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Cover-Contracts for an exemplary life

Resolutions are a beginning towards changing habits or unwanted aspects of our lives. Resolutions are broad and sometimes are too vague to bring success; however, resolutions can be doable when contracts are used for ensuring success.

Contracts for an Exemplary Life is a book filled with contract forms and examples that can be the basis for success with resolutions. The contracts can help with evaluating commitment to resolution goals and can bring focus to the steps needed to accomplish the goals.

“There are over forty examples of contracts to help you write a contract for your personal betterment, for your relationships within your family and with other people, for your legacy, for your influence within your community, and for your impact on yourself and others. There are contract forms to help you develop the contracts that will work for you.”  – from the back cover

Contracts for an Exemplary Life is spiritually received assistance that understands what people want. People want their lives to be expressions of who they are. They want to be actively engaged in living and they want to face the challenges that life presents in a confident and gratifying way. Unfortunately, as they go along, people lose their focus and mire themselves in distracting and destructive activities and habits.

With true-to-me contracts, a person can return to the natural way of being: expressing who the person really is, engaging actively in life, and facing challenges with confidence and satisfaction.

If you would like help keeping resolutions and making true-to-yourself goals, read Contracts for an Exemplary Life—Using Contracts to Achieve Your Goals. It is available on amazon.com: http://amzn.com/1518880746

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