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Letting go of things that hold me back, a poem


When I received this poem two years ago, I saw it as a universal poem with meaning for everyone, and partially for me. I received the words, agreed with their message, published the book, and forgot the poem. Recently I’ve been rereading Unfolding—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry, and this poem jumps out at me as the one that has the most relevance to me at this time.


I’m about to publish a book about aging well, and one of the most important goals is to be focused on the aspects of living that bring satisfaction and growth. But to do this requires letting go of the things that hold hostage.

I am held hostage by my expectations of others and of myself, by old memories that criticize, by wasted time spent on unimportant pursuits, by holding myself back from flying with Energy Guidance, and by procrastinating. The simple message “Do it!” tells me to not only let go, but to move ahead and do the things that will bring me growth and satisfaction.

I’m going to photocopy this poem and paste it on my wall 🙂

Unfolding—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry can be purchased through amazon.com stores: http://amzn.com/1508828229

Unfolding book cover

Muddling Through


Mud makes us happy when we are playful children. Mud makes us miserable when we are busy adults with little time for extra cleaning. The cleaning of the mud is an extra chore that few choose to take on willingly.

And yet, many go through life acquiring mud that they refuse to let go. This type of mud is not physical, but is just as dirtying and requiring of cleansing.

  • This mud is habits that hold us down.
  • This mud is relationships that mire us in muck.
  • This mud is internal criticism that dirties our thoughts.
  • This mud is chosen employment that creates unpleasant versions of ourselves.

Muddling through so that we can get through our days is not living; it is living trapped. We can get trapped into work that makes us feel empty or worthless. We can get trapped into relationships that cause us to feel depleted or used. We can get trapped into dramas that are not our own making, yet influence and dirty our living. Destructive habits and unfulfilled dreams trap us more.

Muddling through is a chosen way of life, and it’s surprising how many people choose to just muddle through. Even when they know how to pull themselves out, they choose not to. It’s more comfortable to stay in the same place and complain or give up.

Muddling through is not how people are meant to live. Muddling through should be reserved for times when unexpected events create the need to get through something or require efforts beyond our abilities. Muddling through is a positive thing when life demands beyond-our-control efforts. Muddling through is a negative thing when it becomes the regular mode of functioning.

The way we see mud, and the way we let it sink us or entertain us, focuses the way we get through life. With our determination to be ourselves comes our determination to not just muddle through. Muddling through is for specific times. Muddling through is best left for them and not for most of our days.

Here’s to living and not to just muddling through!

Upbeat Advice


“Smile and the whole world smiles with you.”

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

“Look on the bright side of life.”

People like quick fixes. They like sayings that make them feel good. They also like reassurances.

Energy Guidance looks on the bright side of life and sees the potential in everyone. Potential is possible and attainable through persistent efforts and focused activity. Potential is about changes when necessary and restraint when needed.

Since September 2013, Energy Guidance has appeared in books and this blog. The advice has been honest and current. Answers to unclear questions have been offered and medical afflictions have been tackled. Focused living and paths to well-being have been provided regularly.

If you have liked one or more of the blog posts, please share them with friends. If you know of people who suffer from health afflictions deciphered by Energy Guidance, please share the information with them.

Good advice is meant to be passed along. Spiritual wisdom can elicit skepticism, but if people can look beyond the source of the wisdom they can see that the advice is truly wise.

Give others the opportunity to grow with Energy Guidance by sharing it with them!

And remember to…

“Count your blessings!”

Sometimes the Least Boisterous Person is the True Star—The Dos & Dont’s of Notice


(taken from my article of the same title on HealingAnswers.com and reposted from 5-27-14)

In a gathering, there usually are the people who stand out. They generate more buzz, they attract attention. There are the people who mill around the buzz-makers and there are the people who make the buzz in the background.

The background buzz-makers are the real ones to follow, but they often don’t make the fuss that generates the action. These people do acts of kindness, make others comfortable, fulfill the role of support provider, and consider the needs of society. These people understand that they are obligated: obligated to care for their families and their community and obligated to remember the needs of the environment and of the creatures that inhabit the Earth.

There are stand-out individuals who not only generate buzz in the limelight, but also fulfill their obligations in much-larger-than-self ways. They, and the less visible obligation-fulfillers, receive notice in the spiritual realm where one’s actions really matter.

This blog post provides the Dos and Dont’s of getting noticed for behavior deserving of notice.

DO:  Fill your time with sustaining activities

Here are a few examples of sustaining activities from Pond a Connected Existence:

Spending time with loved ones! Playing with babies! Teaching children in the customs and traditions of one’s forebears! Singing! Dancing! Singing well! Singing flat! Artistic expression! Preparing healthful meals! Picnics!  Family gatherings! Gatherings of friends! Gatherings of people for life events—sad ones and happy ones!… Working with gusto! Working with integrity! Working in unison and working alone! Group activities that have a higher purpose! Group activities that bring enjoyment! Walking! Running! Jumping! Riding a bike! Riding a wave! Swimming! Moving for fun and moving for health! …

DO: Take care of the environment

Taking care of the environment includes planting plants, trees, and flowers. It also includes not littering and not being wasteful with the Earth’s resources.

DO: Take part in activities that bring betterment to the community and to the less fortunate

No matter how busy you think you are, you are not too busy to help out with a volunteer organization in your area (unless you are attending to a terminally ill family member which is consuming all of your time).

