A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

90 1- reality

“The feeling of life in one’s body is an extraordinary feeling. Noticing the feeling of being alive, of being awake, of being vital. Amazing! Yet we often take the amazingness for granted and don’t appreciate it. Too many of us focus on pain or discomfort or hurt feelings. Those things exist, but they are minor in comparison to the body’s vitality!

When the blues hit or the bones creak, they take the focus and move miraculous existence to second place. Keep in mind that emotional ebbs and physical challenges are just parts of living—but they are not the main elements. They steal attention from the important aspects of life, and we must be vigilant to not become immersed in the difficult and unhappy moments.” This reminder about the importance of perspective is from the “Introduction” in Vitality!.

10 : 90. This ratio is important to remember. It is the average of negative and positive things in a person’s life. 10% is the negative things; 90% is the positive things. The positive things are largely taken for granted and the negative things receive importance way beyond their significance.

10 : 90. Bah. That 10% feels heavy. How can it be so small? The little annoyances and the larger afflictions expand beyond their actual effects because they are deviations from the normal state and they are cacophonous communication from our bodies. When something is out of whack or when happenings occur that derail us, the noise they make catch our attention and require action. The 10% perpetuate. Because they bother or annoy or require attention, they grow—if not in actual size then in demand for attention. The 10% needs attention and resolution (when possible).

10 : 90. The 90% is the take-for-granted percentage. It includes these three things: sleeping and rising refreshed and ready for the next day (when sleep is not trivialized), regular functioning of the body, and ability to accomplish many goals. It includes these three things: having shelter from the elements, delight in possessions, and clothing for the body. And it includes home helpers (washing machine, refrigerator, lighting, entertainment suppliers [TV, stereo, computer, etc.], and many more), indoor plumbing, and food that is easily accessible and does not need to be foraged or hunted. Continuing on, there is photography and there is storage. The list grows and diversifies for each person, family, and community.

The 10 is small next to the 90  SMALL  Small   small. The 90 is deserving of thanks and attention.

Think 90 : 10 !


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