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Strengthening the appendix

Appendix strong

Strengthening the appendix is a worthwhile goal, because the appendix provides healing that the body needs. The appendix is not understood, but slowly, the medical establishment is starting to open to the reality that the appendix is useful.

Here are ways to strengthen your appendix and prevent inflammation or infection:

  • Eat whole, nutritious foods rather than foods that provide little to no nutritional value.
  • Consistently drink the amount of water that suits your body.
  • Help your body have regular bowel movements (without using chemical aids).
  • When your body feels ill, take care of it (naturally if possible).
  • Condition your appendix by doing exercises that work the peritoneum and diaphragm. Doing regular moderate movement is helpful.

Appendix toning exercise

This exercise is good for many of your internal organs. It involves physical movement and imaginative thinking (for step 2). Performing this exercise several times a week is good for overall toning of the appendix.

  1. Sit on a comfortable chair, making sure that your feet are flat on the floor.
  2. Pull your pelvic muscles up so that they feel as if they reach high into your abdomen. Keep pulling up for the rest of the exercise.
  3. Place your legs together and squeeze them together (not so tightly that it hurts your knees or ankles).
  4. Lower you head slightly, then place your hands on your cheeks and squeeze your arms in.
  5. Hold these pulling and squeezing positions, and breathe deeply 3 times.
  6. Release your body and breathe comfortably.


If your appendix was removed, the information provided here is still important. For information about how the body is affected when the appendix is removed, read this blog post: How does the body heal when the appendix is removed?

Note: This information has been spiritually received.


How does the body heal when the appendix is removed?

Cover-Signals that Inspire

The appendix is one of the organs that oversees complex healing mechanisms in the body. When it is inactivated because of removal, other organs and healing entities compensate, depending on the person’s overall health.

Removal of the appendix is a regular procedure that is performed to prevent rupture of the appendix. Preventative medicine can generally prevent the need for its removal. From the book Signals that Inspire and Intertwine: …once the appendix has become inflamed or abscessed, removal is a solution.”

The appendix controls upper level healing mechanisms. Without the appendix, the body works less smoothly when these extra healing forces are needed.

The appendix is the organ that bridges between the spiritual and physical worlds. That connection is affected when the appendix is removed, but  the connection is continued as though a phantom appendix exists. When life is coming to an end, the appendix governs end-of-life preparations, and so other entities in the body must compensate when the appendix is not there.

Signals that Inspire and Intertwine presents spiritually received information that explains the roles of the appendix and “signals” in the body. This book is an introduction to the complex system that protects and heals our bodies. Besides the appendix, the pineal gland, spleen, and liver assist with extra healing mechanisms that kick in when the body’s regular defenses cannot handle the onslaught of too much distress.

This book is available for purchase through amazon.com stores: https://amzn.com/1523932058

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