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Illnesses caused by shallow breathing

Shallow, or stunted, breathing is the cause of many illnesses. The list below includes items that might not seem like illnesses to you, but your body relates to them as illnesses.

  1. Lowered functioning of the senses
  2. Lowered functioning of the heart
  3. Lowered functioning of bronchioles in the lungs
  4. Lowered functioning of white blood cells
  5. Lowered functioning of sweat glands
  6. Esophageal spasms
  7. Emotional outbursts
  8. Certain types of headaches
  9. Menstrual irregularities resulting in lessened output
  10. Heightened despair
  11. Oral dryness
  12. Spiritual distraction
  13. Muddled thinking (Yes, it counts as an illness.)
  14. Glandular sluggishness
  15. Follicular sluggishness
  16. Fascial growth sluggishness
  17. Nasal inflammation
  18. Anxiety
  19. Anxious movements
  20. Disturbed muscular regeneration
  21. Disturbed sleep patterns
  22. Disturbed dreams
  23. Tired responses (physical and mental)
  24. Overextended focus on calamity
  25. Underwhelming response of reflexes (physical and mental)

The prevention of these illnesses: proper breathing that is measured and extended. (There are other causes for some of these illnesses; however, correction of breathing can often bring surprising healing.)

Note: This information has been spiritually received. Although I have closed the Energy Guidance Complete connection, occasionally Spirit pushes me to share information. The information presented here is important enough for me to step out of my “retirement”.

Immune system decimators



IMMUNE SYSTEM! These two words should appear in all caps and with marquee emphasis! The immune system keeps our bodies protected and strong. Without protection and strength, our bodies can succumb to viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, wounds, and criticism.

The immune system prevents the onset of diseases and aging-related symptoms. When the immune system is strong, autoimmune syndromes are thwarted (before they start), gene-initiated attacks are prevented, emotional turmoil is lessened, and minor ailments are avoided. The immune system, when it is functioning properly, is that powerful!

Here are the major things that decimate the immune system’s ability to protect and strengthen our bodies. They are presented in their order of severity.

  1. Exposure to environmental hazards
  2. Trauma that is physical and emotional which overwhelms the body
  3. Sleep that is too little for the person’s age
  4. Holding onto perceived injustices
  5. Constant criticism
  6. Inadequate nutrition (includes inadequate intake of water)
  7. Trivialization of bodily functions (includes ignoring signals to urinate and defecate)
  8. Fear
  9. Drug-related injury (includes damage from cigarettes, prescription and nonprescription drugs, and  improper use of drugs)
  10. Exposure to overly loud sounds (children are especially affected)
  11. Alcoholism
  12. Exposure to people who are ill

Each of these immune-system decimators attacks the immune system with varying degrees of damage depending on the person’s age, current health status, and emotional stamina. In combination, they can overwhelm and defeat the body’s ability to withstand them.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

CONFUSION’s physical impact

Distracting colors

Confusion fills our lives, and some of us handle it better than others. Some of us get autoimmune diseases and some of us get psychological imbalances and some of us get cancer and some of us even get suicidal. The confusion is more destructive than we realize.

What is Spirit saying here? That confusion causes our self-destruction? Spirit wants us to know the role that confusion plays in our modern lives so that we can find ways to make them less confusing.

Modern life is filled with so much confusion, and it is getting more and more confusing as we achieve additional technological and societal advances. People today have so many choices, and the choices can overwhelm in a way that eventually translates into physical harm.

Consider the confusion in the lives of modern four-year-old children. Many children have too many toys, and having to choose what to play with can be confusing. There may be too many clothes in the closet, and choosing what to wear is confusing (nonetheless, children should choose rather than their parents). The children may go to play group, day care, or kindergarten, where the staff rotates, the number and temperaments of children is in flux, the foods offered are unfamiliar, and the choices of activities overwhelm and confuse. The afternoons and evenings can be confusing too, as the children navigate the relationships in the home—short tempers sometimes, inconsistent parenting, and tiredness. Happy times can be confusing too, as they are often filled with bending of the rules and stimuli that overexcite. Exposure to the world of smartphones and computers adds a confusion that children have never had to face—a confusion that will only be understood in about thirty years.

The confusion these children face daily can lay the groundwork for difficulty with choices, anxiety, and self-doubt. These emotional responses can cause malfunctioning in the systems that protect and nurture the body. The confusion maneuvers its way into the future lives of these unsuspecting children.

As for the rest of us past the age of four, confusion has become a subtle, and not so subtle, companion. Too many choices when choosing a career path, when planning a day, when choosing mindless time fillers and when feeding our bodies, overwhelm our ability to process information. Our bodies weren’t designed for all the stimulation that comes our way on a daily basis. The overstimulation over-occurring, day after day, is confusing for the body to process. When inadequate sleep, improper nourishment and regular use of stimulants tax the body, the confusion maneuvers its way in further, causing havoc and imbalance.

The confusion is the cause of many of today’s afflictions. It’s a hard source to blame, and an even harder source to study. It’s the modern source of new afflictions. Confusion binds with the other sources of imbalance, and dynamically increases their impact.

