A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Here is a video showing how to do the huff’n’puff, an exercise that strengthens and balances the four components of health—physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. It was described in an earlier blog post: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/05/15/aging-is-manageable-when-breathing-is-huffnpuff-post-4/

This video presents the basic steps of the huff’n’puff. You can modify it to suit your physical abilities and concentration. It is a cardio exercise. Be sure to be well hydrated before doing the huff’n’puff.

Strengthening all four components of health at once is a way to age wisely.

Happy huffin’n’puffin!

Comments on: "The huff ‘n’ puff balancing cardio exercise" (3)

  1. Akriti said:

    nice post.

  2. Diane Kaplan said:

    Hi Renee,
    Can we do this exercise while walking in nature – observing the beauty of the passing flora – every once in a while swinging arms above the head…..?

    • Yes, doing the huff’ n’ puff while waling in nature is a balancing way of doing the exercise. If you can stop here and there and focus on a plant or a group of plants, then you will have balancing of all the components of health. The focusing is also part of the exercise. Let me know if you try this.Thanks for writing, Diane.

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