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Sense of touch

Post 57-sense of touch

  • Prickly
  • Intensity
  • Weight
  • Solidity
  • Temperature
  • Emotion
  • Wholesomeness (as related to food that is not processed)
  • Weightlessness
  • Vibrations
  • Movement

In my book, Pond a Connected Existence, there is a list of the top ten things that the average human requires. The tenth requirement is stimulation of the senses. Textures provide information about safety and enjoyment. About creativity and destruction. About power and sustenance. About self-awareness and well-being. Safety. Enjoyment. Creativity. Destruction. Power. Sustenance. Self-awareness. Well-being. S . E. C. D. P. S. S. W. Soul ever circling during purposeful sincere spiritual wonder.

Touch is very much a part of living. Touching a loved one is much needed balancing. If a loved one is unavailable, then touching an animal. If an animal is unavailable, then touching a part of nature—a flower, a blade of grass, a stone, etc. Coming into contact with something real, something containing the radiance of spiritual presence.

Touch can bring great joy when it is given kindly. Kindness is necessary for touch to be received wantingly. This requirement applies to women and men, differently but with the same importance.

Touch. With warmth, generosity, feeling, purpose, and kindness. Soulfully.

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