A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Continue living

When faced with disasters, whether or not they actually affect people, some are unsure how to function. Continue living as before? Stop regular activities and focus on the disaster?

The confusion that surrounds clear thinking during these times is typical, but moving beyond the confusion is important. Real and possible disasters cause people to function tentatively, but tentative functioning is off-wards. Tentative functioning moves towards impaired decision making and time spent incorrectly. From Oneself—Living:

“In life, there are many things to fear! Accidents can happen, animals can attack, people can go crazy. Things can fall or break or burn or tear. Bridges can collapse, boats can capsize, cars can collide. Germs spread, viruses multiply, bacteria proliferate, fungi grow. Schedules change, priorities shift, deadlines get pushed forward. Friends need help, coworkers need support, pets need tending. Mirrors break, windows break, dishes break. Food (which is normally nutritious and good for consumption) causes choking, water (which is usually life-sustaining) carries water-borne diseases. War, pestilence, famine, and death. Many things to fear, many things to cause anxiety, many things to trigger unhappiness.

Being fearful is a result of experiencing, or anticipation of experiencing, events that cause pain or difficulty. Being fearful is a result of internal and external pressure. Being fearful is unique to each individual….”

What to do

  1. Breathe deeply, consider the positive aspects of life, and continue.
  2. Eat nutritious foods so that your mind is nourished properly, and continue.
  3. Sing, play an instrument, paint, move (dance, run, etc.), build something, and let yourself be focused on your creative endeavors.

Continue doing what?

Continue to function, make music, create, move, and connect. Continue to feel. Continue to bond with family and others and continue to care for the future.

If you can participate in disaster relief or prevention, then participate. Participate in living. Participate in participation!

Comments on: "To continue or not" (1)

  1. Sheila Silver said:

    So wonderfully prescient as this violence and its ensuing threats escalate. Thank you for helping us to stay focused on what it important – LIFE – rather than fearing loss. If we succumb, the terrorists already win – hence the word terror.

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