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Success with New Year’s resolutions!

Cover-Contracts for an exemplary life

Set yourself up to succeed with your New Year’s resolutions! Here is a book that can help you reach your goals.

The book is Contracts for an Exemplary Life.  It is  filled with forms and examples that can be the basis for success with your resolutions. It contains contracts that can help you commit to resolution goals and bring focus to the steps that will accomplish your goals.

“There are over forty examples of contracts to help you write a contract for your personal betterment, for your relationships within your family and with other people, for your legacy, for your influence within your community, and for your impact on yourself and others. There are contract forms to help you develop the contracts that will work for you.”  – from the back cover

If you would like help keeping resolutions and making true-to-yourself goals, read Contracts for an Exemplary Life—Using Contracts to Achieve Your Goals. It is available on amazon.com: http://amzn.com/1518880746

Changing the things we know fail us

If you Want it Work for ItThe previous post was about changing ourselves and the will to change. Today’s post delves into my personal failing habit, with hope it can speak to others.

A thing that fails me is my addiction to sugar. I wrote about it in the post “My Contract for Overcoming Cravings“. My sugar addiction was bestowed upon me by well-meaning parents and a food industry that pushed sugar. From a young age, my addiction to sugar affected my health and my food choices, and it followed me into adulthood. Even as an adult educated in the insidiousness of sugar, I have continuous cravings for sugar, which I indulge too often.

The sugar-sneaked-in foods feed the addiction when I’m “off” sugar. The struggle to resist the sugar receives lip service from me, not conviction, because as soon as a host offers me sweet refreshments, I abandon my convictions and knowledge and say, “Sure” rather than explain or offend. My convictions are easily swayed by a pretty sugary confection.

My will to change is affected by the addiction. I’d like to be able to focus on so many other significant aspects of life, but the sugar addiction often takes the focus.

Spirit prompts me to make many changes in my life so that I can be reverent and virtuous in my living in order to be a conduit for the wisdom that is sacred. You would think that the closeness of my connection to Spirit would simplify the process of change. It should, but the force of the sugar addiction, and a few other negative habits, thwart my efforts.

So how can I change the things that I know fail me? Here’s what Spirit says:

  • Acknowledge the areas that create negativity, shame and imbalance, and then develop ways to change them.
  • Acknowledge the actions that are in line with goals. Small and large actions are worth acknowledgement.
  • Look an addiction straight in its glory and acknowledge its power. Then do the work to end it.

One step at a time, change is achieved. The things that fail us can be changed when we really want to change them.

The Will to Change

Will is a powerful force.

Wanting something—really wanting something—really, really wanting something—wanting something determinedly—inspires us to invest our time and thoughts to the wanted thing. When we know our energy is concentrated on achieving desires, we are willing to work and struggle. We are even willing to change!

Sometimes we say we want something—and we really mean to mean it—but the work seems too hard, the struggle feels endless, and the resolve to change is unsure. We waver, because the effort to change and invest ourselves fully overwhelms our self-fabricated existence.

Perhaps the desired thing is desired by someone else for us. Perhaps the desired thing is wanted, but not mightily. Perhaps the desired thing calls, but it conflicts with our obligations and schedules. Sometimes the desired thing is unattainable because of habits, opinions, or addictions we have entrapped ourselves in.

Really wanting something can be tangible awareness of soulful communication when the desired goal fulfills soulful elevation. The wants that give us true fulfillment are the ones that deserve investment.

The will to change: willing to strive and to invest effort, willing to make mistakes and to embrace differences, willing to change habits and to persevere. We can all live satisfying lives when we are willing to know ourselves and change the things we know fail us.

The Essential Bucket List


A bucket list is assisted fulfillment of worthwhile goals. It offers insight into your personality and soul. It also allows thoughts of death to be considered in a constructive way.

