A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Cycle. Cycling. Cycling. Cycling. Cycle. Cycling. Cycling. Cycling.

Sounds like the start of a tongue-twister, but it is actually the rhythm of the seasons. One season moving into another season—winter to winspring to spring to sprinmer to summer and so on. Each season cycling into the next phase of the rhythm of the seasons.

Cycle. Cycle. Cycle. Cycle. Cycle.

The rhythm of the flowers. Grow outwardly grow inwardly grow downwardly grow in situ grow upwardly. Each flower cycling through the cycle of the flower rhythm.

Cycle. Cycle. Cycling. Cycling. Cycle. Cycling. Cycle. Cycling.

The rhythm of the forest. Trees growing trees dying trees after a fire. Animals living and dying. Moss growing and spreading. The many rhythmed space for life.

Where do we fit into the rhythms of the world? People fit in like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. When people work with the rhythmed spaces, the pieces fit in more or less accurately. When people deny the rhythmed spaces, the pieces are in the wrong places. People are meant to work with, not work against. Live in harmony, not in dissonance. Cycling with the cycles to the rhythms of the world.

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