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Guidance along the Journey

Journey sign

“The journey through life is a series of starts and stops, U-turns and wrong turns, ups and downs, unobstructed paths and no entry areas, straight and obvious routes and winding and precarious backstreets, unpredictable events and constant rhythms. The journey through life is perceived as difficult, or difficult and interesting, or difficult and unfair, or difficult and deserved, or difficult and surmountable, or difficult and this-or-that. The journey through life is varied in length; a short life is mourned and a long life is accepted. The journey through life is similar for all in that it starts with a breath and ends with a gasp (except in cases of sudden unnatural death).”
…from Oneself—Living

We all enter life with stumbling blocks in front of us. Some stumbling blocks are more difficult to pass and some stop us completely. The journey is meant to be trial-and-tribulation full, not smooth-sailing-the-whole-way. The idea that life is supposed to be easy is a marketing ploy that cripples and weakens us. Life is not a laundry detergent commercial with all the stains coming out, clean as new. Life is complex! Yes it is, and the more we prepare for complexity, the more we can exalt in the journey.

Here is guidance for the journey:

  • Learn to breathe properly and variedly. Knowing how to breathe through the changes in life will help you stay focused and well.
  • Develop your senses. Use your eyes to study the world. Use your nose to create memories. Use your ears to connect with animals and plants. Use your mouth to nourish your body. Use your hands to create. Use your bodily awareness to connect with other people.
  • Know yourself. Know the things that draw you to them and the things that repel. Know your temperament and accept it. Know your abilities and your drive. The more you know yourself, and live accordingly, the more you can live truthfully.

“Each step towards balanced living has repercussions for future satisfaction with one’s life. Deliberate work towards wellness, physical and mental, paves the way for life that is enriching. Deliberately choosing activities that better oneself, one’s community, and the surrounding environment rather than choosing activities that distract, paves the way for a life that is rewarding.”
from Contracts for an Exemplary Life–Using Contracts to Achieve Your Goals

To purchase Oneself-Living and Contracts for an Exemplary Life, click these links:

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Generalizations about Good Health


The importance of eating well, exercising, and sleeping enough are well known. Here are reminders about steps towards good health.

  • Sitting at a table while eating improves digestion. Eating while cooking, while moving, and when driving do not.
  • Each person determines the amount of water that is right for him or her. Time of day and season influence. So do age and stress.
    • Everyone should drink water when they arise.
    • Young people need more water than old people.
    • Seasonal considerations for drinking water: shorter daylight (in winter months) requires less water than longer daylight (in summer months).
    • Warm water is better than cold water when the body is tired. It is also better when the immune system is stressed physically or emotionally.
    • General guidelines for water consumption can be considered when determining amounts of water to drink, but the variables listed here should also be considered.
  • By breathing deeply, the body handles emotional changes better. Whenever emotional turmoil occurs, deep breathing and water can help regulate the turmoil.
  • The requirements for movement depend on food consumption, personality, attention capabilities, and seasons.
    • Eating the amount of food the body needs fuels the appropriate amount of exercise based on the three other variables.
    • More movement is required by people who are high energy personalities.
    • The environments in which focus is required add or subtract from movement needs: focus during physical work uses extended expenditures of movement; focus during sedentary work pressures muscles and elimination processes to accelerate reminders to use them.
    • Variations in temperature influence the body’s push towards movement.
  • Activity in the body during sleep is different from activity during awake time. Both types of activity are equally important, just different. Sleep should be scheduled and should be evaluated for appropriateness to age, habitat, and season.

One step at a time–a step towards proper nutrition, a step towards proper sleep, and towards proper breathing–step by step leading to good health and satisfaction!

SHOUT the Wonder! Energy Guidance Connects to Truth!

infantTruth and soulful existence are intertwined possibilities. Creating a life that expresses soulfulness reveals truth that is real for each person.

Soulful existence is often lost as people are shaped by society. People lose the ability to know their own truth.

Energy Guidance Complete delivers wisdom for each person’s truth and soulful existence. Energy Guidance Complete is guidelines to oneself.

To return to one’s intended soulful self requires effort. There is no magical shortcut.

Energy Guidance reaches each person through communication between Renee and Spirit. Renee receives instruction for each person in the way he or she can achieve balance and true direction.

Physical constraints influence the steps towards balance, as do illnesses and past traumas. Determination to achieve goals and live a life that satisfies brings results with each step followed and each message heeded.

Connecting to Energy Guidance opens the way to healing, reality, and soulful existence. Energy Guidance connects to the Truth!

