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“The main thing to remember is that each life has potential,…

…and each potential bring opportunity for elevation.”


In The Gift for Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort, the journey of life is explored.

“The path one chooses is actually many paths; each path leading into a wider and longer path. The ability to try is the key to creating a valuable life. Valuable here means creatively challenged, joyful, balanced in terms of self vs. community, and accepting of the vagrancies of nature and life events. So many tributaries feed into the river that forms and sculpts our lives. Each chance meeting; each struggle to learn something new, to hone existing skills, to push beyond; each encounter with nature; each encounter with nature’s creatures; each exchange—verbal, physical, or with divine understanding; each decision, non-decision, decision result. All these parts combine, repel, stack, and group to shape, mold, and create the people that we are.”

“…each encounter with nature, each encounter with nature’s creatures…”  Many of us tend to trivialize the importance of our encounters with the environment and with other living creatures.  “The connection to flora and fauna significantly 1) broadens and heightens understanding of cycles and fluctuations; 2) develops appreciative and inquisitive capabilities; and 3) causes people to examine and work with vegetation that aid human life and animals that enhance human existence.” from Oneself-Living.

The photo above is my attempt at nature art. As the wind blew my collected leaves around, I thought about the need to relax expectations (I had collected 1000 leaves). The leaves were interesting to work with: varying colors, sizes, and shapes; easy to work with until the wind whipped them up; and versatile in their ability to form lines, corners, and curves.

The more we encounter nature, the more we understand ourselves.

These books are available on amazon.com: Book1 Cover-Oneself-Living

Signals that Inspire and Intertwine

Cover-Signals that Inspire

Healing can be simple like the natural release of a hangnail or elaborate like the closing down of body processes to conserve energy when food consumption is too low.

Signals that Inspire and Intertwine is an introduction to the complex system that protects and heals our bodies. This complex system is a fifth component of health that works seamlessly with the other components of health—the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual components. Extra support is needed when our bodies are unable to heal through the basic healing processes. The extra support is provided by signals that are governed by the appendix and pineal gland. These signals activate when backup is required to maintain balance or to overcome external and internal causes of stress or injury.

Awareness of signal existence opens the door to investigation of the healing power of the appendix and pineal gland. Awareness of signal existence contributes to individual determination to strengthen the body’s healing process. Awareness of signal existence can influence care of infants and patients.

Signals will continue to assist with maintaining balance whether or not we are aware of them. Knowing that these balance protectors exist is the first step towards appreciation and understanding. Signals that Inspire and Intertwine presents introductory information that is usable by healthcare professionals and people who are interested in health.

This book is available for purchase through amazon.com stores: https://amzn.com/1523932058

Review of the tests for maintaining health


The last seven posts presented the tests that should be performed regularly to improve and sustain health. These tests require thought and desire to live purposefully. These tests monitor all aspects of health: physical health and sustenance of the body, emotional health, intellectual input, and connectedness to the world beyond our personal territory. These tests prevent a life lived partially, if we are careful to live with the understanding of our impact on the world.

“Knowing what to do to keep healthy is basic required knowledge. Knowing what to eat or how much to drink to stay hydrated are the most obvious keys to good health. Understanding the need and frequency of sleep is required as well. Health is not the villain to be battled or feared; health is the means to meaningful living and ultimate satisfaction with one’s life.” …from Pond a Connected Existence

The better the health, the more we can focus on life outside ourselves. Letting go of overemphasis on food or self or possessions or appearance can free us to be focused on real issues. Eating too much or too little or improperly are wasteful endeavors. Trying to do everything alone or holding back from taking part in society are against our design. Coveting or buying too many possessions hurt us emotionally and hurt the environment. Caring more for how we look than how we treat others is simply mistaken behavior.

If you haven’t yet looked at the tests, take a look now and consider the questions thoughtfully. Each of us impacts our society and beyond our society so much more than we realize. And our impact comes back around and affects our health—for better or worse.

Wishing you amazing test results!



Just show NO to animal testing


Beagle-save beagles

(This picture is from the Beagle Freedom Project website.)

I just watched a moving video about beagles that have been released from their cages after having lived their entire lives in cages because they were used in animal experiments for people products.

The video prompted me to ask Spiritual Presence about animal testing, and the answer I received is straightforward. Here is the answer:

If people would use natural products, there would not be a need for testing on animals.          I’ll repeat that sentence, If people (us) would use natural products, there would not be a need for testing on animals.          I’ll repeat the sentence again: If people (each and every one of us) would use natural products (even if they cost more or require more work on our part), there would not be a need for testing on animals.

Steps to rely less on animal-tested products
  • Maintain your health so you don’t get diseases that require medications that were developed using animal testing. This step is simpler than you think. Look at the post on aging well: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/05/20/health-throughout-aging-post-7-2/
  • If you are ill, try using natural healing products first and only if they don’t help after a reasonable amount of time, use the possibly animal-tested products.
  • Use natural cleaning products. Vinegar is a wonderful cleaning agent. Look it up on the Internet.

