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“And as I went out towards you, I found you coming towards me”

Where poem

These truthful words about creation of spiritual connection come from a translation of the poem “Where” by Yehuda HaLevi. Yehuda HaLevi, a philosopher, physician, and poet wrote these words over 900 years ago, and they are as applicable today as they were then. When such beautiful and meaningful words are sung to equally beautiful and moving music, they can help in the ascension towards spiritual connection.

The attached picture is from a performance of the song by Diane Kaplan and her group https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlh-R9V8Mqk. I listen to its words (which are in Hebrew), close my eyes, sway, and let myself connect. Sometimes I dance the words and sometimes I simply breathe deeply while listening. They rarely fail to lift me and bring me closer to Spirit. Here is the translation on Diane’s CD “Like an Olive Tree”:

I reached out for you,
With all my heart I called for you.
And as I went out towards you,
I found you coming towards me.

God, where will I find you?
Your place is hidden high above.
And where won’t I find you?
Your honor fills the world.

Spiritual connection is available to everyone; all that is required is desire to connect. The path towards spiritual connection can be personal or through group worship. The connection can be created with the help of sacred music or with contemplative walks in nature. Each person can find a path that works. Following someone else’s path can sometimes bring connection, but the best way to connect spiritually is to breathe deeply and feel what works best for you.

If you would like to hear more of Diane’s sacred music, check out “Like an Olive Tree”, my favorite CD, at http://www.dianesong.com/olive-tree.

What People Want

Post 13-screen beans supporting

  • To be acknowledged
  • To have someone that gives love
  • To give love in return
  • To feel needed
  • To belong
  • To be recognized for abilities and efforts
  • To invest efforts in living

Security is also wanted, but not by all. Fame inspires some, but its call is quiet for most. Challenge beyond abilities appeals to a few, and it provides satisfaction and regrets. Camaraderie in experiences and memories appeals to most.

Long life is thought to be wanted by all, but many prefer significance to long existence. Significance can come from dedication to a cause or achievement that brings a feeling of completion.

Besides long life, money is thought to be wanted by all. Ownership, a result of money spent, invites those who want it, but not those who seek freedom from things. The feelings of power that come from money are appealing to many, but not to all. Money is important, yet it is less important than other desires.

Connection to others and connection to the world around hold the real wants of all people. Being part of and being needed.

Connection offers true satisfaction in life!

The Spiritual Connection Meridian > Support

Spiritual Connection Meridian

The Spiritual Connection meridian connects people to spirituality. The connection is subtle, but is needed. Connection brings comfort at emotional and physical levels, clarity about choices, awareness of others, and acceptance of change. Connection is desirable.

The two previous posts explained the need for this new meridian: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/11/26/the-spiritual-connection-meridian/ and https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/11/29/the-spiritual-connection-meridian-connection/

(All meridians have mapped pathways of energy. They are associated with organs in the body and with supporting functionality. For example, there are meridians associated with the heart, lungs, stomach, and circulation [among others].)Spiritual Connection Meridian movement

The Spiritual Connection meridian is associated with the appendix. The appendix is called into play when the body needs healing. The appendix is an accessory organ that has resisted explanation. Connection to the spiritual realm is one aspect of appendix functionality. The appendix initiates healing responses when the body’s normal healing functionality is overwhelmed, and these responses can include spiritual self-questioning.

A body that has been dispossessed of its appendix has lessened its ability to heal naturally, but does not lessen its ability to spiritually self-question.

The Spiritual Connection meridian sustains when other meridians are overtaxed. The Spiritual Connection meridian uplifts when self-dislike sets in. The Spiritual Connection meridian releases when confusion overwhelms.

Working with meridians requires training and experience. Working with the Spiritual Connection meridian requires permission. A healer who wants to acquire the knowledge to use the Spiritual Connection meridian must undergo a permission spiritual test. A healer can use the meridian as a healing technique after self-healing has accomplished forgiveness. The Spiritual Connection meridian is effective as a healing technique in the hands of a healer who has forgiven.

The Spiritual Connection Meridian > Connection

Spiritual Connection Meridian

The previous post explained the need for this new meridian: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/11/26/the-spiritual-connection-meridian/

In this post, we’ll look at the meridian’s relationship to energy and religion.

The Spiritual Connection meridian has spiritual energy. Unlike other meridians, it is neither yin nor yang and neither male nor female. The energy of this meridian spirals outwardly from the back fontanel of the intangible opening to spiritual energy. (To rephrase, the skull has a sutured area that is open at birth and closes a short time later. The opening and closing of this area, which is called the back or posterior fontanel, is a physical part of the body. It is also the intangible opening to spiritual energy: communication from the soul to Spiritual Presence occurs here.)

