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Huff’d n’ puff’d today

Following the advice I received from Spiritual Presence to do the Huff n’ puff exercise, I did the exercise today. I had been resisting doing the exercise regularly, but today I was determined to get outside and do it.

While doing the exercise outside in my backyard, I looked at a flowering hibiscus tree, at basil growing in my little vegetable garden, at the lemons growing on the lemon tree, at my neighbor’s young olive tree, at my dog (not the dog in the video), at birds walking around on the ground, at butterflies, and at other vegetation.

I did the exercise for 15 minutes. I waved my hands above my head (feeling the stretch in my upper body). I added other arm motions besides the waving and marching arms. I did the movements while turning in a slow circle (Jill-don’t try that 🙂 ). I kept my pace lively. I thought about the gift of living in such a lovely place and felt very grateful. I smiled when I remembered to smile, and the smiling brightened my mood.

The Huff n’ puff exercise is a cardio exercise that is meant to exercise the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. When done with bounce in the step and a smile on the lips, this exercise can help in ways that can’t be counted.

Give it a try! Here’s the video:

The huff ‘n’ puff balancing cardio exercise

Here is a video showing how to do the huff’n’puff, an exercise that strengthens and balances the four components of health—physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. It was described in an earlier blog post: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/05/15/aging-is-manageable-when-breathing-is-huffnpuff-post-4/

This video presents the basic steps of the huff’n’puff. You can modify it to suit your physical abilities and concentration. It is a cardio exercise. Be sure to be well hydrated before doing the huff’n’puff.

Strengthening all four components of health at once is a way to age wisely.

Happy huffin’n’puffin!

Aging is manageable when breathing is huff’n’puff, post #4

Post 131-huff'n'puff flowers This post is a continuation of the information I have been receiving from Spiritual Presence about aging well. Physical exertion is necessary for aging well. The breathing that accompanies physical exertion strengthens the body and prepares it to handle unexpected traumas and illness. There are many types of physical exertion that induce strengthened capabilities. Each person is drawn to different types of physical activity. Most physical activity builds and maintains the physical component of health. Some types of physical activity also affect other components of health—emotional and intellectual. Less often, physical activity affects all the components of health, which includes the spiritual component. Achieving physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual strengthening and balancing through a single type of physical activity is possible through the following exercise that I am going to teach you (as given to me by Spiritual Presence). It is called the huff’n’puff. It’s sort of a marching exercise.

How to do the huff’n’puff

This exercise must be done outside. While doing the exercise, you should look at a flower or flowering plant that is low so that your chin will be held slightly downward. If the plant is too high and your head is held straight forward or higher, then your breathing will not be correct and balance will not be achieved. If there are no flowers, then look at an interesting low plant.

  • Before you start, become aware of the physical and spiritual balance points on your body. One point is located in the middle of the ascending colon and one point is located in the middle of the descending colon. My simple diagram will give you an idea of where they are located:

Post 131-huff'n'puff diagram As you do the exercise, try to physically support these points (basically, that means to suck in your gut. Actually, it’s more than that, but sucking in your gut is a good start.)

  • Stand opposite the flower with your feet comfortably apart, with your chin slightly down and look at the flower.
  • Your feet will be doing a sort of march in place: one leg marches and the other leg kicks forward. You will alternate the marching/kicking whenever you feel like switching leg activity.
  • As you march, your arms will swing energetically as if you are walking at an energetic pace. Every so often you will raise your arms over your head and wave them from side to side. Alternate the two arm motions as you like.
  • The entire time you do this exercise, you focus on the flower, noticing its characteristics.  To add the spiritual dimension to the exercise, while you are looking at the flower, marvel at its wondrousness.
  • Do this exercise for as long as you feel comfortable. Each person is at a different physical activity level.

I will aim to make a video explaining how to do the huff’n’puff.  If my instructions are clear to you, go ahead and try it. I’ve done it and it’s not hard.

Update: Here is the video: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/05/25/the-huff-n-puff-balancing-cardio-exercise/

Strengthening all four components of health at once is a way to age wisely!

Aging is manageable when done properly

Post 128-breathe

I recently watched a report about people living into their 90s. The researchers looked at lifestyle and physical factors. In general, they were confounded by what they learned. Things that people think aren’t good for you seemed to be somewhat helpful (not talking about smoking or obesity, which aren’t good).

Many people live long, but their lives are plagued by ill physical health and/or ill mental health. What can we do to live more “not ill” and to live less worriedly about difficult aging.

I have just asked Spiritual Presence what we need to do to not only live longer, but to live well. Here is the main tip: BREATHE! The more varied, deeper, relaxed, intensified, the more a person can live well.

B—R—E–A–T—H—E! breathe!! Br-e-at-he! breathe! BrEEEEEth!

The more varied the breathing, the less chance for illness to set in.

Let’s look at a few things experts tell us to do to live longer:

  • Regular exercise: it’s not the regular exercise that makes us live better, it’s the intensified and smoother breathing that regular exercise causes. Also if the exercise makes our body feel good, then we breathe more fully. Pain forces narrowed breathing. (Painkillers won’t fix the narrow breathing; addressing the cause of the pain is required.)
  • Drinking red wine: it’s not the resveratrol  in red wine that makes us live longer, it’s the relaxed breathing that moderate drinking induces.
  • Social involvement: the more we are socially involved, the more our breathing varies as we speak with others, have physical contact, feel different emotions, etc.

That’s it for now. We’ll explore breathing more in the next post.

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