A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


In “Samba ’til the End— Experiencing Well-Being in the Later Years”, one of the maintenance tips for aging well is to listen to your body and find healing through natural means.

Our bodies are designed to monitor and fix themselves, but the monitoring and fixing take time. When we choose activities, foods, or lifestyles that overwhelm natural healing, the monitoring and fixing slow or stop. Listening to our bodies when they are overwhelmed is crucial to healing. Without the natural monitoring and fixing, diseases and illnesses can overtake and overwhelm our bodies.

Negative Influences

Here are activities, foods, and lifestyles that slow or stop the body’s ability to monitor and fix itself.

Undereating; a sedentary lifestyle; overusing medications, alcohol, or tobacco; worrying; accepting other people’s evaluations of your health when you feel they are incorrect; hydrogenated-manipulated food stuff; eating and drinking artificially sweetened or sugared drinks and food; disdain and contempt for others; toxic and addictive substances; constricting posture; inactivation or removal of organs and other body parts; stress; exposure to toxic substances; and rejection of bodily signals to sleep, eliminate, extend (the muscles), or eat.

Positive Influences

Here are activities, foods, and lifestyles that enhance the body’s ability to monitor and fix itself.

Deep breathing; a giving lifestyle; smiling; preventative health care; attention to posture; a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, and enjoyment (mealtimes that are pleasant and not rushed); spending time with nature:  in parks, at a beach, on a hike, and connecting with the seasons; active movement: walking, dancing, swimming, etc.; paying attention to the body’s signals of unwellness and helping it heal through rest and protection; eating and drinking in moderation; love; and acknowledgement of bodily signals to sleep, eliminate, extend (the muscles), or eat.

Healing and Disease

Healing won’t take place when attitude and disease overtake the healing mechanisms. A positive attitude can counter disease, but the positive attitude must be sincere to have impact.

Healing and Aging

Aging affects the body’s speed of healing. In general, healing slows. When healing has slowed, the impact of positive and negative influences is more pronounced. Negative influences can speed death and render the aging unbearable. Positive influences can increase life expectancy and render the aging enjoyable. Healing remains active when the body is treated well.

Samba til the end

For guidance with aging and healing read “Samba ’til the End”. It is available at amazon.com: https://amzn.com/1537449907

Comments on: "Letting the Body Heal" (2)

  1. carol Goldgeier said:

    regarding your last post about the do’s and don’t of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you mentioned that eating alot of vegetables and whole grains is important. What about beans?

    • Hi Carol. Thanks for writing. Beans are a very important part of a balanced diet. In the book, “Vitality! Creating a Life that is Healthy” specific instructions are given about foods to eat and portion sizes. In ‘Samba ’til the End”, general guidelines about foods are given. The main point about eating whole grains is to emphasize that the grains should be whole: whole wheat flour, brown rice, etc. rather than the grains that have had most of their nutrients and fiber removed.As we age, the quality of our food becomes even more important, because our bodies are less resilient than when we were young.

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