Spiritual Connection Meridian movement

The Spiritual Connection meridian has significance for world religions:

  • In Judaism and Islam, it is connected to God.
  • In Christianity, it is connected to the Holy Trinity.
  • In Hinduism, it is connected to the elements air and aether.
  • In Buddhism, it is connected to the element air.
  • In other religions, the connection is to high sacred sources.

The Spiritual Connection meridian is not connected to the five Chinese elements (fire, earth, metal, wood, or water), but is connected to qi (air and breath).

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Spiritual Connection meridian is only known to me at this point. The time has come to share it, and I am writing about it in hopes that some of you blog readers know healers who would be interested in expanding their healing abilities. The Spiritual Connection meridian is too important to be kept quiet. I must share it.

Thank you.

The Spiritual Connection Meridian

Spiritual Connection Meridian

Connecting to spiritual wisdom was once a natural part of living. When people were attuned to nature and to cycles, they were aware of spiritual involvement in their lives. Scientific discoveries, technological advances, and urbanization distance people from spiritual interest.

The sophistication of society through discoveries and advancements changes living conditions, but not human nature. People need spiritual connection to live fully. A balanced life requires emotional and physical well-being, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual pondering.

Healing through balancing of intangible meridians is the basis of ancient techniques for well-being. The meridians correspond to organs and systems in the body. The meridians balance the corresponding organs and systems when the meridians are utilized. Healing comes from physical and intangible manipulation of the body, and meridians provide direct intangible access to health.

A new meridian has become necessary because of the distancing from spiritual existence. Its necessity is a result of the reliance on science, technology, and rejection of spiritual partnership. This meridian, the Spiritual Connection meridian, is now revealed as a healing balance in a world that has distanced from spiritual energy.

I learned about this meridian from Spiritual Presence when I began my journey into Energy Guidance Complete. I recorded its path and its attributes, and began using it to help people with physical and emotional ailments.

Spiritual Connection Meridian movement


The Spiritual Connection meridian is only known to me at this point. The time has come to share it, and I am writing about it in hopes that some of you blog readers know healers who would be interested in expanding their healing abilities. The Spiritual Connection meridian is too important to be kept quiet. I must share it.

Thank you.

Sometimes the Least Boisterous Person is the True Star—The Dos & Dont’s of Notice


(taken from my article of the same title on HealingAnswers.com and reposted from 5-27-14)

In a gathering, there usually are the people who stand out. They generate more buzz, they attract attention. There are the people who mill around the buzz-makers and there are the people who make the buzz in the background.

The background buzz-makers are the real ones to follow, but they often don’t make the fuss that generates the action. These people do acts of kindness, make others comfortable, fulfill the role of support provider, and consider the needs of society. These people understand that they are obligated: obligated to care for their families and their community and obligated to remember the needs of the environment and of the creatures that inhabit the Earth.

There are stand-out individuals who not only generate buzz in the limelight, but also fulfill their obligations in much-larger-than-self ways. They, and the less visible obligation-fulfillers, receive notice in the spiritual realm where one’s actions really matter.

This blog post provides the Dos and Dont’s of getting noticed for behavior deserving of notice.

DO:  Fill your time with sustaining activities

Here are a few examples of sustaining activities from Pond a Connected Existence:

Spending time with loved ones! Playing with babies! Teaching children in the customs and traditions of one’s forebears! Singing! Dancing! Singing well! Singing flat! Artistic expression! Preparing healthful meals! Picnics!  Family gatherings! Gatherings of friends! Gatherings of people for life events—sad ones and happy ones!… Working with gusto! Working with integrity! Working in unison and working alone! Group activities that have a higher purpose! Group activities that bring enjoyment! Walking! Running! Jumping! Riding a bike! Riding a wave! Swimming! Moving for fun and moving for health! …

DO: Take care of the environment

Taking care of the environment includes planting plants, trees, and flowers. It also includes not littering and not being wasteful with the Earth’s resources.

DO: Take part in activities that bring betterment to the community and to the less fortunate

No matter how busy you think you are, you are not too busy to help out with a volunteer organization in your area (unless you are attending to a terminally ill family member which is consuming all of your time).

DO: Smile, even when smiling feels forced

A smile lifts the spirits of those who see the smile and the one who wears the smile. As an experiment, sing a song while not smiling and then sing the song again while smiling. Smiling simply changes one’s mood and one’s influence on others.

DON’T: Smile at a person if you are thinking bad thoughts about them

A fake smile cannot necessarily be detected by others, but it is recorded in the spiritual realm. Pretending to be happy when someone makes you unhappy is the incorrect approach. If someone really affects you in a negative way, either try to limit exposure to this person or try to change the dynamic.

