A Balanced Approach to Wellness

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Many people want to age well without investing in wellness. Just doesn’t happen. Aging well involves lifelong commitment. The commitment? Awareness. Awareness of growth and awareness of decline. Both states exist simultaneously and they present us with daily treasures and possibilities.

There are three key steps to maintaining health throughout the aging process. The first step is proper breathing, When we breathe properly, we bring possibilities to our existence. We are aware of the next two steps, but perhaps we don’t realize their key-ness. They are love of oneself and connection to others.

Breathing properly

The last six blog posts have extolled the value of proper breathing.—breathing that is full and varied, breathing that is enlivened through movement and exercise, breathing that is contented, and breathing that is joined with others. The first step towards aging well is breathing well.

Caring for and loving oneself

There are several blog posts about self-love which you can find in the category titled “Self-love”. The more we care for our needs, the more we can give to others and to the world in which we live. Loving oneself is not a selfish thing; it is natural and necessary for maintaining good health throughout the aging process.

Connecting to others

There are several blog posts about connections which you can find in the category titled “Connections”. “Togetherness is vital for normal human development.” – from my upcoming book, Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul. People are designed to connect to other people,  to nature, and to the other inhabitants of the world.

How to proceed

There are no magic bullets for aging well. There are no super foods or super exercises. There is simply living life with awareness—awareness of one’s surroundings and awareness of one’s place in them. Mistakes get made along the lifepath. If they are not too serious then their impact is not too seriously felt.

Here are the things to do:

  • Drink water when you’re thirsty (no other drinks)
  • Sleep the amount of time that keeps you functioning energetically (not easy for parents of infants, but somewhat doable even for them)
  • Eat foods that are satisfying to the body (see the blog posts in the category titled “Food”)
  • Move a lot—take breaks, walk, dance, skip, etc.
  • Pay attention to the activities that pull your attention so that you know the things that you naturally enjoy. Then make time to do them.
  • Spend time with family and friends. We need them when we are up and when we are down. And they need us too.
  • Spend time in nature!
  • Work with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart!
  • Be satisfied!

These are the things that Spiritual Presence wants us to know. These things help lead us through life in a fulfilling way. These things bring awareness, possibilities, and vitality!

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