A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Life as a page

Blank page

“A blank page. Each person’s life when just starting out is like a blank page. Some pages never get filled. Some pages get filled partially. Some pages are SO full of interactions, questions, adventures, accomplishments, failures, starts, stops, and attempts. Some pages are full of starts, stops and attempts, starts, stops and attempts, starts, stops and attempts. Some pages have tentative actions while others have decisiveness. Some pages contain laughter and joy. Some pages, only sadness and disappointment. Most pages have a bit of this and a bit of that, but they don’t have as much as they should of BALANCE, PURPOSE, and SUBSTANCE.”

From the Introduction to Oneself-Living

Life can be viewed in many ways. Seeing it as a blank page allows for creativity and possibility. Filling the page with color and poetry and formulas and shapes and adventure logs and so much more. Or filling it with lists of “can’ts” over and over. A blank page allows each person to make their life into a personal story that is captivating in its uniqueness.

A blank page is what we get at birth. A life that ends too quickly can still be filled with creativity and possibility if the person fills it so. A life that is long can be empty of creativity and possibility if the person fills it so. The filling of the page is important. The color comes from interaction with others and with Spirit. The poetry comes from moments of connection. The formulas come from learning and striving. The shapes come from self-awareness and self-expression. The adventure logs recount life travels, the good and bad, as life develops.

Filling the page with oneself makes the most sense. Not filling it with what others want, but with what you want. What you want…

Each person has a separate page. A separate blank page. It’s never too late to add color, poetry, formulas, and shapes.

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