A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 13-screen beans supportingIn a world where applause is for beauty and celebrity is for ball kicking, uprootedness is occurring.

Applause should be for those who care for the animals and for the vegetation and for the vulnerable. Applause with enthusiasm should be for the people who deliver babies or deliver sustenance from family farms or deliver animals from cruel existence or deliver protection of nature from fires and floods.

Applause for people who strut down runways is applause confused. Applause for people who run after dementia-afflicted people is applause correct.

Applause for professional ball kickers or ball throwers is applause undeserved. Applause for professional arborists working in difficult climates is applause deserved.

Celebrity worship and star fixation are turning the world upside down. The stars become unreal—and suffer because of that—and the fixated lose focus of true values.

Each person who gives more value to an undeserving individual because of sports prowess or body size is contributing to the upside-down existence. Each person can help right the world by focusing on those who bring betterment. Each person can help right the world by allotting time to endeavors that correct misguided infatuations.

Let the celebrities and the sports stars and the models move back, and let the real applause-deservers shine!

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