A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

shoutRecently, most of my blog posts have been about the problems with sugar and sugar substitutes. Spiritual Presence shared the facts about sugar and sugar substitutes, and although I am the one receiving this important information, I was ignoring it. As a matter of fact, I found myself eating more of the things I was learning are so destructive–and craving them more then ever!

After yesterday’s blog post “A World without Cravings” I finally realized that I have to cleanse myself of sugar because it keeps calling to me to eat more and more. I understand that my cravings started early through all the sugared products I was fed as an infant and child (see “Child Abuse with a Spoonful of Sugar“), and those cravings never let up. I had worked to overcome them, with moderate success every now and then, but I hadn’t realized just how destructive sugar is until Spiritual Presence shared the information.

Using the Me-With-Myself contract form in the book Contracts for an Exemplary Life, I have written a contract to help me overcome my cravings. My goals are not only to avoid sugar and to be happy without sugar, but also to understand the importance of my choices on myself and on others around me.

I’m giving myself two months to overcome my addiction to sugar, and then I will see how it feels to be sugar free. During this time, I will eat fruit and sweets that are unprocessed based on the information in the blog post “The Facts: Sweeteners from natural to laboratory-made, Best & Worst“. I will check ingredients in prepared foods for sugar and sugar substitutes. And each time I see sweets that I used to eat, I will feel strong that I can resist them!

It’s never too late to change!

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  2. […] thing that fails me is my addiction to sugar. I wrote about it in the post “My Contract for Overcoming Cravings“. My sugar addiction was bestowed upon me by well-meaning parents and a food industry that […]

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