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Intersections: Choosing to Turn



Intersect, v. 1. to divide by passing across. 2. to assist by providing choices.

Intersections present themselves to us as we walk the path of life. The going straight is never really straight and the intersecting criss-crossings present themselves as crises or connections, suggestions from strangers or friends, and hunches or self-confirmations of soulful longings.

Each intersection provides an opportunity to choose actions, thoughts, and impact. The intersection can be minor, like deciding how to while away an hour (with a friend or alone, with a book or an interesting challenge, with a smile or with a complaint).  The intersection can be life-altering, like deciding on a life path (pursuing a dream, an expectation, or an empty time-filler).  Intersections are deceptively straight, and the turn down one of their paths can be twisted and enthralling or twisted and monotonous.

The more we know the aspects of dislikable activities and information that repel us, the more we can pursue activities and information that pull us. We can’t follow every path and we can’t take each turn that presents itself. When we know ourselves—the things we like, the things we don’t like, our speed at absorbing information and performing activities, and our convictions and reactivity—we can choose the turns with confidence and with enthusiasm.

Connections, Your choice


The previous post contained two words after the Connections graphic: “Your choice”. Not a lot of words, but a lot of meaning.

We get to choose how connected we want to be–to others, to our community, to our friends, to nature, to animals, to spiritual existence, even to ourselves and our own needs.

Over and over, we are told how important these connections are for our health and well-being, yet we can choose to build the connections or live disconnectedly. We get to choose.

 The choice to connect is yours.

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