A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Beagle-save beagles

(This picture is from the Beagle Freedom Project website.)

I just watched a moving video about beagles that have been released from their cages after having lived their entire lives in cages because they were used in animal experiments for people products.

The video prompted me to ask Spiritual Presence about animal testing, and the answer I received is straightforward. Here is the answer:

If people would use natural products, there would not be a need for testing on animals.          I’ll repeat that sentence, If people (us) would use natural products, there would not be a need for testing on animals.          I’ll repeat the sentence again: If people (each and every one of us) would use natural products (even if they cost more or require more work on our part), there would not be a need for testing on animals.

Steps to rely less on animal-tested products
  • Maintain your health so you don’t get diseases that require medications that were developed using animal testing. This step is simpler than you think. Look at the post on aging well: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/05/20/health-throughout-aging-post-7-2/
  • If you are ill, try using natural healing products first and only if they don’t help after a reasonable amount of time, use the possibly animal-tested products.
  • Use natural cleaning products. Vinegar is a wonderful cleaning agent. Look it up on the Internet.
  • Use personal care products that specify no animal testing.
  • If you use nutritional supplements, buy those that do not use animal testing.

Making these changes is small in comparison to what it does for the animals that are used for our “betterment”. As stated in The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort:

 “Intuitively, we must live as if we understand that our lives are gifts to the world, that we are here to link ourselves with the rhythms of the world, that we are caregivers of others and of the creatures and natural elements of the world, that our presence brings betterment to the world, and that each step we take resonates with the knowledge of our responsibilities.”

This area is one in which individual buying habits can make a difference. This area is one in which caring for oneself affects other aspects of the world in myriad ways.

Spread the word!

(This post was originally posted on June 3, 2014. In today’s post, I’ve added a few more suggestions.)

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