A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Again, I am compelled to repost the Striving post. The reason will become apparent at the end.

Post 26 archer

  • Striving to improve
  • Striving to move
  • Striving to win
  • Striving to begin

So many things to strive for. People tend to strive for things that are either just out of their reach or for things that come too easily.

When a goal is reached with little effort, it may have been a goal that should have been expanded. Striving is important. It keeps people interested, working, and committed. Striving usually involves physical, emotional and intellectual efforts, and sometimes spiritual effort as well. Too easy can dull the capacity to reason and opine.

Striving for just beyond is generally the better effort. Working towards, moving, struggling. These actions build character and personality. And sometimes strength and resilience.

When a goal is reached, it should be recognized and appreciated. It should not be ignored nor made light of. On the other hand, it should not become one’s existence.


This season is the time for making resolutions and promises to oneself and to others. Striving to improve is a valuable goal; however, improving superficial things such as one’s figure is not a valuable goal.  Learning to eat in order to properly nourish one’s body is a valuable goal. Striving to move can be valuable to almost all in modern society. People are meant to move. It is one of the body’s most important needs (after water, sleep, food, and protection from the elements). Striving to win refers to being in a mind frame of success. Success in being a kind person, success in relationships, success with one’s creative endeavors, success at controlling the pull of distracting time wasters. Striving to begin is the big one. Easy to make resolutions, hard to really begin. The first step is actually not hard when the goals are worthwhile.

Striving to be a better person is worth the effort. Making the resolutions and keeping them is purposeful living.

Wishing you success in your efforts to strive!

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