DO: Smile, even when smiling feels forced

A smile lifts the spirits of those who see the smile and the one who wears the smile. As an experiment, sing a song while not smiling and then sing the song again while smiling. Smiling simply changes one’s mood and one’s influence on others.

DON’T: Smile at a person if you are thinking bad thoughts about them

A fake smile cannot necessarily be detected by others, but it is recorded in the spiritual realm. Pretending to be happy when someone makes you unhappy is the incorrect approach. If someone really affects you in a negative way, either try to limit exposure to this person or try to change the dynamic.

DON’T: Fill your time with non-sustaining activities

Non-sustaining activities include small things like watching too much TV, playing too many computer games, eating junk food, complaining about inconveniences. Larger non-sustaining activities include things like participating in aggressive behavior towards other people, other creatures, or the environment; eating too much food; focusing on the lives of people who have no true relevance in one’s life (for instance, following the movements of a celebrity or keeping tabs on old love interests); pretending to like one’s job or partner or pastimes or this or that, when one is unhappy… – “Pond a Connected Existence”.

DON’T: Say no when asked to help just because you want more free time

Obligation to one’s community is much larger than many people think. Taking part in elections, taking part in cleaning up, taking part in communal rituals—these are the basic obligations on all. Beyond those acts, one should participate in bettering the community.  – “Pond a Connected Existence”

Saying no when help is needed does not earn notice where it matters. If you are feeling too tired, rather than lessening your sustaining activities, examine your less sustaining activities and consider lessening them.

DON’T: Be wasteful

Appreciate what you have. Don’t be greedy with your desires. In general, people want more than they need so try to be reasonable in your usage of resources that are not easily replenishable.


The notice being discussed here is not notice by the people seeking excitement. It is notice in the spiritual realm that considers the actions of people and provides spiritual connection or not.

The more a person strives to bring balance to himself or herself and to the family, community, and neighboring environment, the more possibility of spiritual connection and guidance. Balance within and with all lead to life lived purposefully and with spiritual connection.

Dis tr a c ting


Distracting colors

I should be working on activities for my next workshop and I should be immersed in one of the several books I am writing, but instead I let myself get distracted by Facebook and news stories about politicians and topics that have little meaning in my life. I get distracted by unimportant errands and Sudoku. I even focus on dusting rather than on the writing that is SO much more important.

You would think that I, with the constant prodding by Spiritual Presence, would stay focused, but no, I rebel and waste time. Even though I know how precious the passing time is! I guess I don’t really understand the meaning of this poem from Unfolding:

The Flash

Life is so quick—
Quickly over,
So quickly over.

Why don’t we notice?
Why don’t we realize?

Living fully
Is living life right!
Ready to attempt,
Ready to strive,
Ready to attempt again,
Ready to strive more.

Life is so quick—

Almost all of my spiritually received books remind me about the need to stay focused, and yet I “focus” on the wispy fluff*.

“There are temptations aplenty that lure and distract us. Staying focused on elevating pursuits is difficult. Our natural inclination is often to choose the less demanding option over the more rewarding, but harder-to-achieve, goal. Continuous bombardment by advertising and entertainment cause us to choose unwisely. The lure of gaiety wins out over its sober cousin, responsible selection of pastimes. So many worthwhile endeavors are waiting to be embraced, but the lightness and instantaneous nature of distracting endeavors deter. Learning to choose wisely is an important sign of understanding the importance of balance.”

This quote is from the chapter “Distractions Along the Way” in The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.

Perhaps writing a blog post about this waste of precious time will help me stay focused. I hope that my confession helps some of you too.

From Connection:

ticking tocking
on and on
the clock ticks on
and ticks some more

*wispy fluff was first defined in Pond a Connected Existence. It is empty and valueless time wasters. It is unimportant and un-elevating.

The World Uprooted—Applause Confusion

Post 13-screen beans supportingIn a world where applause is for beauty and celebrity is for ball kicking, uprootedness is occurring.

Applause should be for those who care for the animals and for the vegetation and for the vulnerable. Applause with enthusiasm should be for the people who deliver babies or deliver sustenance from family farms or deliver animals from cruel existence or deliver protection of nature from fires and floods.

Applause for people who strut down runways is applause confused. Applause for people who run after dementia-afflicted people is applause correct.

Applause for professional ball kickers or ball throwers is applause undeserved. Applause for professional arborists working in difficult climates is applause deserved.

Celebrity worship and star fixation are turning the world upside down. The stars become unreal—and suffer because of that—and the fixated lose focus of true values.

Each person who gives more value to an undeserving individual because of sports prowess or body size is contributing to the upside-down existence. Each person can help right the world by focusing on those who bring betterment. Each person can help right the world by allotting time to endeavors that correct misguided infatuations.

Let the celebrities and the sports stars and the models move back, and let the real applause-deservers shine!



What does underachievement mean?

It means knowing what you want, but settling for something else.

It means having companionship that causes you shrinkage.

It means following the path of others when those paths are inappropriate.

It means seeing yourself in a belittling mirror.

It means agreeing to suggestions that just hearing them causes shutting down.

Who are affected by underachievement?

Children who aim to please no matter what the request.

Partners in a relationship who agree to unwanted treatment.

Friends who have their own opinions but are ignored.

Followers of celebrities who allow the celebrities’ achievements to be more important than personal achievements.

Why do people let themselves underachieve?






How can an underachiever bring change?

Find positivity in aspects of one’s life.

Grow these positive aspects.

Allow the positive aspects to be the focus.

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