DON’T: Fill your time with non-sustaining activities

Non-sustaining activities include small things like watching too much TV, playing too many computer games, eating junk food, complaining about inconveniences. Larger non-sustaining activities include things like participating in aggressive behavior towards other people, other creatures, or the environment; eating too much food; focusing on the lives of people who have no true relevance in one’s life (for instance, following the movements of a celebrity or keeping tabs on old love interests); pretending to like one’s job or partner or pastimes or this or that, when one is unhappy… – “Pond a Connected Existence”.

DON’T: Say no when asked to help just because you want more free time

Obligation to one’s community is much larger than many people think. Taking part in elections, taking part in cleaning up, taking part in communal rituals—these are the basic obligations on all. Beyond those acts, one should participate in bettering the community.  – “Pond a Connected Existence”

Saying no when help is needed does not earn notice where it matters. If you are feeling too tired, rather than lessening your sustaining activities, examine your less sustaining activities and consider lessening them.

DON’T: Be wasteful

Appreciate what you have. Don’t be greedy with your desires. In general, people want more than they need so try to be reasonable in your usage of resources that are not easily replenishable.


The notice being discussed here is not notice by the people seeking excitement. It is notice in the spiritual realm that considers the actions of people and provides spiritual connection or not.

The more a person strives to bring balance to himself or herself and to the family, community, and neighboring environment, the more possibility of spiritual connection and guidance. Balance within and with all lead to life lived purposefully and with spiritual connection.

Connection with Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connection

Spiritual connection surrounds all that we do. When we are doubtful of ourselves, spiritual connection is urging us to be supportive. Spiritual connection supports our actions, and we have to support them too.

When efforts seem wasted and quitting feels close, we must reach for the connection and let it support.

I’m writing wisdom poetry about faith. Here is a quote from the poem:

The opening to
Oneself is the
Opening to Spirit. Within oneself
Is the connection
Through the soul. For the soul
Yes the soul
Is Spirit derived. The soul
Carries energy that is
Spirit derived.

The opening to
Oneself is
Opening to Spirit. Opening to Spirit
Through self-inspection.
Finding the connection.
Finding the soul.

+ When you find your soul, you will be
open to Spirit.

And another quote from the poem:

The soul
Opens the living being
To spiritual energy.

The soul
Bridges the gap
Between beyond
And grounded.

Relaxation in soulful connection
Is natural and possible. Soulful connection
Brings relaxed being. Relaxed being is
Floating in thoughts of
Acceptance and connection. At
Connection is release from
Hurtful self-affliction. At
Connection is release
From criticism.
Relaxed being is floating in thoughts
While firmly attached to physicality.

The blood still flows.
The digestion continues on.
The nerves sense stimulation.
The breathing continues.
The body remains firmly established.

Connection is through physicality transcended
And thoughts receiving the body’s strength.

Connection is through thoughts a-soaring
Through flesh and blood aligning
And activation from soulful assistance.

And from the poem’s conclusion:

Connection to Spirit,
Sacred connection
Many paths and many offerings.
The connection has resonance
The connection uplifts the life.

Connection to Spirit,
Continuing connection
Many forms and many presentations.
The connection shares wonder
The connection inspires the life.

Excavating my soul color

parachute From Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul, I learned that the soul has color which is bestowed at birth. The soul color has four attributes that determine our interests, our affinity for certain times of the day, seasons and temperatures, our emotional reactions, and our family connections, among others.

I’m currently writing a wisdom poem about faith, and in it the importance of knowing soul color is raised. By knowing one’s own soul color, a person can ascend towards spiritual connection through the power of the soul. Without knowing one’s soul color, the connection is difficult to create.

(A reminder about wisdom poetry: “A wisdom poem is a poem that is dictated directly from Spiritual Presence.” …from Unfolding.)

Today I excavated my soul color. I reviewed the explanations about soul color attributes in Awaiting Light, and then I dug deep to understand who I am, what are my real interests, what is my natural pace, and so on. I had to think back to my childhood and remember the things that drew my interest. I had to consider my true self and not the self that was molded by my parents and my society.

I considered the colors that appeal to me, shapes and metals too. I thought about activities that draw me, movements that energize me, and sounds that soothe or inspire me. I focused on scents that make me smile and on animals that make me feel friendly. I considered taste preferences and textures. I remembered moments that seemed soul-filled and people exchanges that felt fulfilling. I breathed deeply and felt the sense sensations that bring satisfaction and grounding.

After I made my long list of items that correspond to soul color attributes, I consulted with Spiritual Presence. A few things that felt natural were actually coping mechanisms from childhood so I took them off the list. Coping mechanisms can be deeply rooted, but they are not part of the soul.

Knowing my soul color can help me make choices and decisions that suit who I am—deep down in my soul.

