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Worshipping the Famous? Why? And How Not!

red carpet

The antics of the well known are followed slavishly. People follow their twitters, swear by their lifestyle advice, and search out juicy tidbits about them.

The well-known celebrities and celebrity-idols tantalize with their talents and distance with their successes. The well-known have larger than life personas so that their doings seem more important than the doings of non-famous people. Their relationships and choices sparkle (or so it seems) and their thoughts fascinate (more than our own).

Why do we worship the famous?

  • Because we are overloaded (too many distractions and too many expectations).
  • Or because we are lacking fascinating goals of our own.
  • Or because we are afraid to develop our own talents.
  • Or because we are discouraged by the words of others who dashed our dreams.

Turning away from ourselves and directing our attention on well-known people releases our expectations of ourselves and cancels our interesting factor (we don’t have to be interesting). The fascinating people–the celebrities and celebrity-idols–receive our potential, and we live live through them.

How can we stop idolizing the celebrities?

Holding onto celebrity fixations is not necessary when fixation on ourselves and on the real people in our lives happens. Here are three ways to release celebrity idolization:

  1. Remove the overloading distractions. These include irrelevant gadgets, extra stuff in your house, and celebrity publications (online and print).
  2. Focus on personal goals and relationships.
  3. If unrealized dreams can be realized, let yourself release the words or actions that held you back. (This step might require assistance from therapeutic counsel.)

Worshipping the famous is focus overwhelmed. Each person has focus for his or her own abilities and for influences that extend these abilities. Focusing on someone else’s abilities diminishes possibilities to extend one’s own abilities.

Celebrity and celebrity-idol fixation brings little that is positive for a balanced life. Letting that attention-thief go is best!

Unreleased energy leads to laziness

Post 109-unreleased energy For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that Spiritual Presence has been pushing us all to spend more time in nature. Being in nature connects us to elements in life that balance and elevate us at the spiritual level. Being in nature stimulates our intellect, restores our emotional well-being, and strengthens our physical and concentration abilities. Being in nature also provides an opportunity to breathe more deeply, breathe less restrictively (letting go of restraining emotions like the need to control our life), and breathe with wonder. Spiritual Presence has also been pushing us to be more physically active –sounds like the advice that most good doctors give. People are meant to move A LOT, and not releasing our energetic and frenetic selves leads to all sorts of problems. One of which is laziness. Laziness is much more negative than it seems. A definition of laziness is “inactivity resulting from a dislike of work” (from TheFreeDictionary). People are meant to work so disliking it is very unbalancing.  Another definition is “apathy and inactivity”. These very negative states cause imbalance to the emotional and spiritual components of health and weakening of the physical component of health. Laziness is different from resting after a substantial output of energy. Taking breaks from work and physical activity is normal rejuvenative activity. Laziness simply wastes gifted talents and possible achievements. Releasing energy through physical, intellectual, and social pursuits is nourishing, balancing, and necessary. Energize!

A puzzle of plastic


Plastic bottles, plastic bags—obvious things made from plastic. Remote controls, the grips of many cooking pans, polyester clothing— less obvious things made from plastic. Plastic is an integral part of our lives.

Puzzling how we so easily bring plastic into our lives and let the nature go.

What if we were to make nature as integral a part of our lives as we make plastic. What would we add to our homes? Plants, flowers—obvious natural objects. Also baskets of fruit (to be admired and then eaten), cloth dyed with natural colors, useful and decorative items made from wood or stone.

Energy that exists among people

blogLately my blog posts are about lessons that I am supposed to learn (I know that they are not actually just for me because the information I receive is meant to be shared). The information is presented to me when I need it to help me understand how to proceed.

So I’m opening up now to Spiritual Presence and letting the words flow. What is my lesson today?

Energy. Energy that exists among people. Energy that is emitted when people interact. Energy that is emitted when people don’t. Energy that circulates perpendicularly when people allow themselves to be alone. Aloneness breeds skewed energy. Energy that circulates spiraling when people are deceitful. Deceit breeds skewed energy. Energy that circulates disjointedly when people are miserly or judgmental. Energy that circulates disjointedly when people are angry, selfish, or covetous. Energy that circulates in a circular pattern when people are striving for understanding.

Energy is present at all times and links people to one another. Negative energy is not transmitted far. Its range is limited by one’s eyesight (but it can do harm within this bounded territory). Positive energy transcends distance. One’s kind thoughts about another are received without awareness by either party–but it does occur (it’s part of our design). Kind thoughts,well wishes, and sincere feelings of support are sent circling to their intended recipient. These uplifting thoughts can contribute to healing and to achievement.

Energy is available to those who are open to unseen possibilities. Available to all, available equally.


I’ve recently been working with a woman who has let herself lose her way. We are using Energy Guidance Complete to help her see her choices–choices that will bring her satisfaction and purpose.

Post 11-Buttons

Her choices are her choices–she doesn’t absolve herself of making the choices. EGC helps her see the wisdom of each choice, but does not make the choices for her.

EGC is not like a psychotherapy session. It is a presentation of the truth for each and every person who is open to its wisdom. EGC is guidance that comes through me from Spiritual Presence. Might sound unbelievable,  but it is not. It is simple truth presented in a very direct way.

Each person’s journey is his or her own, and the journey can be illuminated through Energy Guidance Complete.

A quick thought for the weekend

Post 25 Logo

I haven’t yet written about the Energy Guidance Complete sessions that I hold for people.  The work is fascinating! I receive the information that individual people need to overcome illness, make decisions, plan for the future (but I don’t predict things in the future), balance, and find their purpose(s) in life. Along the way people can lose weight, gain energy, and even connect to Spiritual Presence! Very cool! I feel honored to do this work. And I love what it has done for me.

One more thing, I really like my logo. (Thanks, Ava.) The “dance” in Guidance brings out the movement in the word.

Meetings in the conference room, meetings in the hall

Post 22-meetrings

The purpose of meetings

To coordinate, to forge agreement or competition, to mix personalities with expectations, to drive opportunity, to discourage chaos, to air opinions, to foster relationships, to control, to quash creativity, to encourage creativity, to educate, and to validate. To meet (visual and verbal exchanges).

Meetings have purpose and less so. Positive and negative energy. Positive and negative outcomes. Positive and negative feelings. Positive and negative interactions. Dual presentation depending on each participant’s motivation and position.

To meet

Many meanings, many interpretations. The main purpose of meetings is to bring together in order to change current reality. Sometimes for betterment of society and sometimes not. Each meeting is an opportunity for this or that.


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