Making these changes is small in comparison to what it does for the animals that are used for our “betterment”. As stated in The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort:

 “Intuitively, we must live as if we understand that our lives are gifts to the world, that we are here to link ourselves with the rhythms of the world, that we are caregivers of others and of the creatures and natural elements of the world, that our presence brings betterment to the world, and that each step we take resonates with the knowledge of our responsibilities.”

This area is one in which individual buying habits can make a difference. This area is one in which caring for oneself affects other aspects of the world in myriad ways.

Spread the word!

The picture of perfection?

Post 125 picture almost perfect

“Picture crookedness is life in reality. Crooked smiles, crooked teeth, crooked noses, on and on. No need for photoshopping. Real life—in its imperfecttion and individuality. Life lived in truth, not in denial. Life lived in gulps, not in narrow sips. Life experienced widely, largely, encompassingly!”… from Pond a Connected Existence.

There is no such thing as perfection (by humans), and aiming for perfection is time wasted and effort expended for naught. Perfection is the realm of spirit so people cannot reach it.

Understanding that perfection is unattainable is the first step towards true living. No one has to be perfect at anything. Doing one’s best—yes! Practicing and practicing so that one’s performance is very good –yes! Learning and studying and learning more so that one’s work is done well—yes! Applying oneself wholeheartedly—yes! Settling for mediocre—yes or no depending on the importance of the task. Settling for pretty good—yes or no depending on the importance of the results.

“Picture perfection elicits reactions that are not balanced. Picture perfection generates envy and self-doubt. Output perfection, input covetousness and pining. These inputs can lessen our opinions of ourselves. We think the other has more or is more or does more. We think that we have less or that we fall short. This negative sense of self is mistaken behavior. And it is continuously engineered.” … from Pond a Connected Existence.

Yes, engineered. People are manipulated into buying things because of manipulation of pictures. People are controlled by advertisements that promise perfect results. Ignoring these constant messages is not easy, but is doable when we understand the extent of manipulation and intended control.

The more we understand how much we are manipulated, the more we can be real—a bit crooked, but truly as intended.

Personal resistance: resisting manipulation through personal choices

Post 60-finding ones way2I am currently visiting in the States. I am happy to be here and I am viewing all with a sense of newness and interest. There may be too many cars, but I focus on the trees. There may be too many sales, but I focus on the interesting designs of buildings and clever business presentations. I have been in several large supermarkets and department stores with food sections, and in them, I have lost my vitality. (Where I live, I shop in supermarkets and stores that aren’t so overwhelming.)

Too much to take in, too much to choose from.

As I walked down aisle after aisle of prepared foods and other products, I felt a rush of sadness for the bombardment on people by too many products, too many packages to read, too many eye-catching colors and names, too many decisions to be made. Too much time to be spent on relatively routine purchases. Too much pull to buy unnecessary things. Too much effort spent on trying to resist the call of the quick, the cheap, the treat, and the packaging. Manipulation through promises of happiness through tastiness, assuredness of nutritional needs met through ease of preparation.

The thing is—our bodies don’t want the easy stuff. They want the wholesome stuff. They want the foods that nourish, and if these foods are tasty, all the better. Wholesome, nutritious foods are so delicious when we savor them and let them weave their subtle magic on our palates.

Post 106 personal resistance

The assignment: aim to exercise personal resistance by refusing to be swayed by the call of the pretty packages. Choose more fresh fruits and veggies. Try not to be drawn to the quick, cut-up fruits and veggies—buy the whole ones and wash and peel and cut them yourself. Take the extra few minutes needed to touch the whole fruits and veggies before you eat them. You might not have picked them, but at least you can prepare them for their good work nourishing your body. Aim to use whole products in a soup that you make or a casserole or a main dish.  Making from scratch does not take much time if you don’t use too many ingredients and fancy techniques.

Personal resistance is not as small as it may seem. As it says in The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort:

“It may seem that individual people have little effect on a large society, and many people believe that their actions are inconsequential. They are mistaken. Each act of kindness, each measure of understanding for one’s fellow, each occupational task performed with enthusiasm, each show of warmth, and each display of affection influences and continues the positive actions of others. The importance of the chain of connectedness must be realized. One link in the chain can create infinite effects. People must always remember that their actions matter.”

Nature can never not be nature

Post 94-nature

The rhythm of nature is a rhythm that people cannot understand. People can study nature—the animals, the vegetation, ourselves—but we cannot really fathom the rhythm. This rhythm has a beat that goes like this:

9. Sway to the up-down-up-sideway-sideways-sideways-down-up

8. Beat 72…8…28…15…39

7. Breathe in&out&in&out&in&out&in&out

The rhythm relies on winds and stillness to alter the sway. The rhythm relies on dew and rain to change the beat. The rhythm relies on light and gravitational pull to change the rhythm of the breath.

The rhythm is connected to the heartbeats of all living things that have hearts. The rhythm is connected to all living things that have wing beats. The rhythm is connected to all living things that glide. The rhythm is connected to all living things that effloresce (blossom).

The rhythm is so intertwined and so constantly going to the beats, wing beats, movements, openings and closings that an interruption interrupts much. That is why when people make a change in nature, they don’t realize what they are doing to the …

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