To understand more about soul color, read this blog post: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/08/04/the-color-of-your-soul/

To learn more about soul color and the soul, buy Awaiting Light: http://amzn.com/1500504084

Life from within spiritual connection

Post 107-entertainment

My life is lived with constant awareness of spiritual connection. Sensing all the time that my actions have consequence and pull on myself and others. When I participate in building activities—activities that build my character, body, or thoughts, or that build my community—I am living my spiritually designed life. When I participate in non-sustaining activities—activities that waste my precious time or cause hurt to myself or others—I live emptily. Full or empty, I get to choose and my choice demonstrates my connection to spiritual living.

Before I was as connected as I am to Spiritual Presence, I had a sense of the importance of my daily life choices. Now I am constantly aware of the importance. I choose more building activities than I used to, but nonetheless, the call of mindless pursuits continues to sidetrack me.

When I work with people in individual Energy Guidance Complete sessions, I soar in the spiritual connection, although it appears to the person sitting across from me that I am focused elsewhere but am Renee grounded. As I converse with Spiritual Presence, I am elsewhere—neither grounded nor flying, rather in a state of transposed being. I look like I’m here, but I’m actually mentally moving beyond.

This place of conversation with Spiritual Presence feels natural to me so I present it in a low-key, natural way to the people receiving the spiritual messages through me. The messages are truth revealed, and yet the receivers often don’t grasp the largeness of the words that come through me. I offer each person’s truth that can bring balance and well-being, and yet, some cannot take the words and apply the truth. As Renee, I feel saddened and frustrated when people don’t realize the amazingness of the messages. As the voice for Spiritual Presence, I feel waiting. Waiting to be heard and waiting to be connected. And so I continue to soar and bring the messages to each person who is ready to hear.

The conversations with Spiritual Presence can be moving and wise. The conversations can also be casual and minor. I myself don’t comprehend the largeness of the connection, because it now feels so natural. In my poetry book Unfolding, I delve into my connection with Spiritual Presence. Here is an excerpt from the poem:

Poem-Connection with Spiritual Presence

Life from within spiritual connection is amazing! enlightening!
clarifying! a responsibility! sometimes lonely!
filled with wisdom!
filled with connection!!

Connections, Your choice


The previous post contained two words after the Connections graphic: “Your choice”. Not a lot of words, but a lot of meaning.

We get to choose how connected we want to be–to others, to our community, to our friends, to nature, to animals, to spiritual existence, even to ourselves and our own needs.

Over and over, we are told how important these connections are for our health and well-being, yet we can choose to build the connections or live disconnectedly. We get to choose.

 The choice to connect is yours.



Your choice

Connections = living that is correct


By design, people are meant to connect. They are meant to connect with other people and with their own needs, with the seasons and with the environment, with the animals who roam the earth, and with spiritual energy. Yes, that means each of us. Each of us, you and I, are designed and programmed to connect. Connection is built-in. Part of the people blueprint.

Although the connections are very different, they intertwine and inform one another. People are meant to depend on one another. They are designed to work in groups: to build together, to create communities, to help one another in times of difficulty, to find common purpose, and to help those entering and exiting life. People are meant to learn from the world around and to contribute to its betterment.

The natural world has its rhythms and cycles, cycles of seasons and cycles of beginnings and endings. People are meant to fit into these rhythms and cycles, and to gain self-awareness through their observations. Observation of the animals adds to self-awareness and to appreciation of ourselves and of the amazement of life. Amazing too are the heights people can ascend when they allow their own self-abilities and personality to lead their lives. Opening to sharing in the wonder of the world with spiritual energy is opening to more vital and glorious living.

Each of us, you and I, are designed and programmed to connect and care and feel. Connecting to and feeling part of, caring for and feeling empathy, and feeling intertwined. The design is the design.

Two-ness, a different look


There is an accepted idea that a man and a woman become “one” when they marry. This “oneness” occurs through the sexual union and through the societal belief that oneness is the product of marriage. In reality, oneness never occurs. Moving in parallel can occur. Clinging to one another can occur. Adapting to one another can occur.

People cannot become one. Each person is a distinct entity with a body designed to prevent intrusion. The partner can come close, but can never enter. The idea of oneness sells fantasy, not reality. The idea of oneness fuels failure, disappointment, and impossible-to-reach expectations. The reality of oneness is “2-ness”. Each person is whole; each person is part of the equation.

Rather than expect to conjoin, people must learn to merge. Merge can mean to combine but that meaning leads back to oneness. Merge also means to meet and join. Like merging traffic. Like sea and sand. They come together but stay in their own form. Merging means finding a way to be together without creating chaos. Merging means giving way or staying firm as needed. Merging means keeping intact while accepting differentness. 2-ness, two-ness, too-ness.

from Pond a Connected Existence:

Thank you to Karen Kozek for photo and arrangement.

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