A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Cover-Soul and Body exercise book

I’m happy to announce that “Soul and Body Exercise–The EGC Daily Exercise Routine” has been printed and is available on amazon.com! This book is a wonderful way to bring physical fitness and spiritual balance together. The book contains exercises that strengthen the body, calm the emotions, invigorate the intellect, and open to spirituality.

From the introduction:

“When we exercise, we need to exercise more than just our physical bodies, because our bodies require balance in all four components of health. Our bodies have physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects. Focusing on one aspect—like on the physical aspect only—can tilt the balance; therefore, exercises that reach all four components of health are best…

The EGC Daily Exercise Routine is spiritually devised to provide modern society with a balanced way to maintain health through physical movement. Starting the day with these exercises can give you the energy and perspective to create positive living. Doing these exercises in the middle of the day is a way to refocus energy and thinking.

The exercises can be done every day and can be vigorous or calm, depending on your mood and stamina. Each day brings a new feeling of life, so the exercises will feel different as well. Allow a minimum of 20 minutes to complete the exercises. The full effect of the exercise routine occurs when all the exercises are done. The cardio exercises can be lengthened in time, and a full cardio workout can take approximately 45 minutes…

Two additional exercises are available for those of you who want more. The basic exercises provide balance to the four components of health, and doing them each day is enough. If you want to build closeness to your soul, add these extra exercises. They can be done every day at the same time as the other exercises or on their own. They can be done at any time of the day or night.”

“Soul and Body Exercise–The EGC Daily Exercise Routine” can add unexpected richness to your life if you are open to its gifts. Each time you perform these exercises presents an opportunity to balance all four components of your health: your physical health, your emotional health, your intellectual health, and your spiritual health. The more you do these exercises, the more you will recognize their gifts!

Click here to see the book on amazon.com.

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