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Life with pain


Back pain, headaches, knee pain, reflux, stomachaches, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), toothaches, constipation, tendonitis, neck pain, and more.

Pain occurs because of deliberate infliction, injury, poor choices, ill-use, and improper posture (when standing, sitting, reaching, lifting, reclining, or working). Pain can be interesting or fearsome, over-preened or overlooked, intense or annoying. The anticipation of pain is less frightening when awareness of its cause and extent are known. Chronic pain causes curbed activity, poor decision making, despair, and questioning.

Chronic pain is exhausting. Chronic pain can be empowering—if the pain enables refusal of unpleasant tasks (such as disliked household tasks) —or if the pain provides attention (for people who like to complain and feel that they don’t receive enough attention). Chronic pain is one more hurdle to overcome (for those who see it as a challenge) or defeat (for those who see it as an overwhelming obstacle).

Many therapies and lifestyle changes are able to reduce, and often rid, pain that is bothersome or chronic. People who suffer from pain benefit from introspective focus on the causes and intensification of their pain. Life with pain is not the given; it should be the exception.

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  1. […] Pain that is bearable also requires attention. Chronic pain requires solutions that also may not be straightforward. The causes of chronic pain often require attention to physical, emotional, and even spiritual issues. Chronic pain is explored in this blog post: Life with pain. […]

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