A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Following the advice I received from Spiritual Presence to do the Huff n’ puff exercise, I did the exercise today. I had been resisting doing the exercise regularly, but today I was determined to get outside and do it.

While doing the exercise outside in my backyard, I looked at a flowering hibiscus tree, at basil growing in my little vegetable garden, at the lemons growing on the lemon tree, at my neighbor’s young olive tree, at my dog (not the dog in the video), at birds walking around on the ground, at butterflies, and at other vegetation.

I did the exercise for 15 minutes. I waved my hands above my head (feeling the stretch in my upper body). I added other arm motions besides the waving and marching arms. I did the movements while turning in a slow circle (Jill-don’t try that 🙂 ). I kept my pace lively. I thought about the gift of living in such a lovely place and felt very grateful. I smiled when I remembered to smile, and the smiling brightened my mood.

The Huff n’ puff exercise is a cardio exercise that is meant to exercise the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. When done with bounce in the step and a smile on the lips, this exercise can help in ways that can’t be counted.

Give it a try! Here’s the video:

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  1. Thanks for the special consideration;). Stay safe, I love you.

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