If you want to create a bucket list that will carry you to fulfillment, be sure to include these suggestions on your list:

  • Search for relationships that supply comfort.
  • Decipher the sounds, sights, tastes, and smells that bring you contentment.
  • Give yourself to a cause that connects you to the environment.
  • Try difficulty. (This item refers to any challenge that seems worth trying.)
  • Create a friendship that is satisfying.
  • Receive yourself with compassion. (This item helps you accept and like yourself.)
  • Open to differences. (This item allows you to see the differences in people and societies in a fulfilling way.)

Going through life with a bucket list that reflects these items can bring you joy, adventures, and satisfaction!

Creating something new from a fill-in-the-blanks form—then creating a life anew

Cover-Contracts for an exemplary life

“In the next chapter, “Exemplary Life Contract Forms and Examples”, there are contract forms that contain fill-in-the-blanks. You can photocopy a contract and fill in the blanks or rewrite the contract using the base form for inspiration.”

This excerpt from the book Contracts for an Exemplary Life explains that you can use the book examples to design your own path towards change. Change is possible when you really want it. Change is possible when you are really committed to it.

I have worked with many people through private sessions of Energy Guidance Complete. I have seen people make major lifestyle changes and I have seen people flounder and resist. Those who make the changes create joy and opportunity. Those who resist continue to make excuses and stagnate.

Private sessions with Energy Guidance can bring change relatively quickly, depending on the change desired. Exemplary contracts, which were created through Energy Guidance, can also bring change relatively quickly, depending on the change desired and commitment.

Exemplary life contracts can help with:

  • personal issues such as weight, health, self-criticism and other negative behaviors, self-development, and habit changes
  • family issues such as improvement of family relationships, health, family rituals, and family dynamics
  • community issues such as feeling a part of the community, supporting important community efforts, conserving more, and helping animal and environmental causes
  • people issues such as making time for friends, changing negative relationships with coworkers and service providers, becoming neighborly, and teaching one’s children about others

Contracts for an Exemplary Life—Using Contracts to Achieve Your Goals provides a vehicle for people who want to bring change. It is available on amazon.com: http://amzn.com/1518880746

Progress on my contract for overcoming cravings


On the 18th of March, I signed an Exemplary Life contract to help me overcome my cravings for sugar. I wrote about the contract in this blog post.

Four weeks have passed and I am happy to report that I have kept the contract (with one month and a week to go).  I still feel the sugar pull, but the contract is keeping me focused. My body still craves sweetness so I have been eating dates to satisfy the sugar monster.

If any of you are determined to bring change to your life, I highly recommend using an Exemplary Life contract. The contracts bring focus, clarity, and insight together with support when the goals seem difficult.

The book Contracts for an Exemplary Life: Using Contracts to Achieve Your Goals is available through amazon.com:

Cover-Contracts for an exemplary life

It’s never too late to change!

Bringing Personal Change through Adjusting Relationships with Others

Cover-Contracts for an exemplary life

Often when we think about making changes in our life we think about personal goals like losing weight or getting organized. Personal goals are thought to bring us the most change.

How about looking at bringing personal change from a different direction–from bringing change through our relationships with others, rather than from change just within ourselves.

Contracts for an Exemplary Life offers ideas for bringing change through Me-with-Others contracts. Here are examples of Me-with-Others contract goals:

  • nourishing friendships
  • criticizing people less
  • treating service people with kindness
  • volunteering at a shelter, food kitchen, or facility for the elderly
  • attending communal events
  • being neighborly
  • developing a community
  • (for those with children) educating children about how to treat other people

By focusing on the relationship with others, personal growth can take place alongside the stated goals. The others focus naturally affects us in positive and nourishing ways.

Contracts for an Exemplary Life contains twelve examples of Me-with-Others contracts. There are also many examples of personal contracts, contracts to affect family relationships, and contracts for improving yourself through your relationship with the environment.

Contracts for an Exemplary Life—Using Contracts to Achieve Your Goals contains help for people who want to bring change. Contracts for an Exemplary Life is available on amazon.com: http://amzn.com/1518880746

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