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Enjoying zoo-protected animals

My latest visit to the zoo was uplifting. Most of the animals were enclosed in spaces that are supportive of their needs. Many were eating or interacting with one another, and their antics reflected a protected existence. These animals live well in this particular zoo.

The animals with large space needs, like the zebra, fox and scimitar oryx (a species related to antelope), lack space to move as they instinctively know they should. The zoo I visited cares for animals such as these, providing them with areas that are too inadequate. These animals are well cared for, but restrained in their opportunities to move breathlessly (like children at school or factory workers who do sit-down, repetitive work). The zookeepers want these animals to be content, but without more area, the animals cannot be fulfilled.

An attraction that brings people to zoos is the petting zoo with its animals-meet-unsure, pushy, enthusiastic or frightened humans. The animals in a petting zoo are always living an unnatural life. The need of humans to approach and interact with the animals and the need of the zoo to attract visitors supercede the needs of the petting zoo animals. As the Shetland pony in the book Zoo Conversations—Giving Voices to the Animals, A Play discloses about life in the petting zoo:

“Many animals [referring to humans] sit on me. Sometimes, the animals that sit on me give me food. I like when they give me food. Some of the animals that sit on me are quiet and touch me with softness. I like them.

Some of the animals that sit on me are loud and pulling. I move away from them when I can. The animals that pull are not wanted. I am slow with them because they have strength and ropes.”

“I prefer to be with my type and not with the animals that put heavy things on me and pull me.

I like to do things at my speed, fast or slow depending on how I feel. I feel different speeds when I am tired or hungry or with others.

When I am with others like me, I am as I should be. I run and I jump and I do what the others like me do. I am sure when I am with others like me.”

Protecting the animals is the goal of those who are aware of their responsibility towards Earth. Support for zoos that direct their efforts towards empathy for animals is important.

“If only we could return each animal to its natural home.
To eat and roam in freedom,
To live as designed,
With fear from natural predators,
And with contentment from natural surroundings.
But the natural surroundings are changing
Through people’s involvement.
And the natural surroundings are threatened
As are the animals’ lives.
To live enclosed is to live partially
But to live enclosed means remaining alive.
Zoos are a way of righting the wrongs.
The more we support them,
The more they can support the animals.”

If you would like to feel the life of zoo animals, Zoo Conversations fulfills your goal. In this book, Spirit used me to record contentment and strain, restlessness, and ennui of the animals in their zoo homes. Each animal that shares his or her story is speaking for other animals in the zoo.

When we know what the animals feel, we can understand the ways to make them feel fulfilled. When we know what they feel, we can treat them as we should. How rich our lives can be when we appreciate the animals!

Click here to buy Zoo Conversations—Giving Voices to the Animals, A Play: 

Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease



Alzheimer’s disease is confusing. Life becomes unenjoyable and challenging. Memories hide and knowledge distances. Likes and dislikes are buried so that decisions are difficult to make. Aromas that once delighted now waft by unacknowledged. Flavorful foods once desired now become bland.

Alzheimer’s disease alienates family members and creates shadows. A shadow is a person who looks like someone who once existed, but exists in physical form only.

Alzheimer’s disease is terrible. It is frightening. It is defeating.

Alzheimer’s disease can be thwarted by eating nutritiously and appropriately for your body, avoiding unnecessary aids to the modern lifestyle, and connecting with others. Here are guidelines to strengthen yourself against Alzheimer’s disease’s confusion.

1. Build social connections

The importance of social connections cannot be overemphasized. Interacting with other people is our natural state and is part of our health.

Strengthen family ties, join community organizations, invest in friendships. The social connections are like a cocoon that envelops us in resistance to external stressors and internal wounding.

2. Avoid stomach medicines

For many people, stomach discomfort is avoided through the use of digestive impediments. Over-the-counter and prescription medicines are used for lessening or increasing digestive functioning. Not all medicines weaken the natural digestive processing, but some do, and their interference can lead to changes in sense functioning (taste, smell, etc.) that can then impact brain functioning.

By listening to your body and knowing the foods that make it feel nourished and well, you can avoid stomach discomfort.

3. Avoid ear medicines

The body can heal most internal upsets. The body’s healing requires patience and awareness. Many people want immediate healing and doubt the body’s abilities to heal itself. Some ear medicines weaken ability to communicate with the body and contribute to weakening of communication in the brain.

