelling for attention! The attention needed for migraines differs from the attention needed for headaches, but both are cries for relief. Relief from the medicine cabinet is usually the relief the body doesn’t like, and this “solution” is best saved for last place.

The body can suffer in many ways; however, migraines differ from other types of physical pain because they take the sufferer into a special realm of being: into “Migraineland”.


It’s a place that is entered suddenly or in stages, and once entered, it commands attention. Migraineland is experienced by all ages, and it is a way of living that is sometimes passed from generation to generation.

The causes that unleash the reality of Migraineland living are many, and each person lives the reality with individualized distress. Sensitivities to foods or cleansers or sounds can delineate a direction into migraine territory, so that their influence actually initiates a migraine or encourages other migraine activators to initiate migraine domination of the body.

Other migraine activators are: sleep deficiency, seasonal fluctuations, uninterrupted viewing of screens for too long, medications that produce migraine reactions, ignoring the urge to defecate, constipation, contact with poisonous substances, light (natural and artificial), daily encounters with crowded living, abrupt changes in altitude (for example, when climbing a mountain) or speed (for example, when riding a roller coaster), erratic eating, compression of spinal nerve roots in the spinal cord, inactivity of the ileocecal valve in the small intestine, and certain metals. These activators can initiate a migraine or encourage other activators to initiate migraine domination of the body.

A person’s emotional state can also initiate a migraine or encourage other migraine activators to initiate migraine domination of the body. Emotional activators are worry, sorrow, constant suspicious view of others, feeling that overwhelming sense of guilt, self-induced or externally applied pressure, and weariness and sadness from societal tragedies and events that are not directly felt but cause personal anguish.

These emotional activators initiate different types of migraines. Their appearance varies throughout a person’s life, and they prompt migraines when they have emotional control of a person’s thinking. Emotional activators are not easy to see as causes of migraines, but they are very involved in creating Migraineland.

Sometimes a child learns migraine suffering from a parent. Migraines are not genetic, but they live within mimicable behavior and adapt to lifestyle differences. The experience of a migraine is a bonding rite of passage for a parent who unwittingly teaches the child to suffer. Intergenerational suffering in Migrainelands’ clasping grasp and possessiveness belies the differences that create each person’s set of migraine initiators.

To understand migraines demands understanding consequences. Migraines build upon dysfunction in the body. Dysfunction differs in each body so that the migraines differ in presentation, which confuses healing steps.

To heal migraines requires understanding the consequences of choices, limitations, and outlook. Each person suffering with migraines creates a personal Migraineland. To prevent migraines, Migraineland must be squeezed down and not be entered. Closing down Migraineland heals the migraine way of life. Many of the causes are listed above, and dealing with them can lead to the closing down of Migraineland.

Migraines become a way of life, a way that is off the true path of living. The efforts required to let them go are sometimes confusing, but they bring relief and healing.

Note: Spiritual Presence shares this information so that the path to healing can be understood.


Vape destruction

vaping equipment

There are headlines about the problems with vaping and the unknown consequences of vaping, especially by young people. I read that vaping is too new to know the consequences, so I decided to ask Spirit for a prognosis.

Here is what Spirit is sharing:


There are other problems as well, and this table is not exhaustive.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

Things to do if you think you’re heading towards Alzheimer’s disease


No one wants to lose their capacity to remember and to process information, but Alzheimer’s disease is prevailing in its grasp of people’s abilities to think.

There are many signs of Alzheimer’s disease’s invasion, and once it invades, it has opportunities to expand its reach. Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed, but it cannot be stopped.

If you think you’re heading towards Alzheimer’s disease, here are things to do:

  1. Exercise more. Exercise creates movement in the body that blocks the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Avoid, as much as possible, stomach and ear medications. Some of them strengthen Alzheimer’s disease’s power.
  3. Partake in musical and artistic endeavors. They increase the body’s ability to pause the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. Eat foods that are unfamiliar. Your activated taste buds can wake up extra defenses.
  5. Create memories by engaging in interesting activities. By using your memory’s network for storing new and interesting thoughts, the Alzheimer’s disease is divided.

You can prevent Alzheimer’s disease before it develops by following the guidelines in this blog post:  “Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease”.

Note: This vital information has been bestowed upon us by Spirit. Thanks Spirit for sharing it through me!

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