A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Samba til the end

Aging is exciting when the future is full of promise. At any age, the future can be optimistic if a commitment is made to one’s own talents and interests.

A person who is 65 can be as adventuresome as a person who is 25, when passion for causes and interests is allowed to guide day-to-day living.

Arriving at middle age is a time for reassessing habits and goals.  It is also a time for planning aging so that the future is fulfilling, meaningful, and energetic.

Here is a book to help you reassess your current habits and choices and age well. “Samba ‘til the End” is a guide to growing older and enjoying the journey.  The book presents specific guidelines depending on your health and outlook.

There are several questionnaires to determine the guidelines that suit you. There are assessments to help you create a roadmap to your future. The guidelines present goals for physical, emotional, and intellectual health. They present tips for self-care, maintenance, nutrition, and legacy building. The guidelines can lead towards aging that is rewarding, energetic, and kind.

This book can help you age with focus and wisdom. It is available through amazon stores.

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