Energy Guidance has helped many issues and troubles. Here is a list of some of them: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/egc-sessions/

Shout the wonder!shout

The pursuit of ease leads to …


The pursuit of ease leads to…

  • Parents giving mobile phones and other handheld devices to their young children –> future physical ailments like back pain, muscle atrophy, and neck pain in the children.
  • Lifestyle diseases –> restricting movement, limiting activities, and refusal to try overwhelm the body and open it to unwellness.
  • Settling for undesired results and things.
  • Dissatisfaction –> “too easy” sabotages experiences of learning and pride.
  • Unrealized goals –> the ease outweighs the investment in effort to achieve goals.
  • Mounds of plastic waste that thwart efforts to provide livable urban environments –> the creation of plastics and the disposal of plastics create enormous amounts of pollution and problem-solving that boomerang back to the people.
  • Contributions to the horrible treatment of people –> easy-to-use products require people making the products easy to use, in work conditions that are often appalling.
  • Possible trouble.

Ease seems good, and it can be—when it is not the goal.

Here are three of my favorite ease producers. Suitcases on wheels have made traveling easier and more pleasant. GPS applications have made navigation less daunting. Food processors have led to the wonders of raw chocolate desserts! The list of ease-producing products is long.

Ease—when it becomes the goal—turns poisonous. The pursuit of ease has repercussions that are not always discernible at the time ease is pursued.

The pursuits of empathy, giving, and kindness are always worthwhile!

Aging can be an adventure, even at 65 and beyond

Samba til the end

Aging is exciting when the future is full of promise. At any age, the future can be optimistic if a commitment is made to one’s own talents and interests.

A person who is 65 can be as adventuresome as a person who is 25, when passion for causes and interests is allowed to guide day-to-day living.

Arriving at middle age is a time for reassessing habits and goals.  It is also a time for planning aging so that the future is fulfilling, meaningful, and energetic.

Here is a book to help you reassess your current habits and choices and age well. “Samba ‘til the End” is a guide to growing older and enjoying the journey.  The book presents specific guidelines depending on your health and outlook.

There are several questionnaires to determine the guidelines that suit you. There are assessments to help you create a roadmap to your future. The guidelines present goals for physical, emotional, and intellectual health. They present tips for self-care, maintenance, nutrition, and legacy building. The guidelines can lead towards aging that is rewarding, energetic, and kind.

This book can help you age with focus and wisdom. It is available through amazon stores.

Aging well—guidance for the journey!

Samba til the end

Here is a book to help you age energetically. “Samba ‘til the End” is a guide to growing older and enjoying the journey.  The book presents specific guidelines depending on your health and outlook.

There are several questionnaires to determine the guidelines that suit you. There are assessments to help you create a roadmap to your future. The guidelines present goals for physical, emotional, and intellectual health. They present tips for self-care, maintenance, nutrition, and legacy building. The guidelines can lead towards aging that is rewarding and kind.

“Samba ‘til the End” looks at aging as a very gradual approach to the end. The gradual approach lasts decades, and it is an opportunity to create meaningful connections and opportunities that fulfill and energize. The gradual approach can be a time of growth, well-being, and satisfaction.

This book can help you age with focus and wisdom. It is available through amazon.com stores: https://amzn.com/1537449907

Overcoming Yourself


The biggest obstacle facing each of us is overcoming ourselves.

Yes the environment in which we live influences our choices, but our main obstacle is the internal environment of destructive dialog with ourselves. Certainly the effects of childhood traumas lead to misdirected internal dialog. Choices we make afterwards, even though related to those traumas, are still our choices. The old messages cannot be blamed for all that is wrong later on.

Hurt from relationships that were difficult can influence unconnected relationships, but again, the choice is there to bring in the hurt or accept that the hurt does not have to destroy the other relationships. The internal dialog about relationships can stew in the hurt and disappointment or can move on to excitement and appreciation.

Overcoming self-imposed misery is the most important step in achieving satisfaction. External events cannot bring satisfaction if the internal dialog rejects it. Other people cannot provide happiness when the internal messages prevent it.

The key to overcoming destructive internal dialog is to listen to internal directives instead:

  • Quiet urging to explore interests that have been ignored should be heeded. The quiet urging tells you in a hushed voice that is your connection to yourself and to your essence. The quiet urging presents wisdom within.
  • Incessant thoughts about philanthropy are natural reminders of your humanness. These thoughts can be about family members, friends, or social acquaintances. All people naturally consider the welfare of those around them. These thoughts propel acts of kindness and belonging.
  • Strong messages of Intuitive knowledge advise about actions to take and choices to make. Intuitive knowledge advises about split-second decisions, choice hierarchy (knowing the choice that fits your needs and temperament), and uncomfortable situations. Intuitive messages offer contrast to destructive internal dialog.
  • Bodily cues dispute destructive internal dialog by presenting the body’s needs in tangible feelings of hunger, thirst, restlessness, and shutdown. The cues prevent immersion in despair, unless the body is too weak or overtaken by invasive substances (too much legal or illegal drugs).

In the poem “!!Me!!” from Connection—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry, the following words describe aspects of the destructive internal dialog:

The part that sees the needs of others
and holds back.

The part that sees the needs of me
and holds back.

The part that craves love
and then becomes afraid
when love is received.

Overcoming self-inflicted pain is the most important step towards living a life that is true and fulfilling. Shutting off the destructive internal dialog and amping up the internal directives can bring real satisfaction in life.

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