A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Alzheimer’s disease is confusing. Life becomes unenjoyable and challenging. Memories hide and knowledge distances. Likes and dislikes are buried so that decisions are difficult to make. Aromas that once delighted now waft by unacknowledged. Flavorful foods once desired now become bland.

Alzheimer’s disease alienates family members and creates shadows. A shadow is a person who looks like someone who once existed, but exists in physical form only.

Alzheimer’s disease is terrible. It is frightening. It is defeating.

Alzheimer’s disease can be thwarted by eating nutritiously and appropriately for your body, avoiding unnecessary aids to the modern lifestyle, and connecting with others. Here are guidelines to strengthen yourself against Alzheimer’s disease’s confusion.

1. Build social connections

The importance of social connections cannot be overemphasized. Interacting with other people is our natural state and is part of our health.

Strengthen family ties, join community organizations, invest in friendships. The social connections are like a cocoon that envelops us in resistance to external stressors and internal wounding.

2. Avoid stomach medicines

For many people, stomach discomfort is avoided through the use of digestive impediments. Over-the-counter and prescription medicines are used for lessening or increasing digestive functioning. Not all medicines weaken the natural digestive processing, but some do, and their interference can lead to changes in sense functioning (taste, smell, etc.) that can then impact brain functioning.

By listening to your body and knowing the foods that make it feel nourished and well, you can avoid stomach discomfort.

3. Avoid ear medicines

The body can heal most internal upsets. The body’s healing requires patience and awareness. Many people want immediate healing and doubt the body’s abilities to heal itself. Some ear medicines weaken ability to communicate with the body and contribute to weakening of communication in the brain.

Allowing your body to heal itself is the best path. Proper sleep, adequate water consumption, and healing foods usually restore health.

4. Use your brain creatively

The importance of using the brain throughout one’s life is known. Creative thinking is even more powerful than doing brain exercises. Creative thinking such as writing poetry, choreographing a dance, and designing a garden strengthen the mind and focus its functioning. Creative thinking doesn’t need to be done every day for it to strengthen the mind, but the more creative the endeavors, the more resilient the mind.


These guidelines are general, but they provide important information if you are open to see it.

Notes: This blog post is spiritually advised. It does not apply to other types of dementia. This blog post was previously posted in 2016.

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