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Spiritual connection

Spiritual connection surrounds all that we do. When we are doubtful of ourselves, spiritual connection is urging us to be supportive. Spiritual connection supports our actions, and we have to support them too.

When efforts seem wasted and quitting feels close, we must reach for the connection and let it support.

I’m writing wisdom poetry about faith. Here is a quote from the poem:

The opening to
Oneself is the
Opening to Spirit. Within oneself
Is the connection
Through the soul. For the soul
Yes the soul
Is Spirit derived. The soul
Carries energy that is
Spirit derived.

The opening to
Oneself is
Opening to Spirit. Opening to Spirit
Through self-inspection.
Finding the connection.
Finding the soul.

+ When you find your soul, you will be
open to Spirit.

And another quote from the poem:

The soul
Opens the living being
To spiritual energy.

The soul
Bridges the gap
Between beyond
And grounded.

Relaxation in soulful connection
Is natural and possible. Soulful connection
Brings relaxed being. Relaxed being is
Floating in thoughts of
Acceptance and connection. At
Connection is release from
Hurtful self-affliction. At
Connection is release
From criticism.
Relaxed being is floating in thoughts
While firmly attached to physicality.

The blood still flows.
The digestion continues on.
The nerves sense stimulation.
The breathing continues.
The body remains firmly established.

Connection is through physicality transcended
And thoughts receiving the body’s strength.

Connection is through thoughts a-soaring
Through flesh and blood aligning
And activation from soulful assistance.

And from the poem’s conclusion:

Connection to Spirit,
Sacred connection
Many paths and many offerings.
The connection has resonance
The connection uplifts the life.

Connection to Spirit,
Continuing connection
Many forms and many presentations.
The connection shares wonder
The connection inspires the life.

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