Allowing your body to heal itself is the best path. Proper sleep, adequate water consumption, and healing foods usually restore health.

4. Use your brain creatively

The importance of using the brain throughout one’s life is known. Creative thinking is even more powerful than doing brain exercises. Creative thinking such as writing poetry, choreographing a dance, and designing a garden strengthen the mind and focus its functioning. Creative thinking doesn’t need to be done every day for it to strengthen the mind, but the more creative the endeavors, the more resilient the mind.


These guidelines are general, but they provide important information if you are open to see it.

Notes: This blog post is spiritually advised. It does not apply to other types of dementia. This blog post was previously posted in 2016.

Why I can’t write

For the last few weeks, I have floundered while writing these wisdom posts. I’ve started posts about healing, depression and marriage, and on each topic I’ve given up as I struggle to receive the wisdom. I haven’t understood my inability to get enthused about the spiritual wisdom I receive. Usually I’m amazed as I work out the words and am eager to share them.

A month ago, I finished writing the book that has been my most difficult, Descending into War, Descending into Contempt. This book is currently being proofed, and I’ll receive a draft version in a few weeks. Writing this book took me years, because the questions for Spirit were too hard for me to formulate and I didn’t want to ask the questions that would provide the book’s text.

War and conflict felt too difficult to write about, so my response to Spirit’s prompting was to ignore and ask for different wisdom to share. There’s so much wisdom to share that is not about war and conflict, and I’ve busily written about health, environmental issues, spirituality, and connections. I managed to put off writing Descending into War for years.

Spirit eventually nudged me into the conflict book with the blog posts about superiority. Once these posts were written, I became interested in conflicts among people and I opened to the task of channeling about aggression. The information I received has caused me to see my role in society differently, because I’ve learned how each person, including myself, contributes to the conflicts and to chaos.

After having immersed in conflict, contempt and death, my ability to be excited about other topics has been dampened. The importance of conflict resolution—between nations, regions, cultures, and neighbors—overshadows the other topics. Conflict resolution affects everything!

These days I’m focusing on working one-on-one with people through Energy Guidance Complete, which gives me great satisfaction watching them take the wisdom and use it for positive change. One of these days, I’ll finish the blog posts I left mid-sentence, and I’ll inundate you all with the wonderful words from Spirit!

Your soul is longing for connection

Each of us has a soul that was endowed when we were born. This soul of ours knows our true self and our abilities and gifts. Somehow, life takes us away from the soulful connection, and to regain it takes dedicated effort.

In the book Faith–A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection, we are guided to reconnect with Spirit through reconnection with our souls. The reconnection takes focus and awareness. Here is an excerpt from Faith about reconnecting with the soul:

Faith–A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection provides a path to soul reconnection and connection with Spirit. It is available here: 


Real Connections


Superiority Because of Race

Not long ago, I received wisdom about the sense of superiority. The posts about superiority discussed gender, religion, and nationality; however, race was alluded to but not specifically addressed.

Here is Spirit’s judgement about superiority and race:

Condescension because of race is irrational. Belittling because of race is weak. Generalizing about race is uninformed. Thinking disparaging thoughts about other races is contemptuous.

Superiority because of the foolish thinking that race has influence on value is deluded. No race is superior to any other. Race is variations of people. No more, no less.

Superiority is discussed in detail in my upcoming book, Descending into War, Descending into Contempt.

The two-headed side of hate

Post 20

Picture a two-headed creature with the heads facing one another. Each head has a nose, eyes, ears, and mouth. Each head has its own brain and reasoning. The heads are connected to the same body so that the heart that beats for one beats for the other. The heads share needs and oxygen.

The hate-filled, turning at each other in Charlottesville, Virginia was a hate expression. It was not unique, but it was introductory to the coming conflict. This conflict reminds the present of past mistakes, but gathers anew the actions of aggression.

The body is one but the heads are two, and one has bared its teeth and the other is offended and defensive. This unaccepting coexistence damages the heads and confuses the body.

The Charlottesville negativity is one of many in the world–all two-headed creatures blowing hate. The world holds these creatures with all the gifts the world has to give. How much better for the creatures if they would focus on the gifts.

Note: I asked Spirit about the events in Charlottesville and this blog post shares the answer.

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