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What changed about peanuts that has caused the epidemic of peanut allergy? What about modern living has changed to lead to peanut sensitivity in such a large scale?

When I was growing up, peanut butter was eaten without limits. Nowadays, it’s not allowed at many schools and children’s activities. What happened?

I’ve asked Spirit, and the answer I get is that it’s complicated and I won’t be able to figure it out because I don’t have a science background. What I do get is a list of four culprits that work together to create the peanut crisis. If any of my readers have connections with scientists who could do the research, please pass this post on.

The answer is about modern living. Over time, changes have taken place to lead to the peanut crisis. Here are the culprits:

  • Alphaproteobacteria
  • Dextrose and phosphoric acid mixed (an ingredient in medicines for nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, and gastroenteritis)
  • Bismuth subsalicylate (an ingredient in medicines for diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues)
  • Anxiety in pregnant women that is triggered by continuous worry about the fetus. Each time a woman is tested for the fetus (ultrasounds, blood tests, amniocentesis, etc.), anxiety can be present. The more tests, the more anxiety. Side effects of anxiety can alter the fetus’s ability to fend off bacteria. The tests provide useful information, but cause a rise in episodes of anxiety. In the past, women were given less tests which created less anxiety.

How these separate culprits interact to create the peanut crisis is complex. They cause the crisis to be widespread and difficult to challenge.

The peanut crisis is reversible, but it requires changes in behavior and health practices. Without making the changes, the peanut crisis can increase and mutate.

Note: The source of this information is spiritual.

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