Confusion is confusing to understand. Spirit is sharing wisdom to help us open our minds to confusion’s place in our world. I’m very surprised. How about you?

Note: Like all the information in this website, the information in this blog post was spiritually received.

The Healing Attitude


Healing is tricky. It is not available to those who use illness to attain a goal. Many use illness to keep from participating in life. Look at the people you know who are ill and consider the last sentence. It does not apply to all, but to many.

When we are ill, we should take the necessary precautions and mending steps. Mending steps include sleep, hydration, nutrient intake, and positive focus. Staying away from others when contagious. Staying away from temptations. Staying away from activity. Staying away from over-excitement, over-exertion and over-indulgence (not meaning overindulgence of food, rather overindulgence of self-pity or self-over-focus [I’m-too-unwell-to-deal-with-life-and-think-of-others]).

Healing can be quick or languishing depending on our age, attitude, previous physical condition, and determination, and of course, on the healing issue. Feeling determined to be well is very important. Any trace of benefit from the illness or condition can slow the healing process. Even a well meant show of sympathy can slow the healing. Best to heal with as little sympathy as possible. Attitude influences on all levels-physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. A happy attitude greatly enhances healing.

Healing and wellness are possible when we truly want them!


Body talk and the meaning, part 2

PeopleA pain in one part of the body is often related to that part of the body, but not always.  The body is a complete entity, and what happens in one part can have an effect on many other parts. Illness and afflictions have causes, causes that are often not easy to understand.

An example is fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia syndrome is not understood because it acts differently in each body. There are many hypotheses as to the cause and some of the hypotheses are accurate for some people. But not for all, which make it a confusion. Each person with fibromyalgic symptoms has reasons for the symptoms, the reasons are body talk unheeded.  Each person with fibromyalgia syndrome suffers from body talk unheeded that multiplied because of ignored messages. When the body is trying to communicate and the person doesn’t listen the body will shut down, overreact, or take over. Fibromyalgia syndrome is an example of the body doing all three.

Whether the cause of illness or afflicitons is a physical cause or an emotional cause, the body will speak to you.  If you listen and work out the cause, your body will reward you with well-being and reliability. If you ignore the whispers and the shouts, your body may lose its ability to communicate which can lead to many ill effects.

The next time your body calls, aim to listen carefully. You will be grateful in the future.

More about body talk: Body talk and the meaning

Body talk and the meaning

painA rumble in the tummy? Body talk for hunger, fright, or contentment.

Pain in the lower abdomen? Body talk for “you ate something that wasn’t good for you”,  “you did a movement that you weren’t ready for”, or “you contracted a stomach bug—get to the toilet!” (among other possibilities).

Lightness in the head? Body talk for lack of sleep, lack of water, lack of nourishing food.

Pain the toes? Body talk for “your shoes don’t fit”, “there’s a splinter” or “you have an inflammation in your nose (or mouth or somewhere other than your toes)”.

A pain in one part of the body is often related to that part of the body, but not always.  If the pain in the toes is caused by an inflammation somewhere else in the body, no amount of focus on the toes is going to help until the inflammation is handled. The body is a complete entity, and what happens in one part can have an effect on many other parts.

Whether the cause of pain or irritation is a physical cause or an emotional cause, the body will speak to you.  If you listen and work out the cause, your body will reward you with well-being and reliability. If you ignore the whispers and the shouts, your body may lose its ability to communicate which can lead to many ill effects.

The next time your body calls, aim to listen carefully. You will be grateful in the future.

More about body talk: Body talk and the meaning, part 2

Prevention of poor health–>Stop the causes!


The following list was presented in two earlier blog posts. I am presenting it again because it is really important. Please look at each contributor to poor health and consider it. Each one won’t apply to you, but it may apply to someone you love.

Notice that sleep deprivation is the second major contributor of poor health. This one is really not that hard to fix. Notice the third contributor. Letting the body heal itself when possible can lessen the grasp of this contributor. Notice number five. then get up and dance around or walk in place.

Each contributor can be lessened.


In modern societies, there are 40 reasons that a person becomes deceased too early or suffers too much. Here are the reasons in the order in which they contribute (accidents and disasters are not included):

  1. Overconsumption of alcoholic beverages
  2.  Sleep deprivation
  3.  Misuse of legal drugs
  4.  Depression
  5.  Insufficient regular movement of the body
  6.  Overuse of cigarettes
  7.  Insufficient protection from the elements (cold, heat, etc.)
  8.  Chronic insufficient consumption of water
  9.  Overconsumption of food
  10.  Insufficient exposure to the environment (nature)
  11.  Worry, fear, and anguish
  12.  Suppression of negative emotions (worry, fear, and anguish)
  13.  Hurt feelings
  14.  Blood pressure pressures
  15.  Isolation
  16.  Genetics
  17.  Misjudgment of self-boundaries (When relating to other people, not understanding how to bond. When relating to tangible items, not understanding limits and excess.)
  18.  Insufficient intake of vitamin-rich foods
  19.  Memory loss
  20.  Insufficient intake of mineral-rich foods
  21.  Digestive disturbances
  22.  Elimination issues, such as constipation
  23.  Too much dependence on approval from others
  24.  Inadvertent consumption of foods that cause allergic reactions
  25.  Overexposure to toxins
  26.  Sense of unworthiness
  27.  Misuse of illegal drugs
  28.  Purposelessness
  29.  Sadness
  30.  Misjudgments in sexual relations
  31.  Lack of trust in one’s intuition
  32.  Chronic under-usage of the thinking capabilities
  33.  Overemphasis on physicality
  34.  Anger
  35.  Jealousy
  36.  Eating too little
  37.  Indifference
  38.  Overusing the body physically
  39.  Feelings of devaluing others
  40.  Choice inundation

 You may have noticed that shallow breathing and other breathing issues are not on the list. Improper breathing results from many of these issues so that breathing, or rather, incorrect breathing, is often part of the causes.

Illness and its consequences


Illness is end result of improper or incorrect care. Illness reflects prior actions and illnesses. Emotional responses and imbalance can also trigger illness.

The main contributors to ill health are discussed in an earlier post: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/06/05/the-forty-contributors-to-ill-health-and-to-possible/ These contributors also contribute to the various illnesses that strike. For example, sleep deprivation and dehydration can lead to general ill health and to succumbing to a virus.

The body has defenses to protect against invading germs, but if these defenses are troubled by internal weaknesses or disruptions, then the germs can overcome the defenses. Balanced health is required to keep the germs at bay.

When the body is chronically weak and disrupted, illness can cause life-changing consequences, as happened to an acquaintance. He is now in a facility that handles people who are well enough to not be in a hospital, but are too far gone to be at home. He was an active and innovative community member who overlooked his own physical needs. He slept too little. He ate too little, and when he ate, he often ate foods that did not nourish. He forgot to drink water regularly and he forgot to wear warm clothing when it was cold. He was emotionally inundated with other people’s problems and he would forget to address his own emotional hurts. He was spiritually searching, but not spiritually open to personal spiritual connection. His health was overlooked, and illness was seen as a nuisance. He became ill a few years ago, ignored the illness, became ill a few more times, took various medications (but not better care of himself), and  his body eventually “turned” on him. His decline was all-encompassing affecting his physical, emotional, and intellectual health. Doctors were consulted; medications were administered (with some success, but with too many side effects); workload was lessened; people were avoided. His chronically ill-cared-for body could not overcome the onslaught of germs, worry, medications, more worry, and more germs.

This post is a reminder to take care of yourself and to treasure the body that houses your soul.

Causes of expiring too soon


Expiration date

Recently, a person died who I didn’t personally know, but many people I know knew him. He was only 48-years-old and he died of a heart attack. This event has prompted me to revisit the post “The forty contributors to ill health and to possible…” https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/06/05/the-forty-contributors-to-ill-health-and-to-possible/

Sleep deprivation is number 2 on the list. Number 2! Sleeping too little is fatal! Sleeping too little clouds judgment, exaggerates emotional reactions, and causes accidents. Sleeping too little deprives the body of the time it needs to rejuvenate and repair. Sleeping too little, when combined with other factors, negates healthy aspects of living (proper diet and exercise). Sleep deprivation needn’t be, because each person can know his or her sleep needs by paying attention to the body.

Insufficient regular movement of the body is number 5 on the list. Number 5! A bit of exercise here and there is not enough. Our bodies were designed to move—often.

Chronic insufficient consumption of water is number 8 on the list. Lack of regular hydration taxes the body and increases illness possibility.

Suppression of negative emotions (worry, fear, and anguish) is number 12 on the list. Having any of these negative emotions is number 11 on the list, but suppressing these emotions is almost as bad. Feeling negative emotions is normal, but when they are constant companions they tax the body and increase illness possibility.

Feelings of devaluing others: number 39 on the list. Thirty-nine might not seem high, but when combined with other factors, can lead to an expiration date that is too soon. Negative feelings about others boomerang and cause lowered resistance to illness and disease.

Too soon is preventable, but it is more than eating certain foods and not eating “bad” foods. To understand the way to live a long and healthy life, look at the list of 40 and live oppositely to all 40. It is never too soon to change direction!

Feeling less than

Post 12 Screen beans mom and kids

I’m feeling less than. I caught a virus so I’ve had to slow down to let my body rev up.

This post is about illness and I’m very curious to learn what Spiritual Presence has to teach me.

Illness, and its cousin depression, occur when we allow ourselves to deteriorate. Deterioration in sleep, healthy food intake, or other important ingredient in each person’s life. In other words, each person has a point of deterioration at which good health is not viable. Some people can manage with too little sleep, but will then fall ill if they don’t have enough social interaction.

Illness is simply a call to pause. Pause to examine previous lifestyle or changes in lifestyle. Illness is not a reason to solicit sympathy. Everyone gets sick at some point, therefore there is no need to overdo the sympathy or the misery. You’re sick? OK, take care of yourself and try not to share your virus/bacteria/fungus. Put on a happy face, because most likely you will be well within a few days. (not discussing serious illness in this post)

Feeling less than causes us to remember our mortality. Feeling less than should cause us to appreciate